The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR


6pm – 11pm

Taking Care Of Ruth (Cuidar A Ruth) Miguel Berzal De Miguel, 11 minutes, U
Three years have passed since her husband passed away, but Ruth has not adjusted to living alone, nor can she stand the carers that her daughter Clara has hired. Clara soon has to step in for a while. Relationship Drama, Spain

Last Time Paris (Perlmutter), Rupert Holler, 11 minutes, U
One day Sonja’s mother discovers a hair barrette in her room. She remembers her youth in Paris and her first love, Theo. When her daughter Sonja visits, she tells her about her wish to go back to Paris again. Sonja will try to make her dream come true. Relationship Drama. Spain

Inability (Onvermogen), Luchinda Verweij, 23 minutes, U
Simon’s 11-year old son Damian is autistic. When Simon ‘s wife passes away he becomes a lone widower confronted with single parenthood. Both father and son must find a way to make their new family situation work, but their respective inabilities clash. A lack of understanding for each other makes for a combustible situation. Relationship Drama. Holland

Enforcement 6/9, Konstantinos Ioannidis & Fanis Topsachalidis 19 mins 12A
Stratos is interest only for himself. Everything will change when an event causes him to make decisions that will not only judge his future but also of people that has close relation with. Drama. Greece

Beatrix, Maria Sigrist, 20 minutes, 12A
On the way to her hair appointment, some impertinent student upstarts in the subway push Beatrix out of her comfort zone and events take an unwanted turn. Drama. Germany

Judith, Riccardo Brex 18 minutes 15
Judith is coping with the end of her relationship, she’s madly in love with him. An asteroid, a red purse and a caravaggio painting will lead to unexpected consequences. Thriller. Italy

I’m Not A Hairdresser, Lee Hyung-suk, 18 minutes, 12A
A man working at the spooktacular-sounding ‘death experience service’ helps an old woman and her grandson to go through unusual experience. Relationship Drama. South Korea

Fixing Tom Wright, Gary Crabtree, 20 minutes, 15
Suzy helps her boyfriend fix his problem by locking him in the wine cellar for a bladder-bursting two weeks. Relationship Drama. USA

The Queen And Veils (Die Königin und Schatten) Nat Tafelmacher-Magnat 20 mins U
Dana, the stern and passionate Film Director,...sees her supremacy over her beloved film challenged by Aimee, the frighteningly efficient and down-to-earth assistant director... Surreal. Drama. Germany

Drift, Hugo M. Sousa & Lea Maria Kruse 11 minutes 12A
A million options are suffocating Mia. She’s a young adult trying to escape that pressure by going into the unpredictable trails in the forest.
Fantasy. Germany

Pastor Paul, Russ Senzatimore, 16 minutes, U
The film tells the story of a small-town minister forced to choose between a new-found atheism and maintaining his job. Drama. Germany

Goodbye Papa (Tschüss Papa), Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt, 27 minutes, U
The film is a touching drar-mour about a boy coping with the death of his father and the grief that comes with it. Young Benedict is very attached to his father’s old set of medieval armour and it is the only thing that gives him any comfort. Drarmour. Germany

Force Of Nature (Naturgewalt), Steffen Boseckert, 23 minutes, 15
Giuseppe can’t knock the hustle. Unlike the permanent love-hate relation with his mother, Giuseppe knows his Italian father only from phone calls. Drama. Germany

How Simon Lost His Father (Wie Simon seinen Vater verlor), Michael Podogil, 24 minutes, 12A
10-year-old Simon finds his single father dead in his room. Shocked, he tries to maintain his everyday life. Vater Drama. Germany

Silence Behind The Sound (Die Stille zwischen den Tönen), Robert Windisch, 28 minutes, U
Felix has hit rock bottom. Unable to connect with his comatose wife, the organ builder has taken to numbing his senses and seeks refuge in self-destruction. Drama. Germany


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