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9 August
Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Black Eye Night


Motion Sickness (Sacha Kahir) 3 minutes 12A      

A surreal black comedy about a young Asian man in the midst of a panic attack, trapped on a train and surrounded by white Xmas shoppers. If Motion Sickness were a facial expression it would be a snarl but with tearful eyes.


Do You Fancy A... (Dante Montagnani) 2 minutes 15         

Smarmy geezer pulls bird in pub but gets more than he bargained for! A short but sweet comedy with a sting in the tail!         


Out Of The Red (Zoe D'amaro) 15 minutes 15      

Tod loses his girlfriend and job in the same morning. By chance he finds a little red dot, a space-light-energy being from another dimension. They become friends but the dot is homesick. They must find home and Tod must find love!    


Project Alpha 9889 (Samuel A. Martin) 10 minutes 15      

Vampires are trying to regain their once superior status over humans. But humans are evolving. The first one of a new breed has been identified, but how powerful this human is remains unknown until they face him in combat.                          

Trailer Trash            (Paul Bruce /Arthur Finlay) 10 minutes        15       

An alternative history of Scottish cinema, where roam crack-addict mountain Gorillas, Sax-playing teenage messiahs and miniaturised toilet roll!    


Don't You Know Who I Am? (Tristan Daws) 5 minutes 15          

A strange man convinces an amnesiac woman that he is her boyfriend.       


Out On A Limb (Nicholas Prideaux) 10 minutes 18

Mark wants to give Penelope a special treat. Chloe wants to give them both a dinner to remember, and Jack finally tries to put a stop to it all.


A Feast  Of Friends  (John K. Webster) 17 minutes 18      

A Feast Of Friends, follows four businessmen who de-stress for the weekend by playing squash and indulging in a little bit of cannibalism.     


Meat Me (Matteo Prezioso) 10 minutes 18 

An early morning in the London financial district. Just like any other. Problem is, things are not always as they seem and business propositions can sometimes find a dead end.


The Feast 3 minutes  15      

A dark cannibalistic comedy about food and sex.      


Make Me Bad (E. Rothon & J. Bartle) 7 minutes 18           

Working a rubbish job is getting to Bill. He does all the things other people don't want to do; he's that kind of guy. So when a menial task at work turns into an ugly affair one night he can only hope his plight doesn't get worse...


Face Ache (Ann Cattrall) 13 minutes 15      

Graham manifests an extraordinary ability to solve crimes with his acne; culminating in a personal quest to solve the sordid riddle of his D.N.A.


Regain (Chris Allen) 25 minutes 15 

Two deadly hit men on their first mission together: to regain a briefcase handcuffed to a man's wrist. After removing the case (and the man's bloody hand), being involved in rapid gunfights, and bickering with each other the whole time, the two hit man turn on each other.      


The Last Chapter (Douglas Horn) 10 minutes 15   

Greed and deceit fuel a night of terror for a newly successful author in a story where no one is what they seem.          


Black Eye Night 90 minutes

Films selected by Black Eye:


The Videotape (Julius Amedume) 10 minutes

Mr Watson is an overweight middle-aged man whose life is repetitive and self-pleasing. He visits his local video shop to rent a video like he does every other day, but this time it's different.

Face (Marlon Davis) 3 minutes

Challenging stand-up comedy.

Weave Amnesty (Joe Crackass) 12 minutes

Black Eye Crew go on the rampage at the urban Music Seminar in search of bad hair and thugged-out rap stars.

Teenage Hero (Heavy Soul/Troy Titus Adams) 10 minutes

Every teenager wants to save the day.

Target (Heavy Soul/Troy Titus Adams) 10 minutes

Wil Johnson & Redd Pepper are professional assassins whose friendship is put to the test.

Simple! (Heavy Soul/Troy Titus Adams) 10 minutes

Sylvester Williams and Troy Titus Adams in a black comedy about a writer with writers block.

Blessed Burden (Heavy Soul/Troy Titus Adams) 10 minutes

James Alexandrou stars in a story about a young boy who wants to meet his father.

Man Out Of Time (Gurchetan Singh) 13 minutes

After a terrible accident, Harry wakes on the kitchen floor. Everything is out of sync. What the hell is that dwarf doing? Can Harry escape spiralling further into violence and insanity?

Home Video (Ed Boase) 4minutes

When your every move is being filmed, where do you hide?


Every Picture (Tobias Tobbell) 80 minutes 18        

Tension, dark and stylised. A couple are trapped in a haunted school. A faceless woman slowly drowns in a bath and a ten-year old boy narrates the tragic tale of his favourite teacher: persecuted and bullied to her death. 


Total Time =310


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