Inn On the Green 2–11pm


Bo Kata
Shehzad Afzal 30 minutes U
A unique insight into the sub-culture and industry, based around the kite flyers of Lahore, Pakistan. Documentary Britian

Algis Kemezys 60 minutes 12A
This film travels to beautiful/mystical Crete, to closely look at Mimetoliths (rock and stones that imitate living beings). It embraces the Muses that have languished petrified on the sacred landscape; the Phaistos Disk; intergalactic travel; Pythagoras’ golden proportion of 1 to 1.618; missing Planets; the Labyrinth; the Minotaur. Documentary Canada

A Special One
Galina Sinkina 45 minutes 12A
The recounts the life of Ekaterina Kovalyova, a woman who was convicted of murder and whose literary talent was able to make its way to one of the most prestigious theaters in Russia. Documentary Russia

Kickoff - Attacking the Lethargy
Sabine Radicke 35 minutes 12A
Jens L. is in conflict between his ‘no risk no fun’ philosophy of live and his dreams of a serious relationship to a girl. Kurt Cobain is his idol - he has done it, just kicked himself from this abnormal world. Documentary Germany

Europe Werk
Peter Vadocz 3 minutes U
This short shooted and cutted in only one day, in one town in Hungary. You can see the people and their feelings on01.05.2004- the Eu -joining day. Documentary Hungary

El Escrache
Arturo Fresolone 25 minutes U
A street demonstration against Remo Marenzi. Ex- military officer in charge of several detention and torture centers during the last dictatorship in Argentina. Documentary Canada

Taxi 2018
Mario Lopes 7 minutes 12
A personal overview of Barcelona, trying to apprehend the rhythm and the image of the urban space and avoiding the institutionalised tourist and cultural references. The (apparently) impartial look of a foreigner. Art Portugal

PPP - Lidra D’amore
Antonello Novellino 5 minutes 18
Il video prende spunto da alcune parti di poesie di Pasolini e percorre tutta la carriera dell’aurore da Casarsa fino alla realizzazione della trilogia della vita e Salo usando il corpo. Corpo umano, tanto amato de Pasolini, che diventa carta e pellicola su cui realizzare i propri lavori. Art Italy

While The Iron Is Hot
Ashot Shiroian 13 minutes U
While The Iron Is Hot is a documentary about a smithartist Heikki haapanen, who tries to bring out of the hard iron the fragile nature of an insect, or create a work that touches and raises questions. Art Documentaries Sweden

One Man Machine
Jorge Torres 13 minutes 12
Bernard Pearce, A.K.A. One Man Machine, travels to Canada and unleashes his soundscapes onto the crowds. Documentary USA

New Samaritans
Alexander Shabataev, Sergey Grankin & Efim Kuchuk 55 minutes U
The Samaritans believe that they existed for over 3,600 years. Presently the number of the descendants of this ancient nation is less than 900. They refer to themselves as 'the Shomrei ha-Emet', which means in Aramaic 'KEEPERS OF THE TRUTH'. Documentary Israel

The Story of Walshmann
Thomas Boish/ Sabine Kriper 60 minutes 12
Description of the Czech republic from the point of view of an emigrant who lives in our days as author and translator in Germany. Documentary Turkey

1000 Women And A Dream
Gabriela Neuhaus & Angelo Scudeletti 55 minutes 12
There was an extraordinary nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005: 1000 woman from all over the world working for peace without official recognition or publicity, were jointly proposed. Documentary Switzerland

My Roots, Our Heritage
Eastside 20 minutes 12A
“My Roots”... is a film produced by young people from East London that recreates and explores the experience of Caribbean elders who came to the UK in the 1960s. Documentaries London, England

G8 Scotland, Won’t Get Fooled Again
Pilton Video 45 minutes 15
A compelling film made by the young people of Scotland recounting 2005’s G8 summit in Gleneagles where police, activists, Bob Geldof and a rebel clown army collided with world leaders. Documentary Britian

No To Arms Trade No To NATO
Various 85 minutes 18
A selection of anti-war films from Ireland. Documentary Ireland



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