Inn On the Green 6–11pm



Music Video O.T.O. from Raskolnikov
Franesco Mane 5 minutes 12A
An abstract sequence of images which express the feeling of the song. Music Videos London, England

The Two Mick Good: Love is gonna Go
Peter Leder 5 minutes
“Love is gonna Go” that means jealousy and despair ending up in a murder... This is an ideal frame for a film noir. Music Videos Germany

Jesus Wept
Graeme Webb 7 minutes 15
Music video for Camden based cyber rmetal band avoidance of doubt. Music Videos. London, England

Traffic Lights
R.Barnett / J.Beech 3 minutes U
A music video that follows the band The Ludes” around South London Streets, while the lead singer struggles with the constantly turning man from boy and viceversa. Music Videos London, England

Iain Finlay 5 minutes U
A race of poeple with light bulbs for heads has become outcasts amongst the rest of the human race. A lightheaded woman sends out a message of distress using a cityscape of fellow bulbs in the hope of reaching her lover. Music Videos Britian

NEB LUV “Get Free” (Music Video)
Samuel Crow 5 minutes
Please take your seat, hip hop diva NEB Luv (formely with Rick James and Warren G) is about to perform her smooth grove “get free” in the Voodoo Club. Music Videos USA

6:30 – 8pm


Seminar: Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network presents ‘Funding for artist film-makers’ - An overview of key funding options, researching funding, tips on applying and artist case studies.

Rock ‘ n Roll suicide
Nathan Evans 3 minutes U
On 3rd july 1973, David Bowie killed off Ziggy Starduck. The last song he ever sang was “Rock’ N ‘ Roll suicide” Ziggy is back from the Grave for the puppetry promo Bowie never made. Music Videos London, England

The Italian Boj
Addictive TV 7 minutes 12A The Italian Job given the Additive TV makeover. Music Videos. London, England

“Sundown” by Daedelus
Clay Lipsky 3 minutes U
Music video London, England

‘True Skool’ by Coldcut
Clay Lipsky 3 minutes U Music video London, England

Best Kept Secret
Serna Ryan 5 minutes U
The Best kept Secret is the story of the corner house jazz band at the jazz cellar in leederville, western Australia. Music Documentaries Australia

Accompanied Barre - A Portrait Of Barre Phillips
Ariel Pintor 60 minutes U
“Accompanied Barre” is a film about music, identity and freedom. The film documents a year in the gobal travels of sepuagenarian jazz bassist Barre Philips.
Music Documentaries London, England

Lucy W ?
Bob Edwards 23 minutes 12
A classical musician goes to Brazil to study the Tango and it's music. Music Documentary London, England.

Winter In America
Heri Mkocha 5 minutes U
Winter In America, a classic political song by the poet musician Gil Scott Heron. Music Videos London, England

Fall Of Antioch
S.Betz/ M.Hoff / F.Witzel 3 minutes 12
One moment reveals the absence of a profound reality and reflects the presence of beauty and purity. Music Videos Germany

Johnny Burns 3 minutes 12A
A scientist creates a monster in his lab. The two become friends and celebrities but fame goes to the monster’s head and he spirals into drink, drugs and loose woman. Will his behaviour be forgiven? A modern fable about envy, excess and Bunny Rabbits; set to music and animated. Music Videos London, England

Blockhead - Lucid House ’Music By Cavelight’
150 minutes 12
With no idea what they were unleashing, Ninja Tune invited the general public to submit treaments for a film version of “Music By Cavelight”. These are some of the results. Music Videos London, England



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