FRI 3 Sept

The Empire Strikes Back
selected by Matt Clark


I think why I love this film so much was as a
child it was pure escapism. As an artist I still
escape into my work, but when you’re a kid
films like the Star Wars films take you that one
step further. Its like a music album that
reminds you of an amazing holiday, to watch a
film like The Empire Strikes Back can put you
outside even your own universe. Whilst I’m not
the kind of person who would dress up in all
the gear and prance around with plastic light
saber, I don’t know of another collection of
films that has whipped people up to form such
a cult following as the star wars films. Love it.

Matt Clark exhibition
Westbourne Studios
The ideas I work with often
find their beginnings in various and diverse
forms of popular culture from fables and
religious text to ancient satire and political
institutions, which are then altered and
transformed into self created fictions of a
rather different nature. The original sources are
reinterpreted in order to illustrate playful
stories of the uncertain and the fantastic: a
time machine, a ship of fools, an alien signal
broadcaster, a shrine to the Devil’s tower.
Through the artwork I make I aim to engage
the audience by questioning their involvement
and their role, reimagining them as performers
upon an artistic stage.

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