Westbourne Studios Programme
Monday 4 August

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Iranian Films

Between Shadow And Light
Khosro Sinaii 30 mins 15 Through 4 paintings of "Farah Ovsoli", Iranian famous painter, this artistic experimental documentary reveals the eternal aspects of life: Birth and Death, Good and Evil. Documentary

Whisper Of Waves (Zemzeme-Ye-Amvaj)
Azam Najafian 30 mins 12 In south of Iran, in the middle of the night, fishermen listen carefully to the sea. Hearing some special fishes who are making love, they find the hunt is on. Documentary

Unfinished Poem
Farshad F. Hekmat 20 mins 15 In English. Art

Moonlight Pastoral
Farshad F. Hekmat 30 mins 15 Art

Orod Atarpoor 30 mins 15 Documentary

A Timeless Moment
Farshad F. Hekmat 50 mins 15 A woman's mystical relationship with the sea. Drama

The Windows Of Heaven
Mehdi Parizad 20 mins 15 Mohammad is an Afghan boy who lives in Tehran. He works with his master in Iranian mosque's title-working. Documentary

Like All Human Beings (Mesle Hameye Ensanha)
Saeed Tarazi 50 mins 15 In 1980-At the beginning of Iraq's attacks towards Iran's borders, a war started between these two countries and the result of this eight year war was so many injured, dead and captive men in both countries and now in 2000 just thirteen years after the end of the war there is still too many captive men with unknown futures. Documentary

Hooshang Mirzaee 20 mins 15 An old man makes his living by performing circumcision and playing music in the local village. Documentary

Requiem For Soil
Hooshang Mirzaee 15 mins 12 An old woman prepares a ceremony to remember the dead of the Iran-Iraq War. Documentary

Yek Balavi Yek Mosavi Seh (One Plus One Equals Three).
Alinah Azadeh 10 mins 15 Nine women, three cultures, one conversation. A poetic journey around the ‘third space’ that living within two cultures creates. Drama

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