Portobello Film Festival presents the 1st London Film Makers Convention featuring over 60 brand new independent films and their makers.

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Wednesday 13 December 2006
Paradise Bar, 19 Kilburn Lane W10
Christmas party & Awards


Holly Bolly Dishad Husain 13 minutes 15
Two young film makers are forced to make the ultimate cross-genre film. Comedy

Face Ache Ann Cattrall 13 minutes 15
Graham manifests an extraordinary ability to solve crimes with his acne; culminating in a personal quest to solve the sordid riddle of his D.N.A.... Comedy

Afro Shock Yehan Jehan 5 minutes 12
It1s Sunday and Earth is slowly being taken over by outrageous hair: Only grumpy captain Sharp of 3Scissorship One2 has the ability to make necessary cutbacks and restore light to the suffocating planet. Will he do it? Comedy

Hearts, Minds and Arms Geoff Bussetil 10 minutes 15
May 2003, Washington DC. A Presidential speech writer1s day is ruined by a bad case of collateral damage on the front line of the War on Terror. Now he and his trusty crew must turn bad news into good, and all before the world wakes up for breakfast. Comedy

The Tail Andy Shelley 5 mins PG
In a world where everyone has a tail, one man loses his and struggles for acceptance and self-esteem. Comedy

The Bed Guy Michael Alexander Dobbin 5 minutes 15

The Wheelhouse Sean Garland 10 minutes 15
Eddie Loves You Karl Holt 25 minutes 15
A man pays the price for discarding the one he used to love. Comedy

The Postman Rupert Porter 13 minutes 15
A dark fairytale of bizarre events that take place one beautiful summers day in the heart of the English Countryside. A boy discovers an air crash survivor and uses the situation to his own ends. Exquisitely shot, with a disturbing twist, you will not forget the Postman. Drama

Coming Through 5 minutes
A walk up the Portobello Road to the music of DJ Shadow

The Dark Side David L Butler 13 minutes 18
Two men have something to discuss. Place: Unknown. Time and date: unknown. Reason: to be disclosed. Drama

Kate 123 Christoph Warrack 13 minutes 12
Kate comes out of her shell after her friend is killed, leaving a list of thew ways to approach a day in London. Drama


Horror Business Christopher Garetano 85 minutes 18
Have you ever wondered what makes guerrilla filmakers tick? What is the invisible force that drives each and every one of them to sacrifice a normal life and pursue a position in one of the most competitive arts in the world? Welcome to the strange universe of Horror Business, a documentary that chronicles the triumphs and struggles of low-budget horror filmmakers and the bizarre culture that drives them.


Award Ceremony
Tangent Post-productions
in Shepherds Bush are very kindly awarding 1-day shooting and 2-days editing to the winner of the 3BEST FILM Portobello London Film-makers Convention 20062.

Masterclass in making a film in 24 hours
Halloween 24 hour horror film challenge.
Selection 60 mins
Presented by Johnny Oddball the greatest hits of lasts years halloween 24 hour horror film challenge in which directors have 24 hours to make an original 5 minute horror film.

Mask by John Wheeler 20 minutes

37 Relf Road Tom Ross 7 minutes 15
A black comedy musical about a homeowner who is being burgled.

The Afternoon Daniel Stocker 15 minutes 15
Meeting in a secluded place, Alice mentions a chance encounter with an old flame which pushes Vincent into a jealousy fuelled rage. The resulting action confirms that his only redemption exists in making the ultimate sacrifice. Drama

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