Elgin Programme
Thursday 14 August

The Elgin 96 Ladbroke Grove London W11

Black Humour Night
With Black Eye

Shadow's Company (Compagnie des Ombres)
Christophe Perrier 15 mins 15 An old man abandoned by his family decides to answer to a newspaper's ad. He finds himself projected in a universe where fiction & reality are deeply interlaced. Drama

The Taco Test
Steve Rompre 20 mins 15 Eric has invented a test to find the ideal woman. But the quest for the perfect girl is no walk in the park. Comedy

Debrauche/ Switch Off
Francois Celerier 20 mins 15 A young computer executive is depressed after an unsuccessful love affair. He decides to go back to the place where he used to live when he was a child.... Drama

Rough Sleepers
Robert Brown 10 mins 15 After a case of mistake identity at a car park (frequented by drug uses) a photography student, Ben Luntley, is taken by a Yorkshire police officer to see how they deal with the problem of heroin addiction & homelessness in the city. Drama

The Ring Master’s Circus
Kevin Brett 10 mins 15 Tormented by the past, the present and the future, the clown must escape the prison that is The Ring Master’s Circus. Drama

Bum Runner
Steve Herold & Kurt Christiansen 10 mins 15 A frantic parody of movie car chases. Comedy

Hasan Shah 5 mins 15 Comedy of misunderstanding. Comedy

Stag Nut
Russell Razzaque 10 mins 15 A wild stag night. Comedy

Et Cetera
Ashot Shiroian and others. 20 mins 18 Segregation through the eyes of a man who has been fighting against racism and discrimination all his life, and working for bringing a better understanding and tolerance between people. Drama

Haircut Hardman
Graham Ball 15 mins 15 Tony Baxter is a disturbed man. Convinced he is dying his thoughts are relayed to us as he traces an unseen nemesis across the twilight landscape of London's Soho. Drama

The Rubbish In Your Head.
Nicholas Penrake 5 mins 18 Arriving home, Ken pulls out a tooth eating chocolate toffee bar. Minutes after discarding the tooth, he finds another, very ugly part of himself growing in the rubbish bin. Comedy

The Victim
Robert Ager 30 mins 18 Two sadists on a routine hunt for new victims abduct a man who later claims to also be a serial killer. Drama

Hit & Run
Sebastian Smith & Richard Stiles. 5 mins 15 A good samaritan stops to help a girl who is lying in the road. But things are not what they seem. Drama

The Trophy
Nicholas Penrake 5 mins 18 a cannibalistic serial killer gets his comeuppance for having taken a trophy from his latest female victim. Comedy

Pool Shark
Sam Walker 10 mins 15 “Things aint cool at the local pool”. Drama
Human Territory Vicki Kisner 5 mins 18 The film gives a, short, sharp insight into the mind of a crazed and frustrated female. Drama

Ben Cobb 60 mins 18 Alone and aimless in London, a young girl smokes her days away in an empty flat, occasionally venturing out. One day, she experiences a profound awakening following a mystical confrontation with a demented old woman. Overcome by strange sickness, the transformed girl emerges from her ordeal charged by some elemental force, energised by a magickal spirit...and metamorphosed from waster into warrior. Drama

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