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Juliet Fraser 7 minutes 12
A breakdown en route to a business meeting
highlights the true meaning of ‘Special’, art
or people. Horror. Britain

Stuart Perkins 8 minutes U
Amy is forced to confront the spirit of her dead
brother by her worried friends. Horror. London

Someone Else
Andrew Newall 4 minutes 12A
A young woman who lives alone is paranoid that there
may be someone else in her house with her.
Horror. Britain

Robbing Peter
Clayton Fussell & Ashley Wing 10 minutes 15
When a rebellious teenager breaks into a neighbours
house he unwittingly plunges his entire family into a
life and death struggle. Comedy Horror. London

Basic Alien
Robin Whitten 8 minutes 12A
Brocky and Gavin Peach are enjoying a quiet night in
when Gavin receives a distress call from his Gran - She
needs help removing an ‘unwanted visitor.’ Comedy
Horror. London

Jamie Hooper 9 minutes 15
A young woman receives a mysterious DVD in the
post. She soon comes to realise even pressing play was
a mistake. Horror. London

The Picnic
Sten Rosendahl 4 minutes 12A
A couple is on picnic when the woman has had
enough! Horror. Sweden

Dark Mime
Laith Sami 5 minutes 12A
The Dark Mime. He is come, and he is hungry for
blood of those who unwittingly summoned him.
Drama. London

Bordello Death Tales
James Eaves, Alan Ronald & Pat Higgins 90 mins 18
Horror. Britain

Nasty Splurty Brains
Tony Hickson 3 minutes 15
A psycho escapes death ensues. Horror. London

Blood & Roses (Blood And Roses)
Simon Aitken 78 minutes 18
A couple head to a remote cottage, where the wife
falls under the spell of a mysterious vampire.
Horror. Britain


Were Wolf Man In York
Nick Fletcher 7 minutes 12
A man is bitten by a wolf in York. He is now cursed
and becomes a werewolf. Horror. Britain

The Furred Man
Paul Williams 15 minutes 15
A man awaits police questioning, suspected of murder
...a man, who is dressed up like a werewolf.
Comedy. Horror

Papa Wrestling
Fernando Alle 9 minutes 18
After bullies steal his son’s lunch box, a retired
wrestler goes on a violent rampage to avenge him and
bring justice to the school. Comedy Horror. London

Burn The Whole Place Down
Jordan Wood 12 minutes 18
Something has gone hideously wrong. Trapped
onboard a ship with nowhere to go, all the band can
do is keep playing. Horror. Britain

The Horror Of The Dolls
Shane Davey 82 minutes 18
A corporation plans to develop a residential tower
block into luxury city apartments. As the residents
galvanise, the corporation sends in someone to ‘shake
them up’. “Winner: 28 day Feature Challenge” 2010.
Horror. London

Jamil Dehlavi 82 minutes 15
A fallen angel seeks redemption for the death of a
child under his protection. Horror. London


Jonathan Hall 56 minutes 15
John Clayson returns to his childhood home after the
death of his estranged father. An old mysterious
photograph unlocks repressed memories and
unleashes terrifying apparitions. Horror. Britain

Del Bosque 15 minutes 15
Horror. Spain

The Sack
Dan Gitsham 4 minutes 18
A very bad man has an identity crisis of deadly
proportions. Horror. Britain

Estate Of The Nation
Naeem Mahmood & Ash Mahmood 4 minutes 12A
Whose idea was it to have one big zombie party? Four
mismatched teenagers find themselves holed up in a
youth club on an estate infested with zombies.
(Promo) Horror. London

Ash Mahmood & Naeem Mahmood 62 minutes 15
A young aspiring journalist together with his girlfriend,
a self assured, yet vain ‘it-girl’ go on the trail of the
tempter, a figure-head in the media reported to be
responsible for the decline in society. London

Beyond The River (Ebir Nari)
Danny Winkler 65 minutes 15
Ebir Nari is a raw contemplation on the images of life and the hereafter, which smears intellectual borders and reassembles the spiritual atlas of human beliefs.
Art Documentaries London, England

Fahima Sahabdeen 22 minutes 15
Ahmed Zaheed\s life is disrupted with the 2005 London bombing. can he forget his past or will paronoia govern? Find out in this thrilling and entertaining family drama.
Drama London, England

The Buckshee Countess
Paul Bruce 17 minutes 12A
In a run-down mansion-house, a deranged countess abducts and enslaves strangers to work on her estate. A noir-esque fairy tale.
Horror London, England

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