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Every Second Is My First
Oliver Malin 14 minutes U
A visual and audio collage of memory and grief, explored through two characters trapped by the city.
London, England

Stand & Deliver Gus Alvarez 9 minutes 12A
In a woodland clearing lies the body of a young woman. A sharp intake of breath - she is alive. What happened last night? Into the woods she searches for answers.... Drama Britain

Knock Off
Rosanne Flynn 12 minutes 12A
A touching portrait of the relationship between feisty pregnant teenager Jude and her own young father Michael.
Drama London, England

Champagne, Christmas And L.O.L.
Charlie Francis 7 minutes 15
On defying her controlling and manipulative partner, Lauren returns home the morning after her company’s christmas party. A jealous reaction from one will lead to tragedy for the other.
Drama Britain

Bob Komar 15 minutes U
Set in the heart of the eastend in 1947 and filmed in grainy black and white in true replica of golden era films. Bluebirds is a true story inspired by artist Sam-Taylor Wood and tells the tragic tale of love, hope and a life of crime, a nostalaic love story. Drama London, England

Walter And The Tigers
Jason Perryman 23 minutes 12A Freeding with tiger shares, showing they are not as dangerous as we think, then showing that we are the danger when we kill them in the beach nets. Documentary London, England

Physical Education Rohan Green 10 minutes 12A
Teenage fencer stands up to her bullies to take gold at the Olympics. Drama London, England

Tracks Louise Marie Cooke 9 minutes 12
Noah and Holly come together to deal with the guilt over their friend’s death: haunted by the events, Noah struggles to move on.
Drama London, England

A Lesson In Life
Fabian Baschieri 8 minutes 15
Two men arrive at a desolate quarry with a job to do. One tests the waters of his new career and the patience of the other. demeanours are set on edge as they leadup to the harsh reality of the job at hand.
Drama London, England

Mario’s Cafe
Roland Denning 19 minutes 12A
A family business since the 50’s, Mario’s in Kentish Town, London, is a very special cafe; a meeting place for everyone from plumbers to rock stars.
Documentary London, England

Through Their Eyes Tatiane Feres 25 minutes U
The film follows three people in Brazil, all of whom are blind. One of them is being trained to become a professional ballerina, while the other two are now teaching classical ballet. Documentary London, England

Luke Bradford 14 minutes 15
Terry has a lot going for him, his children, friends and opportunity. One thing holds Terry back, he is an addict. ‘Just One’, turns Terry’s day insane.
Drama London, England

One Below the Queen: Rowley Way Speaks For Itself
Sav Kyriacou & Matthew Rosenberg 38 minutes U
Residents living on this Grade 11* listed 1970s modernist council estate in London, made this film exploring the ideas behind the design of the estate and in the process interviewed neighbours, the architect who design the estate and others. Documentary London, England

I’m An African
Kwame Mante 10 minutes 12A
It wasn’t too long ago that it wasn’t cool to be an African. A decade later the landscape has changed. So where and why did this change occur? Documentary London, England

Maiken H Hansen 8 minutes 15
Alex develops advanced precognitive dreams which he uses as a life script to be prepared for all interactions and to prevent unwanted experiences. However this has ironic consequences for him.
Drama London, England

Alex Sufit 5 minutes U
A man and woman meet by Hammersmith bridge and begin a tentative flirtation, until she reaches in her pocket for a piece of chalk and draws a line between them. Drama London, England

Maps And Stars And Music
Mark Robins & Luke Gietzen 86 minutes 12A
A different kind of ghost story. A man crosses time and space to collect the memories and tracks of his lost love.
Drama London, England

A Wake, A Sleep
Adrian Hume Robinson 29 minutes 18
Five friends. One night. One morning. When Kat discovers her partner Si may have been cheating, she and best friend Debs embark on a quest to discover the truth... and to exact revenge.
Drama London, England




Sam Dowson 4 minutes 12A
A man fighting himself and his addiction. Can will power surfice or will he give in to temptation.
Drama London, England

Jazz Not As We Know It
Ashley Pegg 6 minutes 12
When a Jazz night opened at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern - a renowned gay pub in South london - two different worlds came together to creare something wonderful and ......
Documentary London, England

Only Human
Filip L. Firlej 15 minutes 12
Reclusive Scientist Antonio has discovered how to stop the ageing process, an elixir for erernal life. But he soon finds himself haunted by death, waiting for a tragic fate.
Drama London, England

A Grumpy Old Man
Rachel Tracy 8 minutes 12
Seventy-seven-year-old Sid takes us on a tour of his clocks and talks about a moment in his life when time stood still.
Documentary London, England

Lucky Old Bag
Thomas Hart Holland 6 minutes U
A silent film with a bohemian score that follows a lady tramp who finds a single penny on the street and tries her luck in an expensive restaurant. Drama London, England

Bad Cake
Kevin Maynard 6 minutes 15
It’s Max’s birthday and everything’s swell except his girlfriend’s made the cake from hell. Irina from the theatre group is the girlfriend.
Drama London, England

Stephen Fingleton 10 minutes 15
Nelson is tasked with driving his best friend’s estranged wife to her new home. During the tense car journey, he finds his loyalites tested.
Drama London, England

The Busy Man
Myrna Shoa & Ruti Cohen 3 minutes U
Arthur, the busy man is unable to clear his place so his new wife Vera can move in with him. A modern day version of the Greek legend, Sisyphus. Animation London, England

The Drop
Douglas Rintowl 12 minutes 15
A meditation on art, activism and immigration in the 21st Century. Two individuals from different worlds unite in their struggle to safeguard their identities and articulate their beliefs.
Drama London, England

Red Band
Talat Gokdemir 4 minutes 12A
Sometimes the choices we make lead us down a path we never imagined. Call it an act of desperation, call it fate.. These are the moments from a day in Zoja’s life. Drama London, England

Robbing Peter
Clayton Fussell & Ashley Wing 10 minutes 15 When a rebellious teenager breaks into a neighbours house he unwittingly plunges his entire family into a life and death struggle to escape the clutches of a deranged maniac.
Comedy Horror London, England

Acres Of Time
Talat Gokdemir 17 minutes 12
The tale of Chris, a struggling writer and Labib, his window cleaning friend. When Chris falls for a beautiful waitress, it’s up to labib to convince him to get his act together....
Comedy London, England

Stefah Tribe 8 minutes 12
A haunting paralysis and the disorting effects of self doubt manifest when a young photographer is given the opportunity to showcase her talents. Drama London, England

Ben Honeybone 7 minutes 12A
A young woman finds a set of keys in a suburban street. Will her curiosity get the better of her?
Drama London, England

My Home Is My Shoes - Will
Debbie Anzalone 3 minutes U
This film explores the power of music and dance through the immigrants desire to stay connected with home. Will was born in Detroit and has lived in England for 50 years, not only a octagenarian but the best tap dancer in town! Music Documentaries London, England

Knock Off
Rosanne Flynn 12 minutes 12A
A touching portrait of the relationship between feisty pregnant teenager Jude and her own young father Michael.
Drama London, England

Harrison Wall 4 minutes 15
A sc-fi, teen-comedy musical about a lonely science geek, Andy McDandy, who builds himself a robot girlfriend to take to his high-school prom. Musical London, England

Ultimate Sin
Verona Spence 6 minutes 12A
Chilling short documenting the last few moments of an emtionally unstable womanwhose life drastically chances due to a series of unfortunate events. Drama London, England

Beyond The River (Ebir Nari) Danny Winkler 65 minutes 15
Ebir Nari is a raw contemplation on the images of life and the hereafter, which smears intellectual borders and reassembles the spiritual atlas of human beliefs. Art Documentaries London, England

We Get Used To ...
Marcio Delgado 7 minutes 12
A short film about all those small things, things we just get used to .. But we shouldn’t.
Drama London, England

Relapse fade dissolve
Shane James Bordas London, England
Face Value Claire Barker 12 minutes 12
Face value is based on a young man’s obsession with his frown lines. To repay his debt he agrees to a trial skin rejuvenation treatment, with some very unexpected results.
Drama London, England

Reflections Of Papua New Guinea
David Fedele & Rebecca Kenyon 5 minutes U Set in Papua New Guinea, this short film captures people’s reactions as they see their reflection, perhaps for the very first time. Documentary London, England

The Middle
Palle Nodeland 17 minutes 15
Brian and Lloyd, childhood friends, both led different lives. When life rejected them, they only had each other... and the guy they just kudnapped. Comedy London, England

Where’s Alan?
Audrey Aquilina 15 minutes 15
Three workmates invent a series of unlikely stories to explain the whereabouts of a missing colleague, but the truth is more bizarre than they imagine ... Comedy London, England

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