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13 August
Paradise Bar

19 Kilburn Lane,
London W1O

Entry FREE


The Russian Conspiracy (Joseph Asher & Simon Ryninks) 10 minutes 12A

The Russian Conspiracy is a comedic homage to film noir, and the second in a series produced by Hotwire Film. A young man who believes he is a private detective is back on the case.


The Scarlett Affair (Joseph Asher & Simon Ryninks) 10 minutes 12A

The Scarlett Affair is a comedic homage to film noir, and the first in a series produced by Hotwire Film. A young man who believes he is a private detective investigates the kidnapping of his stepsister. 


Six Foot Six (Graham Ball) 5 minutes 15    

Three stories, three telephone boxes, three conversations. One city, a million possibilities, one huge lump of revenge.


Nottingham Nobody (Graham Ball) 15 minutes 12A          

A homeless man wanders the cold streets of Nottingham. As the ignorance and scorn increase, he takes desperate steps to prove he's alive.


Station to Station (Christopher Pencakowski) 7 minutes 15         

A 1940's writer, waiting for a train to •Chapter 2', starts to scribble bits of his new book at the station cafe. What he writes begins to take shape in the space around him. The Film ends up eating itself.                                                                                      

Mr F (Luke Innes/ Mariko Otake) 5 minutes U        

A toy frog, Mr. F, embarks on a journey along a canal...      


Afro Shock (Yehan Jehan) 5 minutes 12      

It's Sunday and Earth is slowly being taken over by outrageous hair: Only grumpy captain Sharp of –Scissorship One” has the ability to make necessary cutbacks and restore light to the suffocating planet. Will he do it? 


Small Battles (Anthony Cooper/ Gaetan Lee) 10 minutes 12        

There are bruised egos and more, when a radical group who use the performing arts in their protests start to disagree.                      


Marie Farrar (Stavroula Lialilo) 5 minutes 15         

A short visual homage to the poem by Bertholt Brecht. –On the child-killer, Marie Farrar” (1922)


Skin ®Deep (Stanley Schmitt) 25 minutes 12A       

An accountant gives a strange appointment to the lady who employs him. They leave the office by night in an unknown place.


Mummers (Vaughan Pilikian) 17 minutes 15           

A man and a woman in a house at sundown. 


The Game they Played (Charlie Phillips) 7 minutes 12

In the forest, the clowns are rebelling against their evil (ring) masters. But can they ever be free? A silent pro-communist allegory? Or just fun in make-up? You decide.          


The Dore Carras  (Mckenzie Middle) 5 minutes 12          

A lost spirit is led into the afterlife.  


Rendezvous (Matteo Prezioso) 13 minutes 15        

Leaving England for the US to pursue a singing career was a risk Anna was more than willing to do and take. Trying to re-establish a contact with the daughter she left behind is something she might never be prepared for.  


Illusion (Chris Churcher) 5 minutes U         

have you ever spent the day just trying to keep up with yourself? –Illusion” tells the story of a young man who wakes up to find his alter ego staring back at him.  After a day of chasing him around London he finally catches up with him at a club.


Franklin Haywire (Sinclair Obiora) 15 minutes 18 

–What is the last thing you see in my eyes before I will you?” Franklin Haywire follows Paul, an ordinary man who has been a victim of crime. Over the course of a day Paul's anger and frustration is witnessed by an interviewer who examines his methods in fighting crime.


Ichiai  Emie (Eva-Marie Elg) 17 minutes 12A         

Experimental, political drama about young indie kids in London, while a war is taking place in another part of the world. Isolation is one of the main themes in this short, shot on 16mm, as it deals with loneliness and distractions.


20 / 20 (Sasha Yevtushenko) 10 minutes 12A           

A short film about two young Japanese tourists on a summer's day in London. When Taro fails to pay her the attention she demands, Keiko gives up and experiences her own, unique, sightseeing tour of the capital.          


Speechless (Thomas Goddard) 7 minutes 15          

He wasn't smart or all that successful. But he had the gift of the gab and boy did he like to use it.... This is the story of a charmer and the one-night stand that left him speechless.


Gameboy Freak (Anthony Bennett) 5 minutes 12A           

A teenager's addiction puts distance between his family and friends but an object of desire distracts, but is it real or fantasy?       


Blue Horizon (Anthony Bennett) 7 minutes 15      

A journey of the unknown, yesterday and tomorrow.
If you put a camera in your mind, this is what it might look like.... 


The Interrogation (Eric Omani) 20 minutes 15

Professional criminal Lionel decides to leave the business for good but not before one last job. His plan to start a new life with his wife turns sour when his boss is found dead and Lionel is arrested for his murder.


Total Time = 225


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