Portobello Film Festival presents the 1st London Film Makers Convention featuring over 60 brand new independent films and their makers.

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Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Rd, W10


Mother Ship Simon Warwick Green 10 minutes U
Lost at sea. The tension rises as Bill and Doug wait in the hope for the mother ship to pick them up on its radar. Drama

Blokada A.Ireland 20 minutes 12
Winter, war, music. 2 soldiers fight and wait hoping to survive. Drama

Rabun Sarbaz Draey 30 minutes 15
A story of a pariot, Rabun, his beloved wife, Kurda, a nation at war, Kurdistan, and a modern day villain... a terrorist.


Microwave Project information session
Film London Tom Kirk
Film London has launched a new project for London-based film-makers to produce ten micro-budget feature film projects in the capital. Microwave challenges film-makers to shoot a full length feature film for no more than £100,000 with cash and in-kind support. Backed by the BBC, the scheme provides up to £50,000 and in exceptional circumstances up to £75,000 of direct funding per project. The first deadline for applications has passed. The second round of applications will be announced early in 2007. Please contact the Microwave team on 020 7613 7693 or visit www.filmlondon.org.uk/microwave

The Survivor Christoph Warrack 25 minutes 12A
Britain, 1956: a meter destroys a village leaving one survivor, a woman with mysterious powers. But, as The Government experiment on her and shady organisations try to reach her, the psychologist on the case helps her plot her escape. Drama

Tiny Dancer Stefan Georgiou 5 minutes U
How do you deal with not doing what you love? Do it. Drama


Masterclass in making movies on the streets Latimer Films
Choices Nick Marcq 30 minutes 12A
Teenage pregnancy in Shepherds Bush.
Latimer Films was founded in 2001 after their first film THE REAL NOTTING HILL was also nominated for a BAFTA and won the Best Film at that years Portobello Film Festival. Since then Latimer Films have gone on to make numerous issue based dramas, staying faithful to their improvised style that draws on the real life experiences of the young people involved. Nick Marcq, Director and Founder worked as an actor for ten years, appearing in Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels before setting up Latimer Films in 2001. Jack Woodcaft, Producer has worked in the film and television industry for the past 4 years. They will be talking about making entertaining films with excluded kids.


Honey And Sting Sybil H. Mair 20 minutes 12A
The Unendurable sting of love.... In an other-worldly garden a beekeeper tends his hives of magical honeybees. Each day he bids these fabulous creatures leave their eden and reveal the bittersweet essence of the desire to an unsuspecting world. Drama

Rendezvous Isabel Ivars 13 minutes U
We are lost souls that live this world looking for our dreams. A tale of desires, frustrated feelings and apathy. The story of three characters driven by their expectations. Drama

1969 Paolo Guglielmotti 7 minutes 12A
1969 is a journey led by our narrator, who finds her mothers diary which enables her to retrace the mysterious circumstances which led to her parents fateful last holiday in Italy in 1969. Drama


See It Through Rick Roberts 55 minutes 15
France 1944, battle weary sergeant, John Kaufman, leads his disillusioned squad on a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines. As events unfold and the reality of their situation becomes apparent, the young squad begin to question their orders and sanity. Drama

The Last Stop Silvia Felce 7 minutes 15
Contemplating the dullness of her life, a disillusioned 30 years old gets into her car and begins what seems like a regular drive around London. At a zebra crossing she catches the eye of an intimidating stranger. Will their path cross again and at what cost? Drama
One Last Drink Before Morning

JD Kelleher 23 minutes 12
Two working men go for a late night drink in a dark and dreary bar. They try to trade their stories for a free drink from a cynical barmaid. But her story trumps theirs. Drama

"23" Eddie Saint-John 15 minutes 15
Mark Sanderson gets drunk on a night out with the lads and wakes up later locked in a room without windows and without doors. There is nothing in the room but a clock on the wall and a telephone. The telephone rings and a mystery voice tells him he has 23 minutes to escape from the room. Drama

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