Westbourne Studios 6–11pm



Prelude To Silence
Gaya Gasparion 10 minutes 15
One day in the life of a female patient, once an intellectual professional, now a resident within an Armenian mental home. Drama Holland

The Story Of A Flying Carpet In Zwolle
Parisa Yousef Doust 10 minutes U
Somewhere in Zwolle, a Persian carpet has been nailed to the floor. Beneath the carpet are the mysteries - the history and the tales of an Iranian family. Documentary Holland

Anna II
Maria Uitdehaag 7 minutes 18
A farmer, his newlywed wife and a jealous cow.
Drama Holland

Boris Pavel Conen 10 minutes 15
When the power of life and death leaves you powerless. Drama Holland

Diederik Van Rooijien 10 minutes 15
Never dig too deep in your past. Drama Holland

Most Things Never Happen
Dick Tuinder 13 minutes 12A
All time is prime. Art Holland


The Order Electrus
Floris Kaayk 10 minutes U
Electronical insects evovled through the merging of nature and technology. Animation Holland

Hans Muller 5 minutes U
A 15-meter-high point of view creates a feeling of suspension high above the water. Art Holland

Still World
Elbert Van Strien 10 minutes U
Journalist of a local newspaper discovers a conspiracy of mediocrity. Drama Holland

Sil Van Der Woerd 5 minutes 12
Thousands of sperm cells and one egg cell....about to meet the other way. Animation Holland

Andre Bergs 3 minutes 12
In a busy city an old man can no longer catch up, then he meets a little girl. Animation Holland

Warning: Petroleum Pipeline
Jan van Nuenen 5 minutes U
Mysterious machines turn and hammer to a strict rhythm creating a forest of moving components. Drama Holland

The Washing Machine
Douwe Dijkstra 5 minutes 12
A man watching television. Life is a matter of pushing the button. Animation Holland

Debbie Kleijn 10 minutes U
Cinematic observation of six window cleaners within the typical Rotterdam cityscape. Documentary Holland

Bob H.Scott 5 minutes 12A
A small crab is terror-struck when his shell cracks and he is exposed to the elements. Animation Holland


Dutch AV Artist Arno Coenen
60 mimutes
An evening with Holland’s top AV maestro Arno Coenen including Last Roundtrip, Time To Bone, Baghdad Disco, Music Videos, Eurotrash restaurant.


The Grin: Portrait of an Emotion
Eef de Graaf 13 minutes 15
Spirited away by the music at a concert, a woman makes an emotional journey through her memories. Drama Holland

Ten To Two
Mathijs Geijskes 7 minutes 12
Ab’s life has become a bore. But one day, driving home alone after his last lesson, something terrible happens. Drama Holland

Feeding The Ducks
Eugenie Jansen 10 minutes U
We film children feeding ducks, in order to capture and hold the transitoriness of a child’s sensitive gaze. Art Holland

No Title Green
Eveline Ketterings 7 minutes 15
A splendid but tragic affair having to do with both life and death. Art Holland

The Foster Son
Ellen-Alinda Verhoeff 20 minutes 18
A teenage runaway finds shelter with a friendly, elderly couple. Drama Holland

God On Our Side
Michal Pfeffer, Uri Kranot 7 minutes 18
Inspired by Picasso’s Guernica (1937), this film is, in essence, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Animation Holland


Bram Schouw 7 minutes 15
A marriage is in danger of collapse before the vows are even taken! The groom is late. The bride is unusually intimate with the plumber. The wedding ring is stuck on the best man’s finger. Drama Holland

The Driving Test
Tallulah H. Schwab 10 minutes 12A
As she takes her driving test Diana’s potential success is threatened by the examiner’s escalating argument with his wife. Drama Holland

American Dreams
Eelko Ferwerda 10 minutes U
In 1962 a Russian family travelled to the West to realise their American dream, not knowing that they were about to change history forever. Drama Holland

Dorothee Meddens 13 minutes 15
A short visual documentary in which freed hostage Arjan Erkel visits the Kuip, home of Rotterdam football club Feyenoord. Documentary Holland

About Ruud
Ruud Vrugt 2 minutes U
A short introduction of Ruud by researching his name, the word “Ruud”. What is a “Ruud”? Art Holland

Meet H
Ruud Vrugt 5 minutes 15
A love story in three acts. We follow “H”, an average guy, in his (desperate) search for love. Animation Holland

Ruud Vrugt 1 minute 15 We are the voyeur in this one take video.
Drama Holland

Ruud Vrugt 1 minute U Two brothers, who are on holiday, write a postcard to their grandparents. Drama Holland

19 Dots As Closing Credits To Thinking Of A Word + A Re-entering Dot Of Knowledge
Gerben Kruk 5 minutes U
Suddenly a dot drops from the sky that says: no matter how clean you look at it my friend, in the end there is nothing more than just believe. Art Holland

From Argeles To The Nearest Gas Station
Gerben Kruk 2 minutes U
A partly automated abstraction of a journey to a gas station. Art Holland

Shopping Bag
Gerben Kruk 2 minutes U
A man with a shopping bag over his head, the colours of the bag cycle through the colour spectrum. Art Holland



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