Westbourne Studios
12noon-11pm Early start!
Documentary Day

The inventors of street theatre The legendary People Show performing The Bus Show in a bus outside Westbourne Studios.
“A national treasure” The Independent. Previewing their show at next year’s Edinburgh Festival exclusively at the Portobello Film Festival. Capacity is limited so book early for this unique event

FIRST SHOW 6pm - 6.15 >
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FOURTH SHOW 8.00 - 8.15

12:00 noon

Art From The Streets
Blaylock 75 minutes 12
Art from the streets tracks the lives of five homeless artists involved in a grass roots art program providing them with courage, hope, and money.
Art Documentaries USA

The White House Hotel - Life At The End Of The Bowery
Graham Meriwether & Matt Rivera 85 minutes 12A
The White House Hotel, one of the last flophouses in New York City, is located on the Bowery, an avenue once famous for its brothels, flophouses and saloons. Today, the White House is gradually being converted into a hostel. Our film chronicles the men still living there... Feature Length Documentaries USA

The Things We Do For Love
Alex Gollner 43 minutes 12A
A documentary which explores the dating experience of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, from the triumphs to the disasters, in a light-hearted and heartfelt way. Documentary London, England

Put Your Helmet On
Guy Nott 5 minutes 15
Bizarre festival of rockets. Crowds pelted with small fireworks while commemorating the excorcism of the demons of plague. Since 1880's this dangerous event still is literally 'blinding'. Looks like a music video.
Documentary London, England

Something Like My Eyes
Hooshang Mirzaee 30 minutes 15
At the age of 7, when he was a first - grader, Abdolvahed Esmailpour found a landmine left from the war. Thinking the mine is a toy, the boy started to play with it. The mine exploded and the boy lost both his arms and his eyesight. Documentary Iran

Mine & Tablou
Hossein Jehani 23 minutes 12
Mine and Tablou is a touching story about a sensitive artist, Sarwet Sawz, who lives in Iraqi Kurdistan. His work is famous, but in order to survive, he dismantles bombs by day and paints at night. He is a single father who loves his children and is committed to supporting them even if they have sleepless nights hoping he returns to their bedside. The prologue not in the film is that he recently died in a car crash. A terrible loss. The film is a dedication to Sarwet and his children. Documentary Australia

Celebrity Bubble
Archie Lauchlan 30 minutes U
The Borough Cafe stood in the heart of London for over 40 years, a period in which its local Borough Market transformed from dingy dockland to hip hangout. Celebrity Bubble tells the story of changing urban landscape via the uniquely entertaining character of Maria, the cafe's proprietor. Documentary London, England

Je suis Jean Cristina Pinheiro & Andre Scucato
10 minutes 12A
A documentary of sensations on the life and art about Jean Cocteau. Composite original track for the Cinema of Poetry on a study of movement of the actors of the film Blood of a Poet, the Beautiful and the Beast, Orpheu and Testament of Orpheu. Art Documentaries Brazil

Every Step You Take
Nino Leitner 65 minutes 12
With an estimated 4 million surveillance cameras, Britain is by far the most-watched nation on earth. How could this come about in Orwell's mother country? Documentary Austria
Hessians MC Randall Wilson 75 minutes 15

The Hessians Motorcycle Club terrorized the west coast and Nevada. throughout the 1960's, 70's and 80's the members speak candidly on the club's violent history, the outlaw biker lifestyle, drugs, law enforcement and the day-today dangers of life on the road. Documentary USA

Malcolm Hart 50 minutes 18
A portrait of Molly Parkin. Now 74 years old, an outrageously honest testament of her life and careers as painter, author, fashion editor, TV celebrity, mother, grandmother- through alcoholism to sorbriety. Documentary London, England


Boozing With Bacon
Following a screening of Molly's confessional film Molly, we present Molly Parkin and John Maybury (currently filming The Edge Of Love about Dylan Thomas with Kiera Knightley and Sienna Miller, and director of the best music video of all time Nothing Compares 2 U for Sinead) reminiscing about their drinking days with the greatest British Artist of the 20th Century, Francis Bacon. Followed by a screening of:

Love Is The Devil (John Maybury)
90 mins 18
Maybury's debut feature is an extraordinary study of the passions that drove Bacon (Derek Jacobi), charting his turbulent and sadomasochistic homosexual relationship with George Dyer (Daniel Craig). Set in the Bohemian world of 60s Soho the film captures the decadent underworld of artists models, East End thugs and the infamous drinking den The Colony Room presided over by the hilariously foul mouthed Muriel Belcher (Tilda Swinton).


The Raymond Revuebar - The Art Of Striptease
Simon Weitzman 55 minutes 18
The only film made about the world famous Raymond Revuebar, the last nude burlesque show in London. The venue closed in 2004 after nearly 50 years. This is the film's first public showing. Documentary Good Britian




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