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Gloria Mannazzu 47 minutes U
The story of a friendship and of a dream, taking place in the last divided capital of Europe: Nicosia, Cyprus. Drama London, England

The Empty Chair (Den Tomme Stolen)
6 minutes U
Christer Larsen Today is Lars’ birthday, and he’s eager to celebrate it. However, given that nobody notices him this proves to be quite difficult.
Comedy Norway

A Dove Stained Red
Henry Oldfield 5 minutes 15
David Fairwell has everything. But when he moves to London, temptation proves too much and a double life begins, which will end with David breaking the greatest commandment of all.
Drama Britain

Shelf Life
Joao Seica 10 minutes 12
A group of supermarket workers is surprised by the arrival of a new girl. Drama Britain

An Affair With Dolls
Hans Montelius 11 minutes 15
A woman plays out her relationship with her boyfriend with dolls.
Drama Germany

It’s Not A Game
Simon Melbourne 10 minutes 12A
A game of cops and robbers ends in tragic consequences.
Crime Britain

Sammy Fransquet 13 minutes 12
A doctor gets ready to go home when a woman arrives. Eve doesn’t see one self anymore. In the street, people bump into her and even a photobooth has printed white paper instead of her face .... Drama Belgium

A Matter Of Life And Death
Mehmet Basak 10 minutes 12 Serka is in a extraordinary hurry, clocks out. Meabwhile people are waiting for the funeral ceremony of a woman. While Serka aims to reach his destination, he recieves awful news. Drama Turkey

Last Markdown (Derniere Demarque)
Matthieu Rumani & Nicolas Slomka
14 minutes 12
George, a man whose lack of imagination only equals his lack of ambition, is arguing with his wife. Fighting against both despair and his mid-life crisis, he is wandering in the streets of Paris when a curious vintage car runs over his dog. The driver, a strange unsympathetic old man, suggests he goes to old Said’s mini market to get that tragedy fixed. In such a magical place, it seems like you can find everything. Everything indeed. Literally speaking. Even happiness? Comedy France

The Opera Singer
Nadaav Soudry 2 minutes U
An opera diva gives the performance of her life in this comic satire on the commercialisation of the art. But can it sell? 2 minutes U Comedy London, England

Where’s Alan?
Audrey Aquilina 15 minutes 15
Three work mates invent a series of unlikely stories to explain the whereabouts of a missing colleague, but the truth is more bizarre than they imagine ... Comedy London, England

Taylors Trophy
Jason McDonald 21 minutes 15
A work shy boy, attempts to solve the mystery of his local pub’s burglary and claim a reward that will settle his debt with a threatening criminal. Through a series of flashbacks and voice-overs, we witness the fumbled investigation.... Comedy London, England

Philipp Scholz 4 minutes 12A
This movie shows a hero who unfortunately can’t stop smoking. There is no happy ending. Comedy GermanyMiss Measly (Sokjobeun Yeohaksang) Satbyul Park 15 minutes U
A moment of crossing desires!! Comedy South Korea

The Morning After
Alex Sufit 4 minutes 15
A young woman wakes up, hung-over and bleary eyed, and tries to piece together the night before. unfolding in a series of flashbacks, she strings together the drunken calls leaning to dark consequences in the morning. Comedy London, England

The Return Of The Axe
Alexander Thomas 1 minute U
A mean looking mob are on a mission with an axe.
Comedy London, England

La Rubia De Pinos Puente
Vicente Villanueva 19 minutes 12A
“I was born in Pinos Puente, but I was brought here as child”.
Comedy Spain

Leave Him
Sebastian Aguirre 12 minutes 15
Late at night a couple confront their future together. Will they finally be honest about a supernatural chapter from their past?_“Leave Him”, the debut production from Inner Rush Films. Drama London, England

Solitude Is Disease
Marko Podstavek 5 minutes U
Bob has just arrived into a new country. he feels lonely, thus he finds his life hard. Only friendship can cure his troubles, but something is still missing... Drama Slovakia

An Ant
Kimno Alakunnas 24 minutes 12A
An Ant is a short comtemporary dance film which tells the story of a workaholic man whose sense of reality begins to fail. because of his actions, his co-worker falls into imaginary worlds from which is almost impossible to escape. What is real and fantasy? Dance Finland

Tarun Thind 17 minutes 12A
the story follows friends, English and Jehst, whose intense encounters with several disgruntled characters, set up the perfect opportunity for the pair to give the loudest speech of their lives.
Drama Britain

Rome By Night
Nadine Poulain 5 minutes 12
Accompanied by an evocative piano suite, a strangely familiar landscape that resambles the universe unfolds. Having been shot entirely on the human body, the film seeks vastness in the closest detail, the infinite in the finite.
Art Germany

Jurgen Rothburg’s The Uncatchable Killer.
James Bartle & Elliott Rothon
15 minutes 15 When British police release key evidence in the ongoing Brandon Bidet murders case, filmmaker Jurgen Rothburg takes the helm in this shocking first-look documentary at the uncatchable killer.
Comedy Britain

The Symmetry Of Love
Aitor Gaizka 78 minutes 15
Six Londoners interact constantly in a carousel of friendship, love and sex in all possible ways. Comedy Spain

Noche Transfigurada
Alexia Muinos 95 minutes 15
Helena wonders around after finding her boyfriend with a strange woman. She reviews her life while tries to chase the woman in a funny summer night._A comedy about relations, taking control of life when you’re at your lowest, but things can always get worse. Comedy Spain

Steve Staso 90 minutes 15
The story/ stories of 3 immigrants 1 native born. Hells Kitchen - struggling to build a community amongst broken asphalt and shimmering empty glass towers. Drama USA

The Visit
Dailey / Levio
An American girl visits her porn-freak cousin in Paris. 90 minutes 18
Comedy France

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