Video Cafe Programme
Thursday 7 August

Westway Sports Bar, Crowthorne Road London W10

Video Café

One Summer In Malton
Nick Fletcher 40 mins U One summer in Malton- The diary of a market town in North Yorkshire in 1996.Documentary

Movements In Time
Nick Fletcher 30 mins U A journey through York Documentary

Love After A Fashion
Simon Powell 15 mins 15 Two mates out do each other Drama

Nocturnal Dance
Thanos Chrysakis 10 mins U From a journey to the city of Prague some shots edited in order to make a fictional world. Art

Andy Mccafferty 5 mins 15 Mums against guns documentary. Documentary

Ravi Dreams
Shehzad Afzal 30 mins U A documentary of a diverse and ancient culture and mysticism. Drama

In Winter Sun
Maeve Chestnutt 5 mins U A coming of age love story Drama

Lost Time Group
10 mins 15 The true story of an obsessive young man who is saved from a terrible fate by a telephone call. Drama

Agustina Covian 5 mins 15 Passion. Art

Scotland Yard Gun Amnesty March 2003
Andrew Mccafferty 10 mins 15 Documentary Things I Notice. Things You See. Bindu de Stoppani 10 mins 15 Maggie & Tom meet in a launderette late one night. Drama

Sam Noor
10 mins 15 Being in love makes you do the craziest things. Drama

Speak To Me
Alex Kalymnios 10 mins 15 “A psychological drama about trust, betrayal and sanity”. Drama

Hear Me Now
Samuel Cade 10 mins 12 Hearing boy meets deaf girl. Drama

Bye Bye Babeli
Anne-Marie James 10 mins 12 Song and dance in film. Drama

The Uncertain Existence
Veronica Ibarra 20 mins 15 Nadia, a solitary young photographer, sees her reality altered by the impossible. Drama

Unknown Film
Andy Mccafferty. 30 mins 15 Community Channel Documentary.

L'Arret (The Stop)
Stanley Schmitt 20 mins 12 Insurance Adviser, James Dubuisson takes a journey that goes wrong…

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