WED 8 Sept



Nomads Of The Desert Bloom
Danny Winkler 37 minutes 15
A visual essay on clothes and mutation filmed amongst
the curators of London’s Horse Hospital and the stylists
of the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection, exploring
identity for the Guillotines of society.
Documentary. London

About Love
Alexsey Zlobvn 13 minutes 12A
The art and atmospheric story of passion, love and
harsh transition to adulthood living on the autumnal
streets of St. Petersburg. Art. London

Working From a Different
Script Beverly Andrews, Parvin Mirshihi & Hossein
Mohammadi (Farshid) 50 minutes U
The film looks at the lives of immigrant and refugee
theatre practioners. Art Documentaries. London

Plays/Works - Videos from St Charles
Various 48 minutes 12
Film, noir, music video, doc & short film collection.
Various. London

Borges & I
Emily Harris & Yoni Bentorim 73 minutes 12A
Through the use of a secret camera, an out-of-work
actor tries to uncover the reasons behind his failing
career and takes on an experiment to find out if it is
possible to control how others perceive him. Feature
Length Drama. London


SSDD: Same Shit Different Day
Greg Hall 87 minutes 15
A slice of life in the east end of London following Lee,
recently released from prison, and Phil, a squatter and
former rider, who both work night shift together.
Drama. London


Where’s Mary
T. Hickson 6 minutes 12A
Based on the Mary Bell murders of the 1960s.
Drama London, England

The Rat
Lucinda Cary 10 minutes 12A
Joe grabs breakfast and runs, late for work, on the way out though he discovers a rat in the wheely bin, he tells his pregnant wife Anna that she must kill it before he gets home.
Drama London, England

Stuart Perkins 7 minutes 12
After years of friendship Nixxy worries Sam will grow up and have no need for an imaginary friend.
Comedy London, England

The Box
Stuart Perkins 7 minutes U
Two men find a box in the middle of the road. When they look inside they see a world where their desires become reality.
Drama London, England

Lucinda Cary 16 minutes U
The Maddock children are used to coping when their mother behaves strangely but this time she has left the land of the living altogether, for now anyway. Drama London, England

Still Life
Charlotte Wolf 11 minutes U
A lonely living statue is angry when two rivals move onto her pitch. But as the newcomers start duelling for her affection, life becomes far more colourful and complicated.
Drama London, England

The Honeytrap
Jason Ebelthite 12 minutes 12A
Two best friends decide to test the fidelity of their long distance boyfriends, however things do not go to plan when they take a liking to each others boyfriends. Comedy London, England

Love In London
Mazin Mahdi-Sherabayani 15 minutes U On a lonely night, Nicole recalls three very different romantic events that changed her life and perception about love and herself. A mixture of flashbacks and memory story telling film.
Drama London, England

Choose Life
Aneta Kaplanova Popart House 2 minutes 12A Anti knife crime advertisement.
Drama London, England

Ros Gihan Williams 18 minutes 15
About two friends whose relationship and lifestyle of partying is suddenly shattered by a life threatening illness - Even hedonists can’t escape their own body clocks. Based on real events.
Drama London, England

The Other Side Of The Street
Kim Pettersson 2 minutes U
If you open your eyes, you may glimpse the truth on the other side of the street. Drama London, England

Call Girl
S. Nair 7 minutes 12A
A young couple get into an argument, the man storms out of the flat and finds reassurance in an unsuspecting call girl. When he returns home his world is shaken.
Drama London, England

Ralph V Pritchard 19 minutes 12A
Drifts is an experimental short film, about friendship and dreams, set in the Barbican. It is a surreal, atmospheric piece made by and starring 15-year-olds. Art London, England

Mike, Harry & Misha
Marius Smuts 9 minutes 12A
Mike and his best friend Harry go for a trip to the Cornish countryside where they meet the lovely Misha. harry falls in love.
Comedy London, England

Perception Of A Portrait
Silvia Felce 13 minutes 12A
Up-and-coming artist Max is returning to Italy, but at his leaving party one of his prized painting is trashed. Someone clearly bears a grudge. But who, and why? Drama London, England

Today Is Friday
Kelly Parslow 7 minutes 12A
The three Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus go out drinking that Friday night. Drama London, England

Waste Of Life
Sam Dowson 11 minutes 15
The story of Michael, a 16 year old with no family or friends, living in a half way house, he meets Richard who takes him on a downhill spiral of drug abuse over a year ending tragically.
Drama London, England

Zuzana Sochman & Tunde Makinde 8 minutes 12
Three people. A lift. Whats the worst that can happen? Three strangers are forced together when the lift they share breaks down in this offbeat comedy. Comedy London, England

So In Love
Alberto Bona 4 minutes U
A beautifully shot musical love story amidst an urban cosmopolitan setting._Featuring international band The Kosmos and actresses Irene Kise and Elle Jamison. A joy to watch ... and to hear!
Musical London, England

A Man In Search Of A Story
Alexander Thomas 4 minutes 12A A story about a man’s doomed attempt to break the monotony of his daily life. Stories are everywhere. But will he be condemned to life on the periphery? Drama London, England Believe Alexander Thomas & Paul McCruddon 4 minutes U Believe shows the increasing threat to local community identity or retail homogenisation and the creative and passionate resistance of local people. Documentary London, England

Fahima Sahabdeen 22 minutes 15
Ahmed Zaheed\s life is disrupted with the 2005 London bombing. can he forget his past or will paronoia govern? Find out in this thrilling and entertaining family drama.
Drama London, England

Some of these might be cut due to being repeated else where in the program.
If people turn up to see them, we will show them, otherwise the space is open and we will show any late entries we have been given on this night.

Stanger In A Strangeland
Sara Klia 12 minutes 12
Liu, a young Asian girl, is left stranded and alone in an airport. She is also being watched by a shadowy organisation.
Drama London, England

Egor Karpov 24 minutes 12A
Ivan, a typical manager from Moscow comes on business to a small provincial town where he meets Galya, a very strange but beautiful young woman. Drama London, England

East End Lives 2
Hazuan Hashim & Phil Maxwell 30 minutes U The film explores life, culture and history of the East End of London through the eyes of a diverse group of characters.
Documentary London, England

Early Birds
Laith Sami 3 minutes 12
It’s a music video shoot on stage. It’s a contemporary feel of it. Very artistic, very beautiful.
Music Videos London, England

Conversation Piece
Joe Tunmer 7 minutes U
One sleepy sunday morning, Jean notices a chip on a treasured vase. She attempts to get to the bottom of the situation._A unique musical-of-sorts, starring Celia Imrie and John Wenshaw.
Musical London, England

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