Portobello Film Festival presents the 1st London Film Makers Convention featuring over 60 brand new independent films and their makers.

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Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Rd, W10
Animation & Video Art

6:00 pm

Alan Clarke: His Own Man Andy kimpton-Nye 30 mins 15
A short film about the work and life of the Liverpool born film director who was partly responsible for launching the careers of Tim Roth and Gary Oldman. documentary

Flick Knives & Forks2 John Clayton 13 minutes 12A
An impressionistic short film about the eccentric english surrealist Anthony Earnshaw. Art Documentaries

Our Fate Mark Faduola 5 minutes 15
A short film/poem that looks at the final hours of a man who is about to commit suicide, as he prays he highlights points of his life which he can not understand in a desperate search for answers. Art

What Barry Says Simon Robson 3 minutes 12
What Barry says is an un-compromising examination of US foreign policy. Barry, our commentator, delivers arguments which are as frightening as they are credible. Barry defies us to call this a conspiracy theory. Animation ranges across the arguments giving visual form and resonance to the dialogue. Animation

Birdsong Marimba Stuart Pound 10 minutes U
In the aftermath of a decision impossible to reverse, political debate is submerged in an ambient world of photoshoot, marimba and birdsong. Art

Red In The White Caroline Bridges 10 minutes 15
A woman is trapped inside her chrysalis of thoughts, doubts and anxieties. Believing that her actions have a Œbutterfly effect1 on those around her, she is drawn into an obsessive mindset that leads her to undertake compulsive repetitive actions. Will she be able to overcome her emotions and regain freedom to her thoughts? Or will she be forever bound within her mental chrysalis? Art

Where None Intrudes Tom Munday 10 minutes 12A
An unlikely romance between two unlikely characters in an unlikely animated film. A short that re-examines the classic tale of love across a divide. Animation

Yesterday I Think Becalelis Brodski 5 minutes 18
The only British animation selected for Sundance 2006. An iconographic tale of suburban horror humorously expressed in dark crude elegance. Animation

Los 60 Yolanda De Los Bvets 2 minutes 18
The experience of viewing images that are unidentified can have a seductive, even spellbinding effect on the viewer. Its material and aesthetic qualities act as a trigger to desires, evolving a sense of the perverse or conjuring up fantasies. Art


Masterclass in Animation
Slinky Pictures
Producer Maria Manton and director Chris Shepherd founded Slinky Pictures in the summer of 2000 to create and make innovative animation and live action projects for all types of media. Slinky1s emphasis has always been about the integrity of the idea and finding the most effective and creative treatment for the project. Over the last few years, Slinky has produced a range of projects that include TV pilots, commercials, numerous award winning short films, web animations, music promos, tour visuals and the entire video and projection content for the U2 Elevation Tour.


What Are You Doing Mary Soan 23 minutes 15
A sensual journey of a young woman using word, image and music as she grieves in the arms of other men. Art

Pairs/Pears Homage To My Grandmother
Nino Cramarossa 10 minutes 15
We look at life through the eyes of a child (birth) who looks to the grandmother (death) for understanding. Before leaving him she presents him the secrets of life. Art


Stella Polare Anthea Kennedy & Ian Wiblin 75 minutes 15
Stella Polare is radical in its experiment. Shot in Trieste, it weaves image, sound and voiceover into an ambiguous and temporally uncertain narrative, circling the death of empires, old and new. It is 3A lyrical meditation on memory, history and violent political activism2 (Geoff Andrew, Time Out, Rotterdam Film Festival review). Art

Cycle Eileen Botsford 10 minutes 12
ŒCycle1 is a performance piece designed for projection within public space. It aims to trigger different reactions to the senses of each individual depending on the current surrounding. It expresses a raw reflection of the cycles we go through in the life. Art

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