Elgin Programme
Wednesday 6 August

The Elgin 96 Ladbroke Grove London W11
An Evening
With The Bikini Bandits

Peter Leder & Mathias Denker 5 mins U One Song-two videos. Music Video

IBS Rap-Music Video
Rowan Lloyd 5 mins 15 Music video which shows the lifestyle of five boys from West London. Music Video

The Lost Reels
Matthew Humphreys 5 mins U A short documentary about my father who is deaf and blind. Documentary

Baby Eyes
Chris Guile 2 mins 15Abuse seen from the baby’s perspective. Drama
Move Beyond Pori Christina, Pantou Athanasia & Tatjana Palkovitz.15 mins U Documentary

Right To Fight
Tatjana Palkovitz, Pantou Athanasia & Pori Christina. 20 mins U Should women fight in the boxing ring? Discuss. Documentary

Sick Pest Girls /Free Tattoo- The Electric Television Mix
Boz Phillips 10 mins 15 The Sick Pest Girls created for stardom have been interviewed as part of their mockumentary. Music Video

The Fairbank Hotel
Tania Meneguzzi 15 mins 12A Orville Campbell and Aurora Dawn check into a grand hotel in hopes of reviving their relationship. Drama

Bikini Bandits
Steve Grasse Featuring a selection of short films made by the girls for website channel atomfilms.com 15

Bikini Bandits Freeze Mother Fuckers
An under-sexed convenience store clerk soon learns that some "hot encounters" are best left between the pages of girlie mag.

Bikini Bandits and The Magic Lamp
The bandits find themselves stranded in the desert and get granted a wish. (What's their wish? What do you think?)

Bikini Bandits Go Dutch
"Witness" the Bandits as they lay low from the law in a Pennsylvania Amish Community.

Bikini Bandits And The Time Machine.
Go way back with the Bandits as they go toe to toe with George Washington and Ben Franklin.

Bikini Bandits: Under The Big Top.
Finally, will the girls meet their match when they cross paths with a rival gang of gay, thieving clowns?

Paul Gillings 30 mins 18 Snatch meets Pulp Fiction in a low budget thriller about a drug-deal gone wrong in London. When Big Mike finds out a routine switch went wrong he wants revenge and this leads to murder and a few surprises. Drama

The Fat Project
Pearl Howie 10 mins 12 “The Fat Project” is a mock documentary which asks “What Does It Mean To Be Fat Today?”

Colin McManus 5 mins 15 A man loses his penis and struggles to remember where it might have gone. Comedy

The Nanny
Nicholas Penrake 10 mins 15 A nanny from hell isn’t quite what she seems. Comedy

James Brailsford 10 mins 15 Ben is a young boy with a fear of the dentist. On the day of his appointment his overactive imagination begins to show him what horrors may await. Drama

The Letterbox
Andrez Felice 5 mins 15 What about living other people’s dreams, fears, love? Drama

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