Westbourne Studios 2–11pm



La Lupe En Bruno
Marc Riba & Anna Solanas 5 minutes 15 Lupe likes Bruno. Bruno does not like Lupe. Comedy Spain

Where I End
Fernando Vazquez 7 minutes U
In the privacy of his own room, a man tries to distinguish between what is reality and what is a dream. Drama Spain

David Planell 13 minutes 15
As all teenagers, Alnoa has had an exhausting school day. So this summer, for the first time, she has decided to go on holidays wherever she pleases,and not were her father decides. Comedy Spain

Boletos Por Favor
Lucas Martin Figueroa 15 minutes 12A
A train, a pursuit, only one way to escape. Comedy Spain

Frozen Souls
Juana Macias 15 minutes 12A
Three men talking to three women we never see, three men arguing, three men claiming no one understands them. Drama Spain


En El Hoyo
David Martin De Los Santos 25 minutes 12
Lucia is desperate & decides to take her own life. Drama Spain

Huellas En La Nieve
Pedro Touceda 20 minutes 15
A fable, a cross between sci-fi & traditional tales, about human condition & the loss of innocence. Drama Spain

Joe K
Oscar de Julian 17 minutes 12
We all know someone who has met him. Documentary Spain

The Wait
Fernando Uson 5 minutes 15
Jose has suffered a stroke. The only thing left to Aurelia is to wait. Documentary Spain


Writing To Deads
Pablo Millsn 70 minutes 15
A man’s particular view about a year of his life, the year that he tried to fulfill his dream, to become a writer. Drama Spain

Piedras En Los Bolsillos
Roberto Butragueno 10 minutes 15
The story of a quiet man searching for true love, the main character values contemplation over material possessions. Drama Spain

Manuel Sanchez 7 minutes 15
Paula, what’s happened here?Where are your parents?They’re gone.Gone? Where are they gone? To the house next door. Paula, there is no house next door. Drama Spain

Daniel Rebner 15 minutes 15
Do you have problems in knowing the cult movies and the new bands your friends talk about? Don’t worry, Mario will help you out!! Comedy Spain

Teresa And The Undead
/Teresa Y Los No Muertos
Ferran Audi 10 minutes U
Teresa is almost 90 years old and has Alzheimers. Art Spain

Looking For Barataria (Buscando Barataria)
Kike Narcea & Quique Corrales 35 minutes
A motorbikers group, old style lovers, ride their Vespas looking for Quixote’s “Barataria”. Documentary Spain

Missing A Beat
/ Vuelco Roberto
Perez Toledo 15 minutes 15
Boy and girl are friends, but this is their last meeting. She is about to leave far away, with her parents. Drama Spain

Till Death/Hasta La Muerte
Juan Perez-Fajardo 10 minutes 15
In this old saloon in the far west every day looks the same. But a day comes when a new corpse is buried in the cemetery. Animation Spain

Alberto Esteban 13 minutes 18

A comedy in which, in a single shot, we go through all the crazy situations that a Taxi driver lives in a quite special day. Comedy Spain

Looking For Busco
Arturo Turon & Carlos Cuenca 17 minutes 15
Lena needs a room mate and more than this: she needs someone to heal her recent pain. Drama Spain

Tacho Gonzalez 7 minutes 12
Boy meets girl in the park. A comedy about desire, reality and false appearances. Comedy Spain

Antonio Gomez-Olea 15 minutes 18 Javier has many little problems that ignore how to solve. Drama Spain

Ana Prieto 10 minutes U
Obsessed with the novel of Don Quixote, Don Felipe is capable of doing anything to defend a just cause. Drama Spain

Irene M. Borrego 13 minutes 15
Alicia, an elderly woman decides to retire to an isolated environment to start a new life with her contemporaries. Drama Spain


Estefania Muniz Villa 25 minutes 18
Liv is a dressmaker who works at home with traditional methods. She was born in a family of extreme religious ideas. Drama Spain

V.K.S. (Voluntary Kidnapping Service)/S.V.S. (Servicio Voluntario De Secuestros)
Rafael Jimenez 15 minutes 12
Benito is alone. He lives to work and barely sleeps. Until he finds his solution on the web: V.K.S.: Voluntary Kidnapping Service. Drama Spain

El Cerco
Nagio Martin & Ricards Iscar 13 minutes 12A
Every year thousand of tuna fish migrate to the Mediterranean Sea. Men chase them in a ritual of blood and death. Documentary Spain

Vanesa Vinaras 13 minutes 12
Drama Spain


The Abyss (El Abismo)
Francesc Canovas 17 minutes 12A
One stormy night in a house deep in the woods. A young writer is trying to find inspiration when a strange noise distracts him. Drama Spain

(Faggott) Maricon
Roberto Caston 10 minutes 18 Drama Spain

Jorge Carrascosa 13 minutes 15
Today is Sunday in 2+2=5 Street. Two of its inhabitants are getting married. Drama Spain

Tomas Silberman 15 minutes 12A
Gathering of people in the open air spaces where alcoholic drinks are consumed. Drama Spain

David Planell 13 minutes 18
Pony is that thing that happens when you are small and marks you for life. Comedy Spain

Una Cierta Idea De Felicidad
Javier Asenjo 13 minutes 15
Some kind of happiness is the story of a couple who have a long and stable marriage. Drama Spain



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