Inn On The Green

The Vroukounda Festival
Theodore Veneris 55 minutes U
The archeological site, home of one of the four ancient cities of Karpathos, is very well known today for the festival of Saint John held every year on August 29th. "The Vroukounda Festival" is an attemptto record the festival and the customs that go with it. Documentary Greece

Many Connections Othello De'souza - Hartley 10 minutes 12
The film looks at lines of Caribbean youth growing up in the Caribbean between the 1930's to 1950's and comparing it to the lines of Caribbean youth growing up in London today. Documentary London, England

Mind The Gap Kate Angel 20 minutes U
"A kind of universal narrative of the dilemma faced by seperated generations in today's world". A sentimental and humied tribute to my estranged father, made over a few years. Documentary Britain

Chapter XV: 12
Fernando Pinheipo 13 minutes 15
All you need is love. Documentary Brazil

Unbroken (Ungebrochen)
Jolanta Hoehn 7 minutes U
Optimistic short film portrait about a former GDR citizen and his social as well as occupational development after the fall of the wall. Wolfgana, in his fifties, recounts with affecting openness his personal story. Nostalgically, he looks back. The events and consequence of the years 1989 / 1990 have left its mark. One notices, but even so he carries on, always gets back on to his feet - unbroken. Documentary Germany

What Can I Do Hugo Martine 15 minutes U
A film aimed at raising peoples' awareness of Sickle Cell Anaemia and those who suffer from the disease in London. Documentary London, England

Junior Internet Addicts
Grace Carroll 5 minutes
A documentary about a young girls addicted to the internet. (Won't play on DVD player w`tched it on the computer. Need to ring.) Documentary London, England

Surf Noir Suyen Mosley 3 minutes U
Set to mozart's mass, this avant-garde surf short illustrates the fluidity, grace, and humour of the surfing experience. Witness the birth of The Surfness. Documentary USA

Death Of A Matriarch
Ishmahil Blagrove Jr. 15 minutes 15
Ishmahil Blagrove Jr. travels to Jamaica to film the cultural importance of the Nine Nights Ceremony, and looks at how are woman can have such an impact in a Jamaican Community. Rice & Peas Documentary Good London, England

Out Of Time Suzanne Cohen 10 minutes 12
A young woman moved into the new Arsenal Stadium complex and goes on a personal journey from Highbury to Emirates and beyond. Documentary London, England

Fisher Of Dor Lina Fruzzetti, Steven Ross & Akos Ostor 40 minutes U
This documentary by filmmaker anthropologists Lina Fruzzett (from Eritrea in East Africa) and Akos Osbor, provides an evocative sensory glimpse into life in a Tanzanian fishing village. Feel and smell the textures in this unique documentary that redefines 'observational' into a quiet depiction of lasting tradition in the face of change. Documentary Good Britian

DJ Wheelie Bag The Documentary Cat Middle 45 minutes U
The lights dim, the music swells. the contestants form a circle. the hall is packed. Tonight is the long-awaited Fourth Annual Wheelie Bag Ball, part battle of the sound systems, part parade, part knees up, and part surreal freak show. The brains behind this is Denys Avis, entrepreneur, inventor and performance artist. Documentary London, England

Gentle Beginnings, Giving Birth With Midwives John Wong 20 minutes 15
This is a short film about midwifery care. Join Melanie in the early stages of pregnancy as she explores the basic principles and advantages of midwifery care during pregnancy and childbrith. Documentary Canada

Cage Fighter Daniel Quinones & Jesse Quinones 15 minutes 12A
Dynamite Dean Bray is a Cage Fighter. in five days he has his next fight, if he wins his career will sour. If he loses... Documentary London, England




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