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Plaza Vacante
Jeronimo Garcia Castela 10 minutes 15
Drama. Spain

The Last Wedding (La Ultima Boda)
Jorge Tsabutzoglu 12 minutes 12A
A gang of childhood friends meets at a wedding. Two
of them behave in a strange way that makes the
group uncomfortable. Drama. Spain

Maja Djokic 9 minutes 15
A young woman is followed by somebody on a busy
morning in a big city. Her reaction is rather unusual.
Drama. Spain

El Momento Justo (The Right Moment)
Gonzalo Visedo 7 Hugo Serra 14 minutes 12A
Valentin is attractive successful executive and a loving
model family guy. He’s meeting his beloved wife
Mamen in a cinema queue. There he comes across
Hector, an old school mate, by chance. Drama. Spain

El Rayo Y La Sirenra
(Thunderbolt And the Mermaid)
Diego Sanchidrian 11 minutes 12A
It is said that dreams are unreachable. But in order to
make them come true you do not have to know where
they hide. Drama. Spain

Ciro Altabas 50 minutes 12
An innocent journey to witness the release of a videogame
console in Japan but little by little it changed
into a showcase of some of the many wonderful ways
in which the Japanese spend their leisure time.
Documentary. Spain

Juan Con Miedo (Fearful John)
Daniel Romero 11 minutes 15
During the holidays at his grandparent’s village, John
meets Mary, a mysterious girl who tells the terrifying
legend surrounding the peasant’s old house.
Drama. Spain


Carta De Francia (Letters From France)
Diego Lopez Cotillo 17 minutes U
After the Spanish Civil War, Jose and his mother live
isolated in a house of a field, with the illusion of the
arrival of Pedro, the postman. Drama. Spain

El Cortejo (The Cortege)
Marina Seresesky 14 minutes 12
Capi is the oldest gravedigger in the cemetery. Used to
working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes
of his colleagues, there is only one person capable of
taking him out of his daily routine. Drama. Spain

Connecting People
A’Lvaro De La Hoz 7 minutes U
Can really important things be told when talking with
a cellular phone? A casual conversation, an everyday
walk home, an instant lost in time that may be the
most important moment for a boy and a girl.
Drama. Spain

Amour Fou
Oliver Kracht 16 minutes 18
The unsuccessful smalltime crook Marek flees from the
police into a 24-hour launderette. He hides his prey, a
mysterious black bag, in one of the washing machines.
Drama. Spain

# 7
Nacho Solana & Luis Miguez Artabe 4 minutes U
Attached to a very specific time period and name, but
as history teaches us, nothing is always what it seems
to be ...Austerliltz. Drama. Spain

Nino Balcon (Balcony Boy)
Pilar Palomero 9 minutes 12
Poor balcony boy, this is the story of the Balcony Boy.
His fault, having big ears. His bad habit, putting his
head where he shouldn’t have. Drama. Spain

La Union (The Union)
Carlos A. Sambricio 19 minutes 15
Sara encounters her boyfriend Fran, who died in a car
crash six months earlier. A mysterious and breathtaking
mood develops as Fran employs a hypnotic
seduction game. Drama. Spain

5 Recuerdos
Oriana Alcaine & Alejandra Marquez
12 minutes 12A
Irma walks up and down the aisles of a market
repeating a list of ingredients to herself. She can
remember the first four but keeps forgetting the fifth
ingredient. Drama. Spain

Ahate Pasa
Koldo Almandoz 12 minutes 12
Suddenly, ducks cross the screen. Drama. Spain

El Nunca Lo Haria
Anartz Zuazua 14 minutes 12A
Laura asks the Three Kings for a grandfather.
Drama. Spain

Los Que Lloran Solos
David Gonzalez 6 minutes 15
Every night, in her room, Grandma invents stories for
the brother and the sister. Drama. Spain

Nacho Vlgalondo 3 minutes U
All women are Marisa, but Marisa is just one woman.
Drama. Spain

La Presa
Jorge Rivero 16 minutes U
In 1946 one of the most colossal projects ever
undertaken in Europe was begun: the construction of
the Salime reservoir in a remote mountainous part of
Asturias. Documentary. Spain

Antonello Novelline 15 minutes 15
In a quiet little farming town life is governed by
agriculture's cycle. But, suddenly, authorities
confiscate everything that has been harvested. Little
by little, food is disappearing. The cruelty of hunger
attacks the village. Drama. Spain

Carlos Morett 12 minutes 15
The inner turmoil of the brothers, suffering terrible
nightmares, who begins to question his position in the
Police Force, all due to a mistake that will probably
haunt the rest of his life. Drama. Spain

Cuando Corres
Mikel Rueda 5 minutes 12A
When you run you only can hear your footsteps
nothing else. Drama. Spain

El Orden De Las Cosas
Cesar Y Jose & Esteban Alenda 19 minutes 12A
Julia’s life takes place in the bath tub. Drop by drop
she will gather the courage to change the order of
things. Drama. Spain

El Vendedor Del Ano
Cote Soler 11 minutes 12
Behind the most ruthless of multinationals only one
thing. Man Comedy. Spain


Fabrica De Munecas
Ainhoa Menendez 11 minutes 12
Anna works in a doll factory. Her whole life she
revolves around performing mechanical motions to put
the dolls eyes. But a small change at her work
changed her life forever. Drama. Spain

La Playa De Berlin.
Cannon Beach
Manuel Calvo 25 minutes 12
Winter. Tinka rides a bus on her way to the beach.
Sitting next to her, Garrett joins her in trying to not
miss life as it goes rushing by. Drama. Spain

La Rubia De Pinos Puente
Vicente Villanueva 19 minutes 12A
”I was born in Pinos Puente, but I was brought here as
child”. Comedy. Spain

Mi Otra Mitad
Beatriz Sanchis 18 minutes 12A
Adrian and Andrea have been linked from the very
moment they were born. A weird optical deformity
makes them see the world in an incomplete but
complementary way. They both know of each other’s
existence, since they are treated by the same ophthalmologist.
Drama. Spain

16 minutes 12A
Simon, an androgynous and lonely teenage, is having
a boreing familiar summer. With no friends, during his
free time he keeps trying alien communication.
Comedy. Spain

13 minutes 15
Oscar is upside down. His thoughts flow among the
asphalt, pieces of glass, a red shoe. Laura is in a
traffic jam. Her thoughts are locked in her car, among
oppression, rush, claxon sounds. What is really
stopping them? Drama. Spain

Dentro Del Bosque
15 minutes 15
Rosa and Jesús, a young couple, are driving at night
through a dense forest. When Rosa realizes she is not
carrring her handbag, Jesús pulls over. Horror. Spain

14 minutes 15
Adela has just settled in Madrid with her father,
Claudio, a retired concert musician and a hermit. Both
teach piano to small children in a quiet, sparselyfurnished
flat in the centre of town. Drama. Spain

15 minutes U
In a ghost village, apparently deserted, past, present
and future blend and the traces of hundreds of lives
remain preserved in the formol of time. Documentary.

La Nadadora
10 minutes 12
After an argument with her boyfriend, María goes to
find him but he seems to refuse her attemtps to make
things up. Drama. Spain

10 minutes 12
Dawn. A mother in a coma. In the house, the routine
follows its usual course. As the day goes by, something
seems to be changing, but the clock will always keep
pressing on. Drama. Spain

Los Planes De Cecilia
12 minutes 12
The day before her 30th birthday Cecilia finds her
childhood diary with all her old dreams for the
thirties… but she realizes that she hasn’t got any of
them. Drama. Spain

Miguel Méndez 15 minutes 12A
Alba, who has health problems, arrives in the city and
meets Amaro, a guy whose main hobby is going to
funeral parlours. Drama. Spain

The Story Of David Leonard
Sutton Alfonso Diaz 3 minutes 12A
Everyone loves David Leonard Sutton. Everyone
except me. Drama. Spain

Amona Putz
Telmo Esnal 9 minutes U
Sometimes, couples who have children miss Grandma..
But only sometimes. Drama. Spain

Hide & Seek
Alejandro Lopee Casanovas 29 minutes 15
When the group therapy turns into a cockfight, it’s time to play hide & seek. Drama Spain

Protoparticles Chema Garcia Ibarra 7 minutes 12
The experiment was almost a success: PROTOMATTER EXISTS. Drama Spain

Neggy Meets Sammy
Benjamin Carter 8 minutes 12 Once upon a time there was a house by the sea. A big house. A big, strange house. A big, strange old house. Once upon a time there was a big, strange old house by the sea. Animation Spain

Night In The City
Juan Raigada Fernandez 13 minutes 12A
Night in the City tells Victor’s last night in NYC. As he is faced with returning home and taking on the responsibilities left over there, he starts to feel his new found freedom is encroaching. He decides to enjoy one last crazy night with his friend David, to taste the city one more time. .. Drama Spain

Martini Iban del Campo 24 minutes 18
Burlesque is the new punk rock according to Dirty Martini, who reveals some of the secrets of his art in night clubs and cabarets in New York’s Off-Off Broadway, where the revival of burlesque as a form of mass popular entertainment is exported to the rest of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, burlesque is back! Documentary Spain (In English)

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