Inn On The Green (IOTG)


Colombia, no way back
(Colombia sin retorno)
Nike Hatzidimou 25mins 12A
This is the compelling story of the lawyer and human
rights defender of unions of the banana plantation
workers in Colombia. After he suffered an attempt on
his life he had to flee and seek exile in London. This
documentary will give the audience an insight of what
it means to be forced to abandon their house and
family from one day to another and to live a life in
Exile. Documentary, London

Anit Negra Daniel Santo 37mins 15
In 1976, Argentina’s military Junta seizes power and
imposes martial law, resulting in the disappearances of
more than 30,000 people and the abduction of 500
babies. Anit Negra symbolizes the incoherence of past
and present governments who praise human rights
and, on the other hand, allow children to die of
hunger. Documentary, Canada

Your Memory Of An Art Piece
Frederique Decombe 60mins 12
Participants give in turn, a verbal account of a chosen
art piece that they have experienced. This work is
about how we engage with art and how we
communicate this experience. It questions how art
exists within the beholder’s memory as a continuum of
the artwork; a sort of incarnation. Art Documentaries,

Malton LIvestock Market 08
Nick Fletcher 9mins U
A documentary featuring - Maltons Historical Livestock
Market in North Yorkshire. Documentary, Britain
Attack! Raymond Myndiuk 1 min 12A
The visible remains of an attack. Art, London

Love You London
Mary Jane De Belen 13mins 15
Do you remember your first kiss? Your first love? Who
first broke your heart? How many people have you
slept with? Moving and affectionate; eight
Londoners share their insights on life, love, friendship
and heartbreak in this extraordinary city.
Documentary, London

A Girl With a Calculator
Donald Takeshita-Guy 5mins U
Homage to The Cabinet of Dr Caligari from the
director of Go Go Spankettes. Drama, London

Project AGAU
Donald Takeshita-Guy 5mins 12A
Bikini clad babes battle evil genius Dr Drongo.
Comedy, London

Lee Harris: The Psychedelic
Soulja Hichoim Nensassi 30mins
A short documentary capturing the life and times of
Lee Harris. This Counter Culture legend has been
responsible for “Homegrown Magazine” “Brainstorm
Comix”. Alchemy (London’s first headshop) has
brought Howard marks, Allen Ginsberg, Michael
Horwitz and many others to speak. Documentary,

The Neo-Psychology of the
Notting Hill Area
Hugh Nott 15mins 12A
This is a ‘rockumentary’ featuring a local character.
Steve “the oracle” Buckley, gives us his outspoken
views on the Notting Hill Gate & Portobello area. He
illustrates his narrative with live guitar tracks. He talks
on history, and Bands, The Who, Clash etc. Music
Documentaries, London

Mickey Vanesa Orel
Mickey finds George Bush’s poltical rule of opression
highly suffocating and unbearable. In the fear of
possible persecution finds a refuge in Croatia.Although
not a human himself, he embodies all that is of most
delicate, creative,intelligent,visionary and poetic about
humans,trying to reach for a spiritual source of all life
manifestation and against prevailing nationalistic
prejudices. Travelling back in Time to Peru,and from
there to a vast Universe. Director:KSENIJA OREL.
Starring:VESNA OREL,Editor:JOHN WHEELER. Drama,

A Man With A Camera
John Wheeler 29mins 12
Man with a camera charts the voyage of an unnamed
man with a secret, as he scours the land with a
mysterious camera. Drama, London

Glastonbury 2008
Visual fragments of this year's festival from the
privileged position of residing inside highly spiritualy
orienteted TIPI Field,situated on a tranquil hill with the
most majestic views over the entire Glastonbury
Festival. Director:VESNA OREL, Editor:MICHAEL BAHAR.
Music Documentaries, London

Looking For America
Chris Waite 40mins 15
After we had established a tribal homeland in the
Welsh hills in the late 1970’s known as Tipi Valley, a
route 66 vision quest was a voyage of discovery both
personal and cultural. Art Documentaries, Britain

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