Westbourne Studios Programme
Wednesday 13 August

Westbourne Studios 242 Acklam Road London W10

More Funky Fast Shorts

Wood David Bryant, Richard Stiles & Sebastian Smith. 10 mins 15 A new version of the classic myth . . .if you go down to the woods today. Drama

Dr. Cream
Robert A. Somerville 5 mins 12A Dr. Cream’s microbe killer cures diseases/ doesn’t care who it pleases/ you’ll come back in pieces/ that’s Dr. Cream.

Animation Schmetterlinge Im Bauch (Cold Flippers)
Jan-Peter Meier 5 mins U An ironic fable about a frog who sets out to find love Animation

A. Bodiu Saphir 10 mins U A young boy comes home from school with a bad grade. He is encouraged to study hard by his mother and gradually becomes an academic hero who is called upon to save the world. Drama

John Mcdermott 10 mins 15 What if the voice in your head was the commentator of your dreams? Drama

Esther Johnson 15 mins U Hinterland is a resonant documentary that focuses on a community which live on the fastest eroding coastline in England. Drama

A Clean Slate
Keir Alexander 10 mins 15 A young boy is fatally knocked down by a speeding estate agent (Shown at the International Film Festival of Wales 2002.) Drama

Linda Boyle 15 mins 15 A landslide of obsession and fantasy starts at the local launderette. Drama

Now Seal’s Gone
Pearl Home 5 mins U A digital music video for The Poetics song ‘Now Seal Gone’ that follows real and fictional auditions for a lead singer. Music Video

Greg Mcmanus 10 mins 15 The story of a man who finds himself trapped in a lifestyle in which he knows his days are numbered. Drama

Of The World Up To Modern Man. Bunny Schender 2 mins U A surreal marriage between Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory and the story of Adam and Eve. Modern man evolves out of the primeval soup to join Eve in suburban Garden of Eden. Drama

Starting Up
Alex Stevens 2 mins U A short film about a guy getting off his lazy ass. Drama

The Dark Side Of the Moon
Stephen Cole 5 mins U A man awakens in an unknown location and embarks on a search for his lost companion. Drama

Eoineen Of the Birds
Eoin Heffernan 20 mins U An ill boy at the turn of the century in Ireland begins a special relationship with the Swallows that nest in the ivy. Drama

2nd Thought
Adam Hutchings 10 mins 15 Drama

A Film On The Work Of Chris Cooper.
Peter Bromley 30 mins U Chris Cooper is an artist. The film follows him in the studio and down to the sea Drama

Louise Wide 5 mins 15 The transitional states between waking and sleeping-often referred to as Night Terrors. Drama

Justin Edgar 15 mins 12A Laurence is going around in circles until he meets Ann. She offers an opportunity for escape, but things are not that easy. Drama

Lawrence Pearce 10 mins 15 A man struggles to control his sideburns. Comedy

Stephane Trois-Carres 10 mins 15 Digital landscape about a journey between unconscious and unconscious scale contemplation. Art

The Phantom Trick or Treater
Sigh Jones.10 mins 12 A phantom trying to trick-or-treat knocks on the wrong door. Animation

Feature Premiere

David Dellecese 70 mins 15 Combining the style of 1960s road comedies with a modern edge, Detour is a broad comedy about a comic book artist, a bartender, a stoner, and two punks, who get stuck together, take a detour on their way home from the beach, and get lost. What should be a simple ten minutes drive becomes a day long odyssey as this motley crew struggles to survive the bizarre characters they come across on their journey home, as well as each other. Comedy

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