Saturday 19 Sept
The Tabernacle



Giuseppe & Calogera
M.Frank 78 minutes 15
Two sisters travel across southern Italy in search of
one another. Feature Length Drama. Britain

If It Snows On Christmas
Young-Sung Chung 14 minutes 12
Yoon-ho is nine and lives with his father. After his
mother died of cancer, his father drinks almost
everyday. Christmas eve, Yoon-Ho determines to give
a special Christmas gift to his father. Drama. Korea

Getting Out
Steven Harris 12 minutes 15
Terry and Tommy are fearless gansters - and Brian is
getting first hand experience of this as they torture
him to find out where Charlie’s gear is. But when Terry
announces he needs a career change, Tommy goes
mad. Brian may just have got the lucky break he
needs. Drama. Britain

Dead Dog
Edward Jeffreys 8 minutes 15
When a man’s dog goes missing he calls his girlfriend
to help confront his worst fears. Drama. Britain

Shadows In The Wind
Julia Guillen Creagh 20 minutes U
New York, 1905. Sue and Johnsy are two painters who
share a studio. Sue has to take care of Johnsy, who is
sick and convince her that she won’t die when the last
leaf of an old ivy vine falls off. (In English) Drama.

The Noisy Second Floor
(Nikai Zomeki) Yusuke Fojikawa 11 minutes 12A
Kotaro is the heir to a drapery business named
Ebisuya. He cannot restrain himself from visiting
Yoshiwara, the former red-light district in Tokyo every
night... Animation. Japan

Dianna Dilworth 78 minutes U
>From a California garage to Royal Albert Hall, how the
haunting sound of an ingenious contraption called the
Mellodron changed the production and texture of
popular music, from “Strawberry Fields Forever” to
Radiohead and Kanye West.Music Documentary. USA

The One
Softwhere 6 minutes 12
Darkly humorous sci-fi music video for the dance track
“the one” by UK band softwhere, future robot
soldiers get their comeuppance from a benevolent
alien after she receives a cosmic call for help from a
telepathic contestant on a brutal reality tv show. Music
Videos. Britain

Tim Rayne 14 minutes 12
Hopewell is a personal story of one New Brunswicker’s
fear of change while being stuck in the past.
Drama. Canada

The Hands Of Abel
Victor Barcena 20 minutes 12A
Abel, a very little child, arrives to Madrid after his
father’s death with his only brother, Mario. The
loneliness he is going to experience will make him
take decisions whose traumatic consequences he would
have never suspected. Drama. Spain


Jamie Bolton 14 minutes 12A
When 17-year-old Dan’s grandmother is left beaten
after a violent mugging, he takes revenge.
Drama. Britain

Toshifumi Matsushita 105 minutes 12
A spiritual tale set in Bolivia. The protagonist is a 13-
year-old boy who lives in the traditional way, with his
family near the salt lake of Uyuni. Drama. USA


Free Jolito
Marcos Bucay 10 minutes 12
Jolito is a Mexican symbol, a great bean. He engages
in a journey to the USA. He suffers an identity crisis
while being exposed to the temptations of the
‘American Dream”. Comedy. Mexico

Roberto Santaguida 8 minutes 12A
A young man, his life in tatters, seeks redemption by
fleeing the city. Art Documentary. Canada

The Long Way Home
Lungul Drum Sprecasa
Anamaria Chioveanv 20 minutes 12A
The way home of a young girl turns out to be more
than a regular walk. Drama. Romania

Julie, Julie
Liam Creighton 21 minutes 12
You’ve heard the adage: they just don’t speak the
same language. Charlie and Julie Tannen are about to
find out what happens when this metaphor is made
literal. Drama. France

Derek Tan & Melinda Tan 35 minutes 12A
Revolves around a man’s reckless pursuit of his
misplaced cash after he mistakenly transfers an
important sum of money meant for his mother into
the wrong ATM account. Drama

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