Westbourne Studios Programme
Sun 10 August

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Iranian Films

Night Under The Sky
G.Reza Razavi 15 mins 12A An ageing man goes to his son’s home to visit his little grandchild for the New Year ceremony but falls out with his daughter-in-law and returns back in a Taxi at midday...Drama

Darvish Of Metals (Darvish-E-Felezat)
Mahmoud Yarmohammadlou 20 mins U A look at the works of Ali Zarifi, the maestro of carving on metals, Ghalamzani, a famous Iranian handicraft. Documentary

The Daughters Of Sunshine (Dokhtaran-E-Aftab)
Mehdi Naderi 30 mins 12 A true story of two sisters who are living together but are completely different. One of them spends her last days of life. Documentary

The Trench On The Other Side (Sangar-Haye-Roberoo)
Bayram Fazli 15 mins 15 During the war the disappointed soldiers come to know who is their enemy on the other front. Drama

Born To Be Soldier (Pesarha Sarbaz Be Donya Miayand)
Fairbourz Kamkari 30 mins 15 Kurdistan: border of Iran-Iraq. Little boys have to do military service to earn their families living. Drama

Pors Iradj
Salarvand 15 mins 15 A true story about death in south-east Iran. Documentary

Rolling Master Vali (Khaje-Ghaltan-Vali)
Mehrdad Goudarzpoor 10 mins 12 After Taliban times, a young Afghan soldier looks for a girl who was in love with since his childhood. This leads us to the old story of Rolling Master Vali. Drama

The Well Of Whispers (Chah-E-Najva)
Mostafa Jalalifakhr 20 mins 15 Not far from Qom, the most religious city of Iran, there is a well. People believe it is a holy place. They write demands and wishes and put these letters into the well, to be picked up and to be read by the last Shi-ite Imam, Emam E zaman.Documentary

Image (Tandis)
Farshid Azari 10 mins 15 Hearing some human's voices, a statue decides to be changed to a human being. Finds more about man's world, he prefers to remain as a statue. Art

Nobody Thinks About Fishes (Kesibe Fekye Mahiha Nist)
Ali Zamani Esmati 20 mins 15 The camp of war refugees (Iraqi Kurdish). There is no signof life and hope in these old women, men and even children. In such a circumstance two teenagers try to facilitate a more comfortable life for everyone. Drama

Good Soil (Khak-e-Khoob)
Ali Zamani Esmati 15 mins 12 A desert without any water. An Afghani boy has fallen in love with a girl who with her blind grandfather is looking for water Drama

Rozette Ghadery 20 mins 12 A young woman who has gone on a trip with her friends and husband gets lost in a jungle. Drama

Nightmare (Kaboos)
Shahab Mirzaei 5 mins 15 A filmmaker is searching for a subject to make a film about. During his attempt he is faced with some problems with his colleagues. Drama

Solar Eclipse Narrated By Wind (Kosoof Beh Ravayate Bad)
Javad Emami 15 mins 12 Nader Tabrizi, an 90 year old man is a bachelor who lives alone in south Tehran. He earns his living by charging boys in the local area to use his airgun. His neighbours say that he is a pederast and each of them says a different story about his life that is different to his life's reality. Documentary

The Cherries Which Where Canned
Mohammad Shirvani 10 mins 12 A couple take a photograph together before the husband goes to war. Drama

Mohammad Shirvani 20 mins 15 A study of the relationship between a father and his disabled son as they attempt to find work. Drama

To Consent
Mohammad Shirvani 20 mins 15 A small boy is frustrated in his attempt to gain permission to go to the cinema with school class. Drama

Mohammad Shirvani 10 mins 15 An old man steels a wheel frame. Drama
The Forgotten Land Sussan Shams 20 mins 12 The maternal voice of a she-narrator plunges us into an oriental fairy tales universe. Documentary

Hooshang Mirzaee 30 mins 12 Mr. Rahimi who has become blind since his childhood because of smallpox infection, now lives in the Kordestan province alone Documentary

The Little Photographer
Shedia Mashali Firoozi 15 mins 12A A young boy tries to capture an old woman’s portrait using his father’s camera. Drama

Mino Kiani 30 mins 15 Gooran Gholkhani & Banzardeh tribes stay in Dalahou in the northern side of zagros mountains in spring time. In Dalahou, woman means life. Drama

The Wall Of Life (Divar-E-Zendegi)
Javad Mozdabadi 20 mins 12A An eight years old girl has to do a very dangerous job for her ill father to earn her families living Documentary

Farshad F. Hekmat 15 mins 15 A film about Jacob's ladder film. Drama

Saeed Nouri 15 mins 15 Two contradictory narrations of a young couple who cannot watch a film together. Drama

The Smell Of Fresh Bread
Muhammad Arzhang 50 mins 15 The story of a confused young student who is about to lose his girlfriend due to his chaotic lifestyle Drama

The Songs Of The Grey Man (Avazhay-e-Mard-e-Khakestary)
Amir Shahab Razavian 40 mins 15 Mr. Mahichi tells us the story of his familiarity with "cinema". Drama

Mohammad Shirvani 15 mins 12 A mother searches for a wife for her soldier son. Drama

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