Westbourne Studios
Aladin "The World's
Greatest Magicians: Part 2"

Curator, ringmaster and magical interventions: aladin.

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Seminal celluloid snippets from the sorcerer's vault.
A second sight of rarely seen, contrasting film footage of aladin as producer/director/performer on the 1999 pop video "Badder Badder Schwing" (3'45") – Freddy Fresh featuring Fatboy Slim - and the 2004 T.V. pilot "The Shuffler" (2'10") + live magical provocation. Under the radar, ahead of the pack, away from the crowd and beyond fashion – aladin continues to plough his own furrow.

Designs for Magic – Conversation.
Three genies bring two objects each to stimulate the talking. Sam Aloof (miracle design worker with flat surfaces who has swept awards globally), Lone Sigurdsson (alchemist of design/model-making who makes concrete the creative dreams of some of high fashion's great names) and Gee Mahabir (fruit and veg trader, genius inventor of magic effects and gizmos - and gifted prestidigitator) each bring two objects.

Film Magic and Beyond – Conversation.
Three genii meet for the first time. Fred Rees (maverick, globally award-winning sports and pastimes film-maker) shows us film excerpts from "Book of Cool", "Wheelchair Athletes" and "The Lions Tour" (total 4'). Michela Ledwidge (NESTA and SIGGY awardee, pioneer of modifiable/remixable film) shares excerpts from film "Horses for Courses" and perhaps(!) one other (total 4'). Gordon Tait (Oscar nominated special effects guru who invented morphing in 1988 and first Director of Soho Theatre) introduces us to some of his objects, patents and current passions.

Getting a Voice by Magic – Conversation.
Melanie Harrold (her sensational voice has upstaged Nina Simone and she directs Raise The Roof choir - one of the outstanding successes of the 2007 South Bank Centre reopening programme) offers a sliver of live music. Rebecca Swift (interdisciplinary artist and an artistic driver at Entelechy Arts, one of the world's most groundbreaking arts companies; fled Mario Testino and the catwalk in early life) shares excerpts from Entelechy film she directed "Night Flights".

Indian Magic.
Rahul Dholakia's stupendous, politically and emotionally driven 2005 feature film "Parzania" (130') closes "The World's Greatest Magicians" with its U.K. premiere. Dholakia and others in India and abroad risked their lives in the making and distribution of this film.




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