Portobello Film Festival presents the 1st London Film Makers Convention featuring over 60 brand new independent films and their makers.

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4 DEC 2006. MONDAY

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Rd, W10
Music Videos &
Music Documentaries


Accompanied Barre A Portrait Of Barre Phillips
Ariel Pintor 60 minutes U
3Accompanied Barre2 is a film about music, identity and freedom. The film documents a year in the global travels of sepuagenarian jazz bassist Barre Philips, as he plays, teachers, and collaborates with an ever-expanding cast of musicians and artists, brought together by the shared desire to make music free from the constraints of tradition and the mainstream in turn, the journey into Barre1s personal sound world ask the audience to consider the meaning and importance of personal freedom, for the music making as for other form of creative activity. Music Documentaries


Masterclass in Music videos
Vez is freelance commissioning for Ninja Tune and various other labels including Rough Trade, Domino, Fat Cat and Pias as well as working as a creative consultant to record labels, specialising in music video. Vez has judged 2004 and 2005 Music Vision Awards, and more recently 2006 Creative Review Annual, as well as being very honoured to have been asked to judge at the 2006 D&AD Awards.
Vez will be talking about Coldcut1s Sound and Mirrors DVD which took up two years of her life and features individual tracks by different directors.
True Skool Clay Lipsky
Just For The Kicks Smuggling Peanuts
Walk A Mile In My Shoes Clay Lipsky
Mr Nicholas Andres Riiser
A Whistle & A Prayer Woof Wan-Bau
Everything Is Under Control Oscar Wright
Aid Dealer Ocean Monsters
This Is Island Earth Joel Trussell
Colours The Soul Diane Harris
Sound Mirrors Up The Resolution
The State We1re In Ne-O
Siobhan Murphy, top music video directors rep from Therapy, and Dave Graham, music video commissioner from Universal Island, screen some of their work and talk about the music video creation process.


A Message To The World Caroline Catz 40 minutes 12
A documentary, focusing on a day in the life of Jesse Hector. A dedicated Rock n1 Roller and record collector who was a founder member of The Hammersmith Gorillas and Crushed Butler. His career has spanned over forty years, he started skiffling when he was nine years old. He has lived in Kilburn all his life and he now cleans The Hackney Empire and The National Geographical Society for his day job. Music Documentaries

Stand and Wonder Stephen George 5 minutes 12A
A man meets a girl an encounter with a deadly end. Music video with a touch of Sirkiau irony. Music Videos

Just One More Night Pat Garrett 7 minutes U
A tribute to faded celebrity, this tells the story of an almost forgotten screen star ending a long career wherever she can get a booking. The story is told through the lyrics of her song. Music Videos (Musical)

I Had To Stop The Rain David L Butler 7 minutes 15
An experimental music video. A film that charts the course of a relationship, and the womans reason for her action. Music Videos

Tapestry Goes West Part 1 Caroline Catz 30 minutes 15
Barry Stilwells dream to set up a completely independent festival closer to the spirit of the Rock Festivals of the 601s and 701s than to the modern ethos of financial gain is fulfilled and captured in this two parter that explores Barry1s journey from club promoter and painter decorator in Camden Town to festival organiser in the wild west, collaborating with Cornish cowboys. Music Documentaries

Music and pop promos by Peter Whitehead 30 mins
Featuring the Rolling Stones, Nico and Pink Floyd. From the man who filmed the underground 60s as they happened and invented the pop video while he was about it.

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