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Return To Ravenswood
Marq English 70 minutes 15
In the 1960’s, the village of Ravenswood witnessed a UFO incident that catapulted the village into a close encounter of a rural kind. And today, with the UFO allegedly returning; a tribal conflict is brewing between local residents and ‘spiritual pirates’ who have invaded their green and pleasant land! Comedy Britain

Classwork (Compito In Classe) Daniele Cascella 15 minutes 15
The teacher of a primary school class asks her pupils to do classwork. It is a normal examination, which is part of the course of studies. The title is suggested by the pupils themselves: An important person in your life: your father. Drama Italy

“Compassion” Tom Geens 20 minutes 15
A woman sees an old man going through bins on a number of occasions. Every time her face fills with the utmost compassion. One day she decides to follow him and ends up trapped in his house. How much of her compassion was truly compassion? Drama London, England

Guilty By Nature
Joseph Barnett 10 minutes 12A
Set on a mutant plant nursery, guilty by nature follows the life cycle of a wild and vigorous shrub. Shot with extreme close ups, varied framerates and an exagaerated sound scape. Art London, England

Chicken Soup
Farah Abushwesha 7 minutes 12A
A chance encounter at an airport and an odd coincidence lead to an awakening for a man who learns to forgive. Drama London, England


Barnet Shuffle
Charlie Creed-Miles 17 minutes 15
Mark entrusts flatmate Jesse to re-decorate their living room before Mark’s girlfriend returns from holiday. But when Mark also receives a miracle cure for his baldness in the post, his problems are just beginning. Comedy London, England

The Last Thing To Go Through A Fly’s Mind Steve Webb 10 minutes 15
A man dies and is given an ultimatum by God, repent or suffer for eternity. He refuses and is reincarnated as lowlier and lowlier creatures until he finally repentsonly to be ribbed of happiness at the last minute. Comedy London, England

The Birthday Treat
Dean Charles 15 minutes 15
When Darren reluctantly agrees to take his girlfriend, Annette to a local clairvogant as her birthday treat, his scepticism is shattered when the mystic tells Annette more than Darren wanted her to know. Comedy London, England

Strange Brew Robert Wauace 15 minutes 18
When a young man is seduced by an older woman in a remote pub he doesn’t know that her interest in him is permanent. Drama Britain


Johnny Oddball:
24 Hour Film Challenge screening cinema 5–6.00pm


The Sickie Rupert Jones 13 minutes 12A
When events at work prove too stressful for Douglas knott, adiligent and extremely busy office manager, he decides to throw a sickie. Unfortunately, his attempts to enjoy a day off are soon sabotaged by the insidious voice of his conscience. Literally. Comedy London, England

Salt & Vinegar Mark Jackson 7 minutes 18
An animated punk musical about forbidden love, school rebellion and chips. Comedy Britain

Stripped Mark Jackson 3 minutes 15
Uncover the dark secrets of a smokin’ hot babe in this great comedy short. Comedy Britain

Sandy’s New Diet
Mark Jackson 3 minutes 18
Sexy Sandy has a new diet. It’s a real mouthful. Comedy Britain

Codehunters Ben Hibon 10 minutes 15
Four heros join forces to battle evil forces. Sc-Fi Drama Britain

Pale Blue Dot
Steven McGlinchey 5 minutes 12
A Parting Shot From Voyager 1991 Inspired by the words of the late Carl sagan. Whatever each of us believes in, this image is something we all share, and through sharing, we might one day learn humility. Art Ireland

Dear Steven Spielberg
Stefan Georgiou 20 minutes 12
Paul Buring has been writing letters and sending scripts to Steven Spielberg for just under a year without reply. Now, due to his persistence he becomes embroiled in a cospiracy involving Spielberg, hi lawyers and Hollywood thats been milking audiences for 30 years. Comedy London, England


Blackeye: Films/discussion
cinema (NB. They also have another 2 hours of films to be programmed in somewhere)
Two Episodes Of Skank
Black Eye 60 minutes 15
Comedy London, England


Bikini Blitzkrieg Part 2
Dance Domination
Donald Takeshita-Guy 90 minutes 15
Sci Fi sex opera concludes. Comedy London, England


Green Pages
Sasha C. Danjanovski 17 minutes U
A man, a woman and a company that forbids any personal interaction between employees. Not even talk. But a relationship is inevitable, under the very eye of the security camera. Excuted in a single, continuos take, this futuristic comedy is also the first ever film adaption of the phone book. Comedy London, England

Cabinet Of Dr Calagari 77minutes
Dreyer’s deliriant supernatural black and white poem brought to 21st century light by a specially commissioned soundtrack by top VJs In The Nursery plays out the 12th Portobello Film Festival.
Black Carrot: Fairytale Performance
atrium (4–7pm)




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