Cinema Tent Programme
Saturday 16 August

Emslie Hornimans Park, Kensal Road, London W10
Cinema Tent

Douglas Byrne 50 mins 15 Eight mature students and their Teacher go on a beach party one summers night, they drink, they eat, they tell ghost stories. Drama

Space Echo-Live
M.Madocky 5 mins 12 Space Echo-live. Music Video

Tarmac Punchdrunk
5 mins 15 A short film about a man relating tarmac to his primal senses. Comedy

Ceset Banyoda (Corpse In The Bathroom.)
Hulya Ozturk 20 mins 15 A story about a woman who confesses that she killed someone. We find she didn’t kill anyone but herself!

3 X 8 =24
Ahmet Boyacioplu 10 mins 15 A short film about three beggars, a yuppie and a film director. Drama

Ahmet Boyacioplu 5 mins 15 A group of friends after celebrating the birthday of an old man in a bar go to a cemetery to attend a funeral. Drama

Guldem Durmaz. 13 mins A visit to a jail in an imaginary country. Drama

Stefan Georgion 10 mins15 Luke is a lonely boy who after being unable to understand ratios must choose whether to live in his imagination or reality. Drama

It's Fashion Time
Frank Werner 2 mins 12 I asked my mother to send me a package with her "top four" dresses! Art

The Ultimate Cocktail
Shaun Cairns 20 mins 15 A short film about fate, fun, grass, fortune and football. Drama

Under Control (Trailer) Lisa Lloyd 2 mins12A A man on a quest to find his true identity. Drama

Michael, Andy & Foxy: Paris Buskers
Sarah Forbey 40 mins 15 Michael fled NYC to busk in Paris, Andy drifted over from England. Foxy came to Paris via Germany, Switzerland and Madagascar. Documentary

Paola Brunetti 5 mins 12 Abladei is one of the most innovative African dance and drumming companies in London Music Video

Tim Saunders 10 mins12 The disparate and mundane are transformed into a trip into space by the imagination of a six year old. Art

Sonic Monkfish
Gennie Rose 10 mins Colourful, lively, Psychadelictrance, electro breakbeat, visual and music. Music Video

Cirque Du Soleil x2 Yeast
10 mins 15 Documentary

Matt 30 mins 18 Thomas and Yoon have a date. Everything seems to put them together but the two heroes' friends don't agree to this relationship. Drama

The Bathroom Agreement
Jenny Andrews 20 mins 12A Civil rights rebellion of movie extras. Comedy

Present Continuous
Genista Dunham 5 mins 15 Defining human actions through their outlines + contours. Art

City Lights
Genista Dunham 2 mins 15 Defining human actions through their outlines + contours. Art

My Beautiful Violetta
Gabriela Trzebinski 10 mins U A looped short of a digitised super 8 footage of a sculpted Rhino head by Giselle Rocco. Art

Walkabout Of Alice
Simona Da Pozzo 2 mins 12 Four dancers- Alices- though the looking glass, run on asphalt orbits Art

The Pack
Ryan Knowles 10 mins 15 The nature of the attack in “The Pack” moves between sadistic violence and manipulative eroticism. The violence is clouded by the fluid choreography and the vision and hallucinations of the victims disconnected mind. Art

Formal and Informal Mechanisims, Vol.2
M.Bowald & J,C. Campell 5 mins 15 Another chapter in the history of an eternal fight. The concept of culture at its best. Drama

Que Pasta
Alex Reuben 2 mins U A 1 minute evocation of a dancing, abstract painting with no edits, Art

Colin’s Wings
Alex Reuben 15 mins U Internationally renowed Ceramic artist Colin Pearson fights a war between Parkinson’s Disease and time using his creative will and vision. Good

My City
Luis De Valle & Ricardo Vidal 30 mins 12A "My City" combines the efforts of its filmmakers in attempting to disentangle the complexities that lie beneath the surface of Lima, Peru. Drama

Ma Faiza
Bob Edwards 30 mins 15 Unhappy Uk Indian lesbian, Faiza, finds home & happiness in India. Drama

Book Cover
Sam Leifer 5 mins 15 “Book Cover” comically visits several recognizable scenarios, which highlight the absurdity of prejudice. Music Video

Danny Loves Angela
Mark Aldridge 10 mins 12A At the pool, at the office and in the street, Danny is thwarted in his quest to attract Angela’s attention until he decides to make the ultimate gesture of his love for her involving a motorway bridge, a climbing rope and a can of spray paint. Comedy

The Mikmaid’s Fayre
Kate Shipp 5 mins 15 The milkmaid’s Fayre- illustrating what you give you shall receive; what you take you should return. Art

The Long Run
Douglas Avery 2 mins 12 A short film from one of the master of music videos, Douglas Avery. Drama

Saintly Behaviour
Tom Norcliffe 5 mins 15 A chance encounter on the tube leads to an unexpected solution. Drama

Bird Of Prey
Tim Conrad 15 mins 15 When an old man’s pet eagle is stolen he takes his revenge in a bizarre and horrific way. Drama

Process 5703/2000
Mara Castilho 10 mins 18 . The desire for freedom in the movements of revolt and pain. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1970; Saniago, Chile, 1973; Gaza Strip, Palestine 2003 Drama

Eddie Knight 10 mins 18 Commentary on genetic experimentation infiltrating the human food chain. Art

Clean Break Films
John Wheeler & Tim Sunders. 60 mins 15 A collection of short films from the “Clean Break Films” crew. Drama

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