PFF 2nd London Film Makers Convention

Friday 7 December

Westbourne Studios 6–11pm

Arivind Abrahau 70 minutes 12
A passionate interracial love affair, one young woman’s struggle against alcoholism, the chasing of dreams and the testing of friendships. Will 5 friends survive love, life & freindship under the gritty suburban lights of Kuala Lumpur? Drama

The Two Minute Silence
Gart O’Brien 10 minutes 15
During a National Two Minute Silence we hear the thoughts of 10 office workers. Comedy

Tumbleweed In London
Ed Hartwell & Claire Blundell Jones 10 minutes U
This short sees a young woman escort a tumbleweed across London with a leaf blower. On her course she recieves genuine reactions from the British public. During her walks she passes Tumbleweed Boy. Art

Guy Ducker 5 minutes U
Will is shocked when he’s told that his colleague Emma has died while on hoilday. He’s even more surprised when he sees her walking past the window of the cafe in which he’s sitting the next day. Sarah-Jane Potts (’Kinky Boots’) stars in a tale of missed opportunities. Drama
Rotten Apples Jason Nwansi 15 minutes 15
A young boy is days away from his sixteeth birthday and is being led astray
by older negative influences. We follow Jamal on what could be his final
fateful journey. Drama

Michael Onder 10 minutes U
At the beginning of the 20th Century a mischievous boy gets hold of a
magical stopwatch that catapults him into a time defying adventure. This
short film was part of the cenenary celebrations of the Tooting Bec Lido.


Huda & Courttia Newland, the director of Kidulthood and the author of
The Scholar & Snakeskin who have been working on the TV series of Courttia's
Society Within (being filmed as W10 LDN), discuss writer/director synergy.
Especially relevant now in view of the current Hollywood writers strike.

Salsa Guy
Gus Alvarez 15 minutes 12A
Nigel is a middle-aged wage slave, a lonely fantasist still haunted by his
long-failed marriage. Desperate to reconnect with the world, he discovers
the vibrant salsa scene and is reborn as Salsa Guy! Comedy

A Hitch In The Plan
Paul Denny 2 minutes 12
A panic stricken woman is relentlessly persued down a deserted city path
late at night – but who is chasing her and why? Only when she arrives home
do we find out the terrible truth! Comedy

The Years in The Desert
Frankie Frears 15 minutes 12A
The life of a young boy living with his father is revealed through a series
of vignettes illustrating the effect of outsiders on their dysfunctional
family life. Drama

The Boat People
Rob Curry 90 minutes 15
Alice brings her new boyfriend, Jared, to her seaside cottage. His dreams
hint at a tragedy in her childhood. Alice’s sister, Cleo, appears. She knows
Jared’s dreams. Jared’s paranoia escalates. He realises his destiny has
become tied to the dreams trapped within the house.

Sunday 9 December

Inn On The Green

Pathways for Independent Filmmakers
Filmmakers Against War and Highgate Digital Arts brings you an afternoon of
knowledge sharing and networking opportunities with Industry and Independent
Documentary Filmmakers and Distributors.
Looking at how best to use Established Broadcast Networks and New and
Emerging Technology, and where to get traning so that you can make high
quality films that will be seen.
From Al Jazeera to YouTube, MySpace to Radical Film Societies, Filmmakers
Against War and The Highgate Digital Film School bring an afternoon of
discussion and hands on workshops exploring what is happening with new ways
of distribution for video activists & documentary filmmakers, with
presentations from Cable Channel producers Current TV, & discussion with
independent & BBC Producers, find out about online distribution techniques,
join in hands-on workshops & enjoy some friendly networking.

Lunch Time
Jury Antonio Loyola 10 minutes U
An empty street is a dead soul. A street with a Kid is a lot of power. Drama

Heaven To Earth
Antonio Loyola 10 minutes 12
A black college girl doing her homework is planning to kill herself, because
she can’t cope anymore with all the pressures in life. She calls God for
help and He sends someone to sort out her conflicts. Drama

Caution Wet Paint: What Really Happened At The Bus Stop
Charles Michel Dure 13 minutes U
Meet Jay and Ray, two of the funkiest guys in London. Comedy from an East
End bus stop where you can catch much more than a bus.


The Canaryman Diaries
Eddie Saint-Jean 140 minutes U
Fifteen lonely hearts sign up for a 6 week dating course that guarantees
them a life partner at the end of it. Comedy

May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door
Chi Yu 85 minutes 18
An American, Chris arrives in London to visit his friend only for his friend
to abandon him. Drama

Monday 10 December

Westbourne Studios 6–11pm

The Rebirth Of Rostam
Saied Ghaliari 50 minutes 12
An epic story of love, betrayal & war. A war between a father & son who have
never met. Animation

Rodrigo Estrada Gil 7 minutes 15
The master needs those who need to be enslaved – slaves teaching their
children to be slaves, to wag their tails, to stick out their tongues, to
bow to their master, waiting for a beating or a reward. Drama


Apple Final Cut Pro demonstration
Al Mooney from Apple Europe reveals the mysteries of the magical Final Cut
Pro editing system. Al will be taking questions from the audience. Get here
early as this strand has been immensely popular in the past. Take a
whirlwind tour of the new creative tools inside Apple's production suite
Final Cut Studio 2. Rapidly move through editing to motion graphics, audio
editing and mixing, colour grading, and delivery – all as a natural
extension of the work you already do.8–9pm

Latimer Films
Nick Marq of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and The Real Notting Hill
fame talks about Making Movies On The Street, often with excluded kids. Nick
will also be screening Latimer Films’ latest work, a re-working of Oliver

Red And Green
Kevin Whitney 17 minutes 15
A film shot entirely in red and green and highlighted by a red and green
stroboscope. Various characters – artists, models, singers – are filmed in
close up being subjected to this ‘Light Show’ and their reactions recorded.
Filmed in the late Sixties. A still from Kevin’s companion piece
Psychedelia, featuring Syd Barrett and screened in the Westbourne Studios
Courtyard at this summers Aug ust Festival, graces the cover of this
brochure. Art

Richie Winearls 7 minutes 15
A lonely isolated child walks onto the stage of The Mask, a mephistophelean
symbol. She is lured into the temptations of the modern world via a tunnel
where the zenith of human happiness is regarded as the attainment of
celebrity, fame, power and money. Drama

Small Pond
Matt Compton 7 minutes 15
Rat lives life like his namesake doing whatever it takes to survive –
whether this is burglary, drug-dealing or mugging. When he steals a
briefcase from a mysterious well-dressed stranger he learns that there are
worse things than him roaming the city. Much worse. Horror

Crossing Bridges
Mark Norfolk 90 minutes 15
A suicidal man meets an angel and takes her on a journey across the bridges
of London. Drama

Tuesday 11 December

Inn On The Green 6–11pm

Pickering Station
Nick Fletcher 10 minutes U
A video about Pickering Station which is part of the North Yorkshire Moors
Railway. Documentary

Scarborough Spa Express
Nick Fletcher 5 minutes U
A video showing The Union Of South Africa locomotive at Scarborough Station
2007. Two films for trainspotters. Documentary

Is Eveyone Fine?
Ingeo Park & So Jung Ahn 20 minutes U
Your life is protected by surveillance cameras. Are you happy with it? This
is a documentation of Korea 2007 in which people are not fine anymore with
the 3 million CCTV cameras following their every move.

For Your Tomorrow
Kyoko Miyake 13 minutes 12A
Every summer British and Japanese veterains gather for Remembrance and
Reconciliation. They fought in Burma during WWII. When former enemies meet
they began to see the world differently. Documentary

Ballad Of Belsize
Yakob Jakobowski-Zentner 17 minutes 12
A film about Belsize and its people, shot in the charming style of the late
Jacques Tati. Drama

Morning Praise
Daniel Smalley 10 minutes 15
Alex has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. At 22 years old, she’s
been given one month left to live. Prior to her diagnosis she had recently
turned to God, but that new found faith is now to be questioned. Drama

Two Glasses
Charles Michel Dure 5 minutes U
Due to a loveless marriage a husband decides to take matters into his own
hands. As his wife finds out about his infidelity what is their future
together? Drama

The Corpse Wore White
Mike Hallett 20 minutes U
A young woman dies on the eve of her wedding in mysterious circumstances.
The mystery unravels as her friends and family eulogise at her funeral.

Ian Mansfield 10 minutes 12A
Vic’s boss Ross needs a car sale from Vic or else. Vic’s customer Bianca
test drives the car but wants a discount price and offers sex for it. Vic
agrees. Bianca heads for a secluded spot. . . Drama

Bare Necessities
Kathryn Grey 10 minutes 15
During the filming of a low budget but highly ethical environmental
thriller/horror, about bears, the producer, Charlie, discovers to his horror
that his film has already been made. Comedy


Johnny Oddball, creator of the 24 Hour Film Challenge, screens some of his
favourite submissions and talks about the difficulties and triumphs of
making a movie from scratch in 24 hours.

Strange Myths Of King Cross
Rupert Ferguson 60 minutes U
Looks at the curious psycho-geographic topography of King’s Cross, and the
cannon of mythologies that have attached themselves to landscape and
locality in the district since at least the Middle Ages, and most likely
before, as well as the origins of one of England’s oldest churches,
Boadicea’s last battle, and the wanderings of Merlin the Magician. The film
also looks at the huge number of writers, poets & artists who have worked in
the area to from Blake, Shelley, and Yeats to Rimbaud. Documentary

Voices Of Albion
Rupert Ferguson 60 minutes U
Traces the origins of the Digger and Leveller movements of the 17th Century
back to their pre-Norman conquest sources and their primative Celtic-Druidic
democracy in which their institutions were ultimately rooted. The film also
shows the direct descent of many ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and near contemporary
radical political groupings. DocumentaryTuesday 11 December

Paradise 6–11pm

Colombia No Way Back
Nike Hatzidimou 25 minutes 12A
This is the story of the lawyer and Human Rights defender of Unions of the
banana plantation workers in Colombia. After he suffered an attempt on his
life he had to flee and seek exile in London. This documentary gives an
insight of what it means to be forced to abandon your house and family and
live a life in Exile. Documentary

Letter To Lloyd
Veronica Cordeiro 25 minutes U
Subject, objects, self’ and other fuse and blur in Lloyd’s 30-year old
Jamaican Barbershop, located in the heart of Peckham, SE London. Set in the
Barbers that originally inspired Desmonds sitcom in the ‘80s, this film
adresses issues of power of the cinematic gaze and the Afro-Caribbean
diaspora in the UK. Art Documentaries

Roman Postcard
Silvia Gigliodro 20 minutes 15
A journey through a gay cruising park in the heart of Rome – in exploring
the sensuality of the place and confronting the hypocrisy of a public
secret, it reveals the human, mythological, contradictory voices within it.

Love You London It Breaks My Heart
Mary Jane De Belen 13 minutes 15
Do you remember your first kiss? Your first love? Who first broke your
heart? How many people have you slept with? Moving and affectionate; eight
Londoners share their insights on life, love, friendship and heartbreak in
this extraordinary city.

Cold Calling
Daniel Quinones & Jesse Quinones 7 minutes 12A
Michael Watson is a cold-calling machine. He tries to reel in his next
recruit. But does he still have what it takes to close the deal? Comedy

Hedi Young 5 minutes 15
David is a hospitalised mental patient. When his doctor leaves during a
session, he takes the opportunity to escape, with fatal consequences. Comedy

Best Laid Plans
Ben Kent 17 minutes 12
John wants to meet the girl he sees every day at the bus stop. His friends
devise some ideas to help him – but things don’t go entirely to plan. Comedy

Bad Juju
Matt Compton 10 minutes 15
A seance held by a journalist and her friends in the name of research
unexpectedly succeeds and soon the group learns that it isn’t just children
who shouldn’t play with dead things. Horror

The Brain Of Dr Strom
Kevin Maynard 10 minutes 15
The mad scientist, Dr Storm, is visited by a curious dream which shows him
the error of his lunatic ways. Will he be able to halt his fiendish plan, or
is the undead monster in the smart tweed suit destined to walk once more?

Five Minutes To Five Steps
David Lumsden 5 minutes 15
This is the story of one man’s schizophenic journey into the creation of
power as he finds and moulds his own personal army of five soldiers. Horror

Worm Hotel
Chris Hayward & Nat Saunders 17 minutes 12A
Step inside the animated world of Worm Hotel and meet the guests in this
oddball animated comedy. Animation

Sun In The Night Time
Anne Wilkins 3 minutes 12
A mother mourns her lost son, oblivious to her lonely daughter, who seeks
her own solace in an imaginary friend. But, in the twlight that surrounds
the house, dreams merge with reality to reunite the family. Animation

Girl With A Calculator
Donald Takeshita-Guy 5 minutes U
Homage to The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari from the director of Go Go Spankettes &
Bikini Blitzkrieg. Drama

Neil Mcenery-West 30 miuntes 12A
Undertow explores two journeys. The first is a perpetual nightmare set in a
deserted city. A heightened and increasingly fragmented visual/sound
environment serves to create a physical world reflecting the protagonists’
disturbed psychological landscape. In the same city, only now populated and
overcrowded, a woman grieving begins to find the world around her
increasingly claustrophobic and unbearable. Drama

Creating Karma
Jill Wisoff 105 minutes 12
Karma, an uptight fashion editor, becomes a poet after moving in with her
new-age therapist half-sister. Experience shallow friends, a rapping nun, a
gay sitarist and dysfunctional romance! You’ll leave the theatre singing
“Pass the Puppet”. Cast includes Saturday Night Fever co-star Karen Lynn
Gorney. Comedy

Wednesday 12 December

Inn On The Green 6–11pm

The 8th Bullet
Marcelo Paganini 15 minutes 12A
Experimental documentary about the execution of Jean Charles de Menezes by
the police inside Stockwell tube station in London... Art Documentaries
Remember Daniel Johnson 5 minutes 12
A short film about the imprtance of memories. Drama

Daniel Johnson 7 minutes 12A
After a bizarre incident at a birthday party an unexpected love triangle
forms. Comedy

Steven Dorrington 10 minutes 15
After Larry Lacky is bizarrely murdered, his apparently innocent neighbour
Sally Bash has to face some unorthodox police questioning. Comedy

Shades Of Black
Alizeh Imtiaz 7 minutes U
A short film about the life of a poor and orphaned prisoner released from
Karachi Central Jail. Focusing on his journey around the city when he is
released, bringing attention to his miserable life and its hopelessness.

In A Drawer
Vesna Marich & Darko Predanic 3 minutes 12
The story about the love and marriage, the good times and the bad times –
which is filmed entirely in a marriage bed. Drama

68 Degrees & Clear
Dawn Westlake 13 minutes 12A
An 11 year old black mugger saves the life of a suicidal 40something white
woman. Just another day in LA, where it’s always 68 degrees and clear.

Six films
Paula Rae Gibson 60 minutes 15
A sensual journey of a young woman using word, image and music as she
grieves in the arms of other men. Art


Tricky – Brown Punk
Tricky 60 minutes 15
Trip Hop musical from new music collective formed by Tricky from Massive

The Good, The Bad and The Queen
Stephen Pook 5 minutes U
Pakistani Dervishes move to the music of Damon Albarn, Paul Simenon and the

Hearing Colours, Seeing Sounds / Teaser
Susanna Laune 5 minutes 15
Hearing Colours, Seeing Sounds feature documentary is the story of
Psychedelic trance music, and its subculture. In this teaser version the
former Killing Joke bass player and record producer, Youth, gives an insight
into Psychedelic Trance culture. Music Documentaries

The Neo-Psychology of the Notting Hill Area
Hugh Nott 15 minutes 15
This Rockumentary features Steve “The Oracle” Buckley with his outspoken
views on the Notting Hill Gate & Portobello area. He illustrates his
narrative with live guitar tracks. He talks on history, and bands – The Who,
The Clash etc. Music Documentaries

James Martin Charlton 7 minutes 18
An affluent gay man arranges a threesome with a chav from the local council
estate and an ape from London Zoo. Mike Leigh meets Luis Bunuel. Comedy

The 8th Bullet Samba
Marcelo Paganini 3 minutes 12
Jean Charles de Menezes comes back as a ghost and sings a samba about what
happened since his tragic death July 22nd 2005 in London when he was shot
dead by the British police. Music Videos

Mask 2
John Wheeler 20 minutes 18
Made over 2 years, this frankly insane journey into the deepest part of the
human soul is probably unlike anything you’ve seen before or want to see
again. Be warned this film is overly explicit and graphic: it's not for
people of a nervous disposition.


The Exam
Maximilian Day 45 minutes 15
A coming of age / rites of passage story about a teenage boy who walks out
of his exam and meets the girl of his dreams... Drama

War Fever
Antoine Douchet 5 minutes 12A
A duel between George Bush and Osama Bin Laden. Music Videos

The Grime
Ersel Ulutash 13 minutes 15
A teenager struggles to make friends on a rough estate, where the only
people he has to look up to are criminals. Drama

Robert Bertrand 7 minutes 15
A man finds out that he may have cancer. And the consequences of dealing
with it with his partner. Drama

Friday 14 December

Westbourne Studios 6–11pm

Plan B
Murdo Barker-Mill & Horace Page 13 minutes 12
Two boys who are arch enemies have an ongoing conflict
over territory, with amusing results.
A film made by two twelve year olds. Comedy

Jonah’s Quids
Adam Watkins 13 minutes U
Jonah is 13 years old, £50 rich, and ready to impress. Drama

London’s New Equilibrium
Michael Kalopedis 5 minutes U
Exploring multiculturalism through the eyes of children. Documentary

Brixton Beach
Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon 17 minutes U
Thirty years ago Lambeth Council commissioned the biggest skate-park in
London. It’s still popular now. We study the art and talk to skate-boarders
and BMXers. We celebrate its survival and its contribution to the community.

Adam Randall 20 minutes 12
Layabout Marlon is reluctantly persuaded to play detective when he crosses
paths with a dangerous gang. This dark comedy thriller sees Marlon swept
into an urban old west, a world of criminals. And all he wanted was an ice
cream. Comedy

Rob Sorrenti 25 minutes U
Two babies born the same day at the same time in the same hospital, whose
paths cross again years later in the very same place. Drama
Project AGAU Donald Takeshita-Guy 15 minutes 12A

Bikini clad babes battle evil genius Dr Drongo. Partly filmed in the
Portobello Film Festival offices. Comedy

Time Patrol
Jasmin Jodry 3 minutes 12
Grey men walk around in the metropolis and steal time from everyday people.
Like parasites the grey men need time as a drug to fuel their own existence.
They are essentially vampires of time. Soon, life in the metropolis becomes
motionless. Art

Dominant Culture
Stuart Pound 15 minutes 15
Sequences of frames sampled from a Big Brother broadcast on Channel 4, are
repeated three times each in rhythmic succession. Nothing is slowed down or
speeded up, but the movement becomes unreal and fractured, parts of spoken
words tumble out into a new stream of image and sound, and Reality
Television begins to look like Pop Art. Art

Safe Zone
Carlo Ortu 17 minutes 15
A soldier returns from the war in Afganistan and finds the peace he wants is
hard to find. Drama

The Noon Gun
Anthony Stern 30 minutes U
Record of Anthony Stern’s 1971 journey on the hippie trail. A portrait of an
Afghanstan that has since been destroyed. Art Documentaries

Skyscape & Prelude
Eric Schockmel 10 minutes 12
Skyscape & Prelude is a 3D motion graphic short film exploring notions of
spatial animation, cartography, and immersive cinematics. Issues addressed
are contemporary urbanism, the dynamics of topography, and the scale and
impact of human interaction in general. The project attempts to achieve a
contemplative point of view through a synthetic pictoral space. Animation

Esther Johnson 15 minutes U
Taking the form of an experimental portrait, Celestial explores the poetry
of the sky, a space of fascination and contemplation. Art Documentaries

Vicki Psarias 15 minutes U
It’s 1968 and 14 year old Chrystalla arrives in London to meet her father,
after 4 years apart, only to find he’s not the man he seems to be. Award
winning short from FilmFestivals Magazine editor Psarias featuring Michelle
Collins. Drama

The Feral Generation
Andrew Jones 90 minutes 18
Nikki and Vincent come from broken homes. On the streets is where they found
each other. They are wild, unwanted and in love. They are The Feral
Generation. From the producer of Kidulthood. Drama

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