Elgin Programme
Thursday 7 August

The Elgin 96 Ladbroke Grove W11

Extreme Sports Films
From Third Planet International

Lime House Outlaw
Andrew Gray 10 mins 12A Music Video

Crash Positions
Woodchuck Ben Caron 10 mins 15 Music Video

Track Addict
Jamie Worsfold 10 mins 15 Jim is a middle-aged man who is run down by his job and bored with life Drama

The Phone Call
Julius Amedume 30 mins 15 A young man called Quintin gets a phone call from an old friend called john. John asks him to do him a favour. Drama

Aaron Cooney 10 mins 15 Alex awakes in a hotel room the morning after his birthday with no recollection of what happened. Drama

One Day
Joan-Lluis Ramisa 10 mins 12A A surreal musical short that explores the hopes, dreams and disillusionment of an ordinary group of people who share more than a fish and chips shop. Music Video


In March this year Third Planet International held an Extreme Sports Film Competition called Exposed. These are the winning entries.

Emerald Coast
40 Degrees SK
Not California.
5 Drop-In One Day.
No Blues.
Land Of Saints.
Yeovil Trails.
Sea: One.
Serrated Image.
While We Wait.
Zoot Mania.

Among Tigers Wild
Moira McLaughlin 20 mins 15 In a world where flowers are currency, land is expensive and the city dark and claustrophobic. Drama

Gloria Daysor 10 mins U In Stan’s world, he leads a lifestyle of instant gratification. He eventually learns that nothing in this instant world really lasts! Drama

Sweet Sayuri
Tobias Toddell 10 mins 12A Three English guys are besotted by a seemingly sweet and innocent Japanese girl. As the story progresses it appears she is not quite so naive. Drama

The Lizardman
Danny Yagil 30 mins 12A IIana works in a bookstore in Tel-Aviv. One morning she discovers dead butterflies attached to the store’s front door Drama

The Generator
Mark Haynes-Kershaw 20 mins 15 Have you ever wondered where all the energy from a gym workout goes? Drama

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