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Colton Sears 120 minutes 12
A woman gets involved in the male dominated business of coper mining in Cornwall in 1816 and finds oppostion from miners and local gentry but she is made of stronger stuff.
Drama Britain

To Become Entranced: Goa Trance DJs The Class Of ‘93
Rupert Ferguson 35 minutes 12A
Film profile of first generation Goa Trance DJs from panjaea’s legendary focal point: the UK’s first ever Goa Trance Club Night featuring Yazz, ‘return to the source’ regulars Mark & Chrizbo with special guest appearance fro mixmaster Morris.
Music Documentaries Britain

An East London Following
Eddie Saint-Jean
A Hitchcockian thriller set on the back streets of London’s East End. A woman is followed by a determined stranger. 4 minutes U
Crime Thriller London, England

Food Chain Eddie Saint-Jean 7 minutes 12
A burger lover faces or _He wants to eat a huge, greasy hamburger but it is National Vegetarian Week and all the pro vegetarian tv programs are putting him off. Comedy London, England

Brighton: Die Sinfonie Der Großstadt
Tom Sands 10 minutes 12
Taking inspiration from Walter Ruttmann, this is a symphony of a great city: Brighton. It seeks to show the city is more than just the sum of its parts.
Art Documentaries Britain

Awat Osman Ali 5 minutes 15
The story of scholar who works with women’s rights and preparing for a seminar. He becomes suspicious that his wife might be cheating on him and this changes his views.
Drama London, England

I Want To See In Colour
Awat Osman Ali 6 minutes U
Fatima is a young Muslim girl who is forced to wear the niqab (vail). Her beauty hides under the black vail, she sees the world through the filter in dark colour. Fatima decides to change her life by removing the vail to see life in colour. Drama London, England

Over The Hills
William Walsh 10 minutes U
A closely observed drama that looks at the decisions that shape us as people and, more importantly, the people that shape our decisions.
Drama Good London, England

Internet Story
Adam Butcher 10 minutes 12A
A fast-paced thought-provoking film told through fragments of internet videos, animations, blogs and news articles.
Drama London, England

Kiamu !!!
Anwari Ashraf 8 minutes 12A
A docudrama on seniority abuse in Malaysian elite boarding schools. In which have recorded numerous cases of severe injuries, disability and even a few deaths.
Drama London, England

Leon Rowe 8 minutes 12A
Victim bends the imagination of the audience to unravel the story of a man who has been forced to make an agonizing decision that will change his life forever. Drama London, England

Sam Dowson 4 minutes 12A
A man fighting himself and his addiction. Can will power surfice or will he give in to temptation.
Drama London, England

So In Love
Alberto Bona 4 minutes U
A beautifully shot musical love story amidst an urban cosmopolitan setting._Featuring international band The Kosmos and actresses Irene Kise and Elle Jamison. A joy to watch ... and to hear!
Musical London, England

Leave Him
Sebastian Aguirre 12 minutes 15
Late at night a couple confront their future together. Will they finally be honest about a supernatural chapter from their past? “Leave Him”, the debut production from Inner Rush Films.
Drama London, England

A Man In Search Of A Story
Alexander Thomas 4 minutes 12A
A story about a man’s doomed attempt to break the monotony of his daily life. Stories are everywhere. But will he be condemned to life on the periphery? Drama London, England

Alexander Thomas & Paul McCruddon 4 minutes U
Believe shows the increasing threat to local community identity or retail homogenisation and the creative and passionate resistance of local people. Documentary London, England

Alexander Thomas 5 minutes U
A woman’s nightmare comes true when she loses sight of her child in busy Covent Garden. When her husband finds her desperate with a concerned security guard, all is not what it seems.
Drama London, England

Year Of The Cat
Eddie Saint-Jean 5 minutes 12A
A grandmother wanes up to find an intruder in her home. The intruder is more concerned with why she still has her Christmas decorations up in February. Crime Thriller London, England

The Invisible Man
Amancay Tapia 3 minutes U
A philosophical reflection on colonialism and oppression through the eyes of a London illegal immigrant.
Drama London, England

Secrets Of Angels
Toby Meakins 11 minutes 12
Guardian angels reveal they are as lost, fallible and heartbroken as those they watch over in this collection of impossible monologues.
Drama London, England

The Opera Singer
Nadaav Soudry 2 minutes U
An opera diva gives the performance of her life in this comic satire on the commercialisation of the art. But can it sell?
Comedy London, England

Portobello Roadmarket
Lindsey Suter 4 minutes U
A short lighthearted touch on what makes Portobello Road Market so unique and so special.
Documentary London, England

U5 Diaries
Rob Fawcett, Deniz Arslan & Andrea Siegl 16 minutes 12 A different Vienna to that of the guide books. U5 Diaries uses the subway to depict a microcosmic survey of one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. Documentary London, England

P.N.G. Style
David Fedele & Rebecca Kenyon 88 minutes 12
Papia New Guinea “land of the unexpected” has over 850 indigenous languages and cultures. This film follows one man’s solo journey, armed only with a backpack, camcorder and traveling guitar.
Documentary London, England

The Shadow
Steve Rehman 90 minutes 15
A couples life is turned upside down when a evil cult manipulate the neurotic girlfriend of an advertising executive.
Drama London, England

Battlefield (Campo de Batalla)
Amancay Tapia 78 minutes 12A
Due to a social revolt in the streets of Lu Paz (Bolivia), five women are forced to spend a few days together trapped inside a beauty salon.
Drama London, England

Jack Davies 75 minutes 15
Set in present day London, this powerful thriller starkly exposes a couple’s relationship torn apart by the kidnapping of their young daughter risking everything in their chase to find her. Out of the depths of violence a stranger comes looking for revenge, discovering a dark past.
Drama London, England

Arch In The Sky (L’Arc-en-Ciel) David Bonneville 20 minutes 15
A 40-year-old European woman relives the great love for her deceased 18-year-old partner by engaging young male strangers into sordid sexual adventures.... Drama London, England

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