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Saturday 14 August
Meanwhile Gardens

Meanwhile Gardens
Elkstone Road, London W10
Nearest Tube: Westbourne Park
Cinema Circus Tent

Entry FREE


Bonobo ‘Flutter’ 5 minutes U

Animated Music video. Music Videos     


Morris Men Joan Smith 20 minutes U  

Fly-on-the-Wall documentary on a trope of Morris dancers based in Hammersmith, West London. The film explores the African origins of the dance. Documentary.        


Night School Simon Green            15 minutes 12         

Separate narratives take place both above and belowground then plummet into a tide of cardboard waves and cotton wool clouds. An exploration of space and reality and artifice.  



The Return Of The King (Peter Jackson) 200 minutes PG

Jackson’s masterful distillation of Tolkein’s complex tale reaches it’s shattering climax at the gates of Minas Tirith. Elf battles Orc, Hobbit battles Gollum in this monumental epic celebrating the triumph of good over evil. The best film ever made?



An Evening With Mike Figgis

One of the modern masters of film presents a masterclass in filmmaking and introduces his rare and seminal documentaries on Vivienne Westwood, William Forsyth and the Frankfurt Ballet, and Flamenco Women.

Figgis is probably best known for Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and Leaving Las Vegas with Nick Cage, but his 20 year career embraces many levels of filmmaking from opening out to the screen Rattigan’s stage play The Browning Version to directing pop star Sting in Stormy Monday.

Recently Figgis’ oeuvre has become more experimental, working particularly with digital formats in the four screen Timecode and with controversial historical documentary  The Battle Of Orgreave where the original protagonists were invited to relive their life or death battle with Thatcher’s stormtroopers over the future of coal mining.

His latest film Cold Creek Manor with Sharon Stone is released in the Autumn


1995 ­ William Forsyth and the Frankfurt Ballet ‘JUST DANCING AROUND’ (Documentary)

1997 ­ FLAMENCO WOMEN (Documentary)




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