Pelican Pub
Drama / Comedy / Animation

For a few marbles more (Voor een paar knikkers meer)
Jelmar Hufen 10 minutes 12
Four ten-years olds are kicked out of their favorite playground by two aggressive drunkards. When they realize their parents are not going to help them, there’s only one solution. They have to find a way to get the toughest boy in the neighborhood to help them. From that moment on the four friends are in for an exciting adventure. Drama Holland

Kinky-Kalinki Transrussian Express Nina Gruschwitz 25 minutes U
Debut film about art, music and club scene in London. Arts and their inspirations is a universal language everyone understands. Revealing ‘The Russian Phenomenon in London’. Documentary Norway

Two And A Half Years
Olga Koroleva 10 minutes U
An unconventioanl documentary which explores Olga Koroleva’s close friends’ experieces over the past two and half years in Russia in her absence... Art Documentaries Britain

Cheer Up London
Matt Freedman & Shyla Hassan 7 minutes U
London maverick Noel Parris setsup his one man campaign called ‘The Society For Cheering Up Miserable Londoners! He takes the campaigh to Westminster with a cheap placard and then to Oxford Street, but will people warm to his one man cheer up push. Comedy London, England

The Making Of Parts
Daniel Elliott 15 minutes 15
A man’s love and tenderness, which he once shared with his wife, is now slipping away from him. As one sexual existence ends, another is just beginning. Drama Britain

The Hitchhiker Jason Goode 13 minutes 12A
A beleaguered hitchhiker discovers that getting a ride from the woman who just pulled over may require more than he’d bargained for. Drama Canada

Out Of Milk Nicola Morris 10 minutes 12
Katy, eight, and the boy next door spend their days walking their substitute dogs. returning early from her daily errand to buy milk, Katy discovers that the TV repairman has been servicing more than just the television... Comedy London, England

The Vagancy Just 7 minutes U
Four canaidates go for a job interview with unexpected results! Comedy Good Britain

Sisters Krzysztof Borowka 15 minutes 15
A young woman rides the lift up and down her luxurious apartment block, stopping on different floors. She meets her mysterious sister who becomes her guide through unexpected events, meeting strange characters on the way to the non-existing top floor of the building. Drama Poland

Blood & Chips Ryan Phillips 3 minutes 15
A heatwave has hit the city and in a south London chip shop racial tensions reach boiling point. Drama Britain

Hakimiyet Alican Serbest 7 minutes 15
It is the year 2142 and vegation is amost completly perished all over the world. A police team has just followed a suspect to a roof. There, they will learn a bitter truth that will affect all of the human race. Sc-Fi Drama Turkey

The Tourist Dan Reaney 30 minutes 12
A man arrives in a bleak out of season coastal resort. The disembodied voice from a forgotten recording and a meeting with a young woman form this elliptical drama. Drama London, England

Breakup Bunny
Rachel Temerlies 10 minutes 12A
When an odd stranger upsets an ordinary day’s rhythm, everyone starts to sing. Comedy USA

The Course Miranda Edmonds 80 minutes 15
King of the computer nerds Ben, transforms himself into a sonnet reading, serenading, sword fighting, cross dressing, Shakespearean Love Machine, to woo the girl of his dreams. Comedy Australia

Private life Abbe robinson 15 minutes 15
Yorkshire, England 1952 Ruthg Ackroyd leaves the monotony of her work at her father’s textile mill on a Friday eveing and secretly travels to manchester. there she meets a man on the station platform but all is not what it seems... Drama Britain

The Young Girl (TYTTONEN)
Fabian Giessler 5 minutes U
A young girl is sitting in a room. While she walks on the corridor to ask who wants to play with her she recongnizes only old people around the tables. Suddenly a young man arrives... Drama Germany

Heads Up Adam Rowley 3 minutes U
Imagine a world where people can only see life from one point of view. Literally. Comedy London, England

Photogramme Gilad Carmel 27 minutes 12
While trying to find out about a secret in his family past, Sebastian meets a young girl pursued by strangers. Through her desperate run, Sebastian is progressively drawn into an anachronistic nightmare, reliving the horros of the holocaust. Drama Luxembourg

Hollow China Matt Platts-Mill 17 minutes 15
Sam, a succeful entrepreneur will do anything to avoid confronting his feelings surrounding the death of his father. As his relationship with girlfriend Terry deteriorates, he is immersed in a world where his brutal subconscious is in control. Horror London, England

8 bit Matt Platts-Mill 3 minutes 18
In a dangerous future Tora and Nord are two Replecants who in a desperate bid to escape a repressive and fractured human society have abandoned civilisation. But the wilderness can hold many dangers, A.W.A.L. clones are hunted like animals. Sc-Fi Drama London, England

The 5th Planet David Petrucci 7 minutes 12
1 in 3 develop cancer during their lives. 1in 4 people die from it. Our only hope lies in the future on Pluto, the 5th planet from the sun. A man may answer to earth prayers. Sc-Fi Drama London, England

May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door
Chi Yu 85 minutes 18
An American, Chris arrives in London to visit his friend only for his friend to abandon him. Drama London, England

The Earl Of Sandwich
Daniel Inglese 30 minutes 12
The Earl Of Sandwich has always believed that he was destined for greatness. It is not until the creation of the sandwich that his destiny is realised... But at what cost? Comedy Australia

Aaton Stefan A.Vilner 17 minutes 12A
A memorable moment in the history of mankind: A very long time ago, when the struggle for survival determined the daily life of humans, by accident, and because of elementary needs, the stoneage man Aaton invents a first form of artistic skill. As he tries to perform these new assets of human art to his tribe, he faces grim resistence... Drama Germany

The Exam Maximilian Day 45 minutes 15
A coming of age / rites of passage story about a teenage boy who walks out of his exam and meets the girl of his dreams... Drama London, England

Animation Section:

Cat And Mouse
Ali Assaf 3 minutes U
Love hurts for the world’s most infamous cat and mouse duo in this traditionally animated homage.
Animation Britain

Philophobia Shaun Clark 1 minute 12
Philophobia- the fear of love. A young woman relives past relationships. Animation Britian

Latent Sorrow Shon Kim 3 minutes 15
Moving painting #7 to reach coexistent point where abstract and figure are equally fused. Animation USA

The Terrible Dolls line
Chris Daykin 7 minutes 12A
This is a trilogy with a theme of logical progression, sensitivity and respect in response to human appreciation and awareness. Animation Sri-Lanka

Thing’s Way (Der Dinggang)
Ulcike Frieddrich 2 minutes U
Inspired by F.W.Bersein’s “Thing’s way” the movie of the same title tells the odyssey of things, who are seeking for an end which they may never find... and soon becoming a new beginning. The search for apt solution turns out to be a life-task with an open end. Animation Germany

Kite Rescue Rune Eriksson & Erik Erikersson
7 minutes 15
Little Igor celebrates his birthday with a present from his dad and his drinking buddy. Animation Norway

Move Toward The Light
Will Forrester 5 minutes U
A glimpse into childhood, seen from the viewpoint of a child. Animation USA

Nonsense Poem Matine Chabrier
3 minutes 12
The Nonsense Poem was a project on sound with a simple animation and story. Animation London, England

Reservoir Dogs Remake
Matine Chabrier 2 minutes 12A
The Reservoir Dogs Remake is a stop motion animation remaking a short scene from the film Reservoir Dogs. Animation London, England

Me & You Michael Aubtin Madadi
3 minutes 12A
The story of a relationship between a toy and a battery. Animation London, England

Do You Mind? David Myriam 3 minutes 12
Will the child of the future have still enough powerful dreams to be able to get out of a cold and functional world?
Animation France

Beta valentine – Curse of the Midnight Idol Jeff Conway 3 minutes 12
An action packed animation where the band are transformed into super-humans to retrieve the stolen ‘Midnight Idol’, but are they heroes or villains? Animation London, England

Hip Hip Hurray! Dana Dorian 1 minute U
A four year old boy talks about birthday parties in Scotland. Animation Britain

Adjustment Ian Mackinnon 7 minutes 12
A diarist searches for flickers of hope in a drama of technical and emotional obsession. Animation London, England




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