Westbourne Studios 2–11pm



Futile Attraction
Mark Prebble 85 minutes 12
A mockumentary comedy about a film crew making a Reality TV show about a couple brought together by a dating agency. Comedy New Zealand

The Clap
Geoff Lindsey 13 minutes 12
An obsessive classical music fan wants to be the first clapper at the end of every symphony and sonata.
Comedy London, England

Love In A Lecture Theatre
Jez Alsop 7 minutes 12
Their eyes met across a crowded lecture theatre, and it was love at first sight? Comedy Britain

How To Meet Woman
Mohammad Homouda 10 minutes 15 Carl is a London Estate Agent whose favourite pastime is ‘shagging women like donkeys’. Comedy London, England

The Real Mario Grey
Gavin Irvine 10 minutes 15
A modern day fable: some people will do anything to achieve fame & celebrity. Mario is no exception. What must he do to be noticed? Comedy London, England


Pirates Of Coldharbour Lane
Nick Marcq 40 minutes 15
Fabian, the youngest member of his rap band has to repay a debt and the local pirate radio station gets busted. Comedy London, England

Small Talk
Orleas Pergtzis 17 minutes U
Small Talk is a short black comedy the highlights the difficulty of finding happiness & companionship in a big city. Comedy London, England

Wayne Harlow David Ellinor 2 minutes U
In an attempt to launch a slug into space, if the slug doesn’t do it for Britain. Who will? Comedy Britain


The Wake
Paul Williams 90 minutes 15
The Wake is a comic tale set at the wake of a strange urban hero. The accidental arrival of a man who never knew the deceased sets off a chain of events that will unravel a mystery, a death and a root canal. Drama London, England


Paddy Bird 10 minutes 15
All Ken wants to do is watch a film with lots of explosions but the man behind the counter won’t rent him anything that conflicts with today’s volatile political climate. Comedy London, England

Stay Inside
Stathis Athanasion 15 minutes 12 I just broke up. Fuck Society!!! Comedy Greece

From Hackney To Nirvana
Cyren Eales 9 minutes 15 Comedy London, England


Sam Rogers 2 minutes 15
A selection of teddy bears feel the wrath of a scorned lover. Comedy Britain

Crooked Mick Of The Speewah
Philip Smith 13 minutes 12A
Strong Arm-Sam and his promoter Gus decide to find the mythical speewah and challenge the legendary Crooked Mick. Comedy Australia

The Wall
Punchdrunk 10 minutes 15
A spoof 80s American documentary based on Roger Waters’ ill-fated one off performance of The Wall, in Berlin 1990, complete with scouse builders, upright stage managers and severed limbs. Comedy London, England

Olivier Klein 20 minutes 12A
Young Degol is an Indian illegal immigrant in Paris. He is arrested, and being deported from France. But nothing is sad in Indian musicals. Comedy France

Baby Pepper
Carl Russo 2 minutes 12A
Choosing the proper crowd-control technique is tricky for officer Chott when he finds him-self face-to-face with a radical but adorable junior protester. Comedy USA

And Now A word From Our Sponsors
Wojciech Lorenc 10 minutes 15
A young man’s quest for a condom turns strangely surreal. Comedy USA


Heads In The Clouds
Nicolas Spanos 90 minutes 15
Demosthenes Taxiarchis, sandalmaker by profession, is handsome, inconstant and crazy. Along with his friend Spiro Yira, Police Chief, they wander around on their bicycles, looking for the ideal love and the meaning of life. A love comedy in Athens, which still preserves magical moments from its glorious past. A story with heroes who are trying to save the ancesteral morals and the Greek genuine soul. Comedy Greece 9:35

The Box
Jason Wilcox 80 minutes 18
A woman in a stale relationship has her life transformed when she discovers a red box in the cellar. Horror London, England



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