Portobello Film Festival presents the 1st London Film Makers Convention featuring over 60 brand new independent films and their makers.

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Inn On The Green, 3 Thorpe Close, W10

First Screen


Meanwhile Wildlife Garden With Nature in Mind Luke Pretzlik 15 minutes U
Meanwhile wildlife Gardens is a mental health project near Portobello Road. The film gives an insight into the work of the project and tells the story of individual recovery through working with plants and nature. Documentary

Psychos-is Mark Faduola 10 minutes 12A
Psychos-is is explores the perceptions and life experience of people that have come into contact or know of people with mental health issues. Documentary

Aftermath Nick Turning & Naomi Shaw 15 minutes U
A moving portrait of those living and working around ground zero. It provides a space for the concerns and hopes of people on the street distanced from, but subject to the debate that has engulfed architects, developers and their prized architects. Documentary

The Title Nadeem and Bamforth 7 minutes 12
Based around the underground location known as ŒThe tardis1 This mini-documentary follows the lives of 3 young asians who break the mould. The audience are invited into the recesses of this subterranean complex which plays host to gangster and all under the ever watchful eye of Jesus the resident Parrot. Documentary

Tales From The Frontline Robert Hanger 10 minutes 15
A 10 minute documentary exploring young peoples attitudes to the Salvation Army using it as an analogy for social trends. Documentary


Legendary London Rupert Ferguson 60 minutes U
Documentary with Mary Caine about London1s magical myths and legends.


Guilty Or Innocent Of Using The ŒN1 Word
Bhavna Malkani 30 minutes 15
The documentary explores issues around the derogatory 3N2 word that many feel shy to discuss as its often categorised as a taboo area. The film breaks down the word chronologically from the history of the word all the way up to Hip-Hop1s influence and commercialisation of the term. Documentary


Put Your Helmet On Guy Nott 5 minutes 15
Bizarre festival of rockets. Crowds pelted with small fireworks while commemorating the excorcism of the demons of plague. Since 18801s this dangerous event still is literally Œblinding1. Looks like a music video. Documentary

Trashola Donald Takeshita-Guy 23 minutes 15
A documentary about 6 inch Killers, a tranvestite rock group. Documentary


Rootical Nike Hatzidimou 25 minutes 12A
This is the story of Charlie Phillips, an Afro Caribbean photographer who documented the social implications of immigration in the 19501s and 601s in Notting Hill. Charlie has experienced much ignorance with regards to the importance of his work. The working class seem to be excluded from the art world. In discussion with Benjamin Zephaniah and the curator of the Museum of London, they get to the bottom of that issue. Documentary
Portobello: Attack of the Clones
Paul McCrudden & Alexander Thomas 20 minutes U
ŒPortobello: Attack of the Clones1 focuses on the local Notting Hill campaign to preserve Portobello Road as Britain1s first business conservation area. Documentary

Second Screen


Agent Vs Murdo Barker-Mill & Horace Page 13 minutes 12
2 agents battle against evil genius , Thad, and his assasin, McCoy. Drama

The Meaninglessness Trilogy Alex Rossiter 45 minutes 15 Art

Tapestry Goes West Part 2 Caroline Catz 40 minutes 15
Barry Stilwells dream to set up a completely independent festival closer to the spirit of the Rock Festivals of the 601s and 701s than to the modern ethos of financial gain is fulfilled and captured in this two parter that explores Barry1s journey from club promoter and painter decorator in Camden Town to festival organiser in the wild west, collaborating with Cornish cowboys. Music Documentaries

Ayanda M.Yousof Rouyan 85 minutes 15
The movie Ayanda (future) is about an Afghan family that are refugees in the UK. It compress the life in western soceity and influences that causes Afghan families that don1t understand life in western society, and the shows how it effects families in western society. Drama

Video Café bring your own films on the night and we1ll try to screen them from 9:30 onwards.

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