Westbourne Studios Programme
Thursday 7 August

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Shorts and Features

Bar 36.5 c.
Hiroki Kaneda 40 mins 15 A mid-summer-night in a bar in downtown Tokyo just before the annual fireworks festival. The bartender is gloomy because of a tragic memory from an accident that happened 5 years ago. Drama

Keith Waters 15 mins 18 A pair of hardened drinkers, Hank & Marty, brawl and talk about love and women, in this faithful adaptation of Charles Bukowski’s Guts. Drama

Sleeping Dogs
Keith Waters 30 mins 15 A young woman discovers that the former occupant of her house was an abusive alcoholic and may have been buried in the garden by his wife. Drama

Rough On Rats
Patrick Whittaker 10 mins 15 When love turns sour don’t leave rat poison lying around. Drama

Harmony Tunde
15 mins15 A cross between ‘Shallow Grave’ and ‘Miller’s Crossing’. Double-dealing, lies and skullduggery reign in a tale of three flatmates who win the lottery. Drama

Djuna Dreams Of Djuna
Jorge Torres 50 mins 15 The story of Djuna, a young actress suffering from sleepwalking episodes as she attempts to complete a film where she plays a sleepwalker. Drama

The Incredibly Strange People Show
Jason De L’Orme 60 mins 18 The Kentucky Fried Movie on Ecstasy. Drama

Arik Alow 80 mins 15 Two passionate animal rights activist are persuaded to kidnap the marketing head of a pharmacutical company, conduct mock experiments on him and webcast it on their website. Drama

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