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Tuesday 17 August
The Paradise

The Paradise
19 Kilburn Lane
London W10
Entry FREE

Out of the Shadows Warren Hooper 22 minutes 12  

Liz and Matthew were together for 23 years. They lost their love when he had an affair. Drama


South For Winter Paul Bowers 10 minutes 12

The end of Ed and Martheíe affair prompts this character study of memory and desire, loss, compromise and complication. Drama


Wasted Papers Enrico Vanni 15 minutes 12A

A broken heart, the harassing thought, the support of a friend, doctors and fortune-tellers and the discovery of the truth. Drama  


The Sex Police Steven Cook 7 minutes 12A    

Based on the new sexual offences bill which criminalizes sexual contact in under sixteens. This is the story of an innocent young couple who pay for their kissing crime.         


3o2a   Alex Emslie 13 minutes 15

When a girl wakes one morning to find her partner vanished, her initial reaction is one of anger and incomprehension.Short narrative           


Butterfiies Jake Proctor 10 minutes U  

Wesley leads a boring life working nights as a security guard to escape from his overpowering wife and her constant bullying. Drama      


Nina Justin Hirsch Horn 17 minutes U

Nina Karkovsky, a promising young ballerina dances vigorously for the attention of her father Rudolf. Drama          

Circles Stefan Popescu 10 minutes 18 The film explores the inner psychology of a young female, Ruby, abused by her father.Art      


La Dispute/The Argument Devrim Alpoge 3 minutes 12A    

A man and a woman have an argument about a fat-free yoghurt with harsh words. Drama


All Over Again Kimo Morrison 5 minutes 15    

A man and woman argue without words. They canít live with each other, they canít live without each other, so they argue. Drama    


Eating Out Arun Kumar 10 minutes 15  

When Beth points out two  gorgeous women on an adjoining table and suggests that they are lesbians an argument starts..Drama


Podge Gideon Rigal 7 minutes 12A       

Podge is a love story between an ambitious bird and a stupid melon shaped pig. Comedy


Nine 1/2 Minutes Josh Appignanesi & Misha Manson-Smith 10 minutes 15       

A romantic comedy about two Londoners on a blind date. Comedy


The Proposal James Tapp 10 minutes 12       

A man arrives home intending to propose to his girlfriend but his perfect evening turns into a nightmare with the arrival of an unwanted guest.Drama       


No Names Mikkel Urup 90 minutes 18  

Any manís life is a true adventure. This is but one chapter; a fraction of a young manís journey through life with itís usual ingredients of deceit, violence, romance and sex.



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