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Brothers Of Metal
Arno Coenen 12 minutes 15
Art hooligan Arno Coenen’s journey through the heart
of Europe. Prepare for serious iconoclasm, from black
to trash and beyond. Animation. Holland

The Blue Bus (De Blauwe Bus)
Sanne Kortooms 30 minutes 12
”Hell is what you make it”. The Blue Bus takes the
view were on a dazzling musical journey with colourful
character who will touch the lives of even those who
claim never to have heard of ‘the blues’. Drama.

Color Matching
Peter Wittwer 10 minutes 12A
On a rooftop in Brooklyn, a man is disturbed by his
clumsy neighbor while trying to paint. Comedy.

Calling E.T.
Prosper De Roos 65 minutes U
Documentary on the search for our galactic
neighbours. How will we earthlings present ourselves if
we make contact? Will we manage to speak as one
earth? Documentary. Holland


Timur Ismailov 27 minutes12A
BINGO is a young gypsy from Moldova who tries his
luck in Holland. Drama. Holland

The Care factory
Kim Brand 16 minutes 12A
A home for the elderly has changed into a factory.
Documentary. Holland

Cocky Love
Hanro Smitsman 10 minutes U
An old farmer prepares his favourite rooster for a
contest. His wife tries to capture his attention too. It is
time to make a choice. Drama. Holland

Elly Bounan 3 minutes 12
A girl enlivens her diorama by introducing a fly. Her
rich fantasy brings forth a miraculous world.
Animation. Holland

Drop Dead!
Arne Toonen 10 minutes 12A
What begins as an exciting adventure takes a
nightmarish turn. Drama. Holland

Jose Vonk 6 minutes U
Optical illusions exploring graphic fence and wheel
structures. Art. Holland

Jocco’s Film
Daan Bakker 25 minutes
12Jacco’s world is a happy place. Even when it’s not.
Drama. Holland

The Labyrinth Runner
Robbie Cornelissen 11 minutes U
A young runner’s metabolism is translated into an
erratic trip that makes its way through drawings of
departure halls, stations, storage rooms, corridors and
baths. Animation. Holland

Jochem de Vries 11 minutes 12
Mother and 7-year old daughter are dealing with the
little problems of every day life. Drama. Holland

The Oarsmen
Leendert Pot 10 minutes U
Magic of rowing is made tangible by rhythmic shots of
8 elderly rowers. Documentary. Holland

Billy Pols 16 minutes 12
Fifteen year-old Dutch-Moroccan Nassim Guammaz
puts everything at state to be the best skateboarder.
Documentary. Holland

Andre Bergs 5 minutes 12
When a man is witness to a murder and takes pictures
of the killer, he has to run for his life. Animation.

Red End And The Seemingly
Symbiotic Society
Robin Noorda & Bethany de Forest 15 mins 12
Ant Red-end differs from the rest and tries an
experiment. Animation. Holland

Sharing A Beautiful Sunset
Jasper Elings 2 minutes U
Video composed with shared sunset photographs found
with “Google Image Search”. Art. Holland

Sunset From A Roof Top
Marinus Groothaf 10 minutes 12A
While Belgrade is being hit by NATO-bombings, Ivana
is preparing herself for a night out and tell her
boyfriend the news of her pregnancy. Drama. Holland

Roelof van den Bergh 5 minutes 12
Try to keep your plates up in the air! Animation.

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