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20 August
Inn On The Green

(formerly Westway Fitness Centre)
3 - 5 Thorpe Close
London W10
Entry FREE

Indie Shorts


Geronimo (Tom Doyle) 5 minutes 12A      

The film is about the layers of life, work, dreams, play, friendship, love, etc. There is no dialogue, just an overplay of music with moving images.                                                                                          

Lift (Tom Doyle) 20 minutes 12A    

The film is about a lift attendant who has a fear of small places: we follow his morning shift, meeting all sets of people and learn how he becomes claustrophobic. 


Mcarthur Park (Tom Doyle) 15 minutes 15           

A psychologist and her client discuss his troubles and challenges, and reveal some intimate issues towards each other.   


The Warning (Tahira Tina Mcewan) 10 minutes 15           

A year after the death of Rosie's sister, tragedy strikes the family again. Her other sister, Sophie, is also killed. One year on Rosie starts to have nightmares...


Redemption   (Trevor Rawlins) 10 minutes 15        

Joey is alone and living on the streets. He is haunted by his past. He goes to church to seek redemption. But do some past actions make redemption impossible? 


Fist Full Of Smoke  (Aziz Sadou) 3 minutes U     

An anti-smoking message with more than a few twists.       


The Greener Side? (Lindiwe Letsholo) 3 minutes U         

Kagiso is a doctor from Africa who has migrated to Scotland with the hope of a better future. The film explores the disillusionment and sadness when he realises the grass isn't always greener...


Kahve (Fatma Stanners) 3 minutes U           

Through coffee reading women share their intimate world with each other. Cooking the coffee with care and interpreting the abstract art of coffee grinds eases their anxieties.


Early Bird (Ejike Wosu) 3 minutes U          

Johnny is a young man with a job he hates. We see the precious moments he has before leaving for work one morning. Little does Johnny know how precious these moments truly are.        


Tickle Tickle (Alan Wijgerden) 10 minutes 12A    

A drama about a difficult phase in a couple's relationship based on some of Shakespeare's characters.                  


Travellers (Irena Horton) 7 minutes

Questioning the reality of our existence. When do you know that you are no longer a live?


London And Paris (Jonathon Crewe) 13 minutes U

A man finds a wallet in London. It contains a photo of a woman. On the back is written 'Paris'. He becomes obsessed with the image and travels to Paris only to realise that reality does not live up to fantasy.    


Heaven Sent (Greg Williams) 10 minutes U

Chester Jones lives his life like clockwork, until he finds a red balloon on his doorstep.     


Four Corners Of A Frame   (Robert Geary) 15 minutes 12          

Four Corners of a Frame tells the story of lost love, the relationship between an artist and the muse and how our past affects our future, all through the eyes of a discovered painting.         


The Census Taker (Phil Dale) 10 minutes 12A     

A lone female census taker working in the wilds of Wales has one last questionnaire to complete, but when her car brakes down at a remote cottage, the day takes an unexpected twist.


Norma's Scent (Jason Santo) 20 minutes U

Norma is dead, both Alan, her husband and Mary, her best friend, fight over her scent.     


Pepsi Advert (Various) 5 minutes 12A         

It's The Real thing.    


Home Video (Edward Boase) 5 minutes 12A          

When your every move is being filmed, where do you hide?


Quondam (Andy Davidson) 10 minutes 18 

Jack wakes up in a hospital dirty and alone.  As he attempts to find a way out he is haunted by the ghosts of his past and the mistakes he has made.     

Roboclaus (Robert Johnston, Joel Henderson, & Stuart Sharp) 13 minutes 15       

When Santa is replaced by a robot the implications for the people of Leicester are far greater than anyone imagined.


Delusion (David Petrucci)     10 minutes 15

Delusion is a short movie about a 25 year-old guy who finds himself fighting against his own fears.      


Silent Majority (Mehmet Onur) 7 minutes 18       

Two young British men discussing the •war on terror'.        


The Karmic Wheel Of Doo Doo (Richard & Robert Hull) 3 minutes 12A

A guy takes his dog on a Sunday morning stroll & makes a decision that doesn't exactly change his life - but certainly ruins his day.  


It's The Little Things In Life (Matt Taylor) 7 minutes 12A        

A cautionary tale of how a seemingly small decision could have a larger impact on your future happiness.       


Night Falls (Paula Sheils) 3 minutes 12A    

A visual/aural journey through a deserted city at night that leads to tragic consequences. An exploration of emptiness, isolation and loneliness through images and


Tawidgutom (John Torres) 3 minutes 12A              


Salat (John Torres) 13 minutes 12A            


Kung Paano Kita Liligawan Nang Di Kumakapit Sa Iyo (John Torres) 13 minutes 12A                


Leningrad (Giles Borg) 5 minutes 15           

There's a story behind every life.      


The Braai (Shaun Cairns)      5 minutes 12  

A short film about five men and their barbeque.       


The Morning After... (Ross Aitken) 5 minutes 15 

Can you ever feel remorse if you don't know what you did? And how can you keep a handle on any of this stuff when the beer monkey's dancing the lambada towards your throat?


E Pericoloso Sporgersi (Avril Tembouret) 17 minutes 12 

A young man writes a love letter.      


The Tulgey Wood (Jamie Bishop) 5 minutes 15     

An adaptation of Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky poem. A fantasy film telling the adventure of a young boy exploring the Tulgey wood.  


Second Life (Justin Cross) 7 minutes 15     

Ben arrives at a medical facility set on a golf course run by baby boomers. After a quick visit to his ill father, Ben learns that life is still survival of the fittest, but now it has a different meaning.


Closed Circuit (Edwin Mingard) 5 minutes U        

A young girl explains her phobia of security cameras, and fears she is being watched.


Yo-Yo Bubblegum (Georgi Banks-Davies) 2 minutes          U       

A very short film about the art of flirtation... and frustration!         


Bandit Bambino! (Matthew Harding) 1 minute U  

Unhappy with the lip-synch in a badly dubbed spaghetti western, a tiny child shows how it should be done.                                                                       


Wonders (Ulrike Keil) 5 minutes U  

A man decides to leave the safety of his house and fortress to explore the wide, unknown world outside. But soon he has to find that it's never so easy to leave the past behind.                                                                                         

Inauspicious Day (Cem Yildirim) 10 minutes 15    

A college student, Bryan, makes a living by delivering drugs. His mother gets sick and he decides to go back home. But he is asked to make one last delivery before he leaves.          


Hollywood W11 (Tom Vague) 60 minutes.

 This is Hollywood W11; from Absolute Beginners to Leo The Last, It Happened Here in West Eleven. Tom Vague takes us on a journey through the streets, buildings, history, myths and vibes, which have inspired Hollywood W11.


Daylight Robbery (Joseph Asher & Simon Ryninks) 70 minutes 15         

A conman is forced to return a safe-load of stolen money after the victim puts out a hit on him. But the conman's situation is complicated when a squabbling gang of street youths steal the money from him.


Treading Water (Mat Sunderland) 85 minutes 15  

Two Met cops are forced to work together to discover who has been kidnapping teenagers and farming / selling their vital organs.


Total time =531 minutes




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