Westbourne Studios

The Survivor
Christoph Warrack 25 minutes 12A
Britain, 1956: a meter destroys a village leaving one survivor, a woman with mysterious powers. But, as The Government experiment on her and shady organisations try to reach her, the psychologist on the case helps her plot her escape. Drama London, England

Out There Herve Constant 23 minutes 12
This chilling tale of one man’s descent into madness was published shortly before the author was institutionalized for insanity and so ‘out there’ has inevitably been seen as informed by Guy De Maupassant mental illness. Drama London, England

Affairs Of The House
Oli Maitland Hudson 13 minutes 15
A young conservative MP is thrust into the murky world of politics. He is haunted by distorted visions of Margaret Thatcher. Will he survive in this cut throat world? Comedy London, England


Halloween Film Fest – cinema

(Tuesday 14th August 7-8pm, westbourne studios)
A top hit at the 4th Halloween Short Film Festival 2007, the VX Auteur Theory programme is a platform for new directors with strong visions and a personal hands-on approach to filmmaking. The search for this more personal film, whereby nothing is watered down or compromised by group decision, has pulled in these little gems; it’s pure, it’s funny, itís dark, its a new generation of D.I.Y Auteur! Strong films with a twisted vision and a D.I.Y get-your-own-hands-dirty premise of filmmaking, this collection is as pure, quirky, disturbing and individual as the filmmakers themselves. Nothing here is generic. That’s a promise! Curated by Lucia Helenka.

MY FRIEND MARJORIE (Louise Wilde, 5 min)
Marjorie is an 89 year old retired vaudeville actress; fortunes have faded, but the memories are magnificent and vibrant.

GROWING (David Alexander, 11 min)
Three teenage boys whose idle lifestyle of smoking, joking around and chasing girls results in tragedy.

A STORM AND SOME SNOW (Simon Ellis, 2 min)
A two hour electrical storm in two minutes.

LIGHTHEADED (Iain Finlay, 4 min)
People with light bulbs for heads have become outcasts. Music by OdD.

THE POST IT NOTE PRISON (Ricky Martin, 3 min)
How will our character escape from his post-it note prison?

WITH DICKINSON AND I (Miles Carter, 4 min)
The most commonly used word in an argument is ‘but’...

KNOCK KNOCK (Chris Grimes, 6 min)
A film about addiction, but an addict with a difference and a dealer with a twist...

CRUSH (Franca Chretien, 1 min)
A young lemon goes for a walk and meets an enigmatic stranger.

(Greg Butler, 2 min)
This dead mouse gets a proper send off by the Soldiers of the Bathroom.

GET GOOD (Francois & Rozi Plain, 10 min)
Bristol based acoustic folk duo Francoise & Rozi make and perform in this quirky video for their own song.

The Sex Pistols play a children’s party on Christmas Day 1977.

DEAD BIKE (Kieron Dennis, 5 min)
The city streets are like a bicycle graveyard.

SCREEN KISS (Steve Sander, 2 min)
Behind the scenes of a movie snog.


Love You
Joseff Hughes Dan Hartley 10 minutes U
On a remote welsh island, an innocent game of catch leads Anna and Joseff into an ancient graveyard. Venturing deeper onto the island, their play evolves into an exploration of life, love and loss. Drama London, England

1969 Paolo Guglielmotti 7 minutes 12A
1969 is a journey led by our narrator, who finds her mothers diary which enables her to retrace the mysterious circumstances which led to her parents fateful last holiday in Italy in 1969. The film evocatively weaves from the past to present, hightened with passion and intrigue from the past, to a realisation of the present, and to a final closing of a dark chapter. Drama London, England

Salsa Guy Gus Alvarez 15 minutes 12A
Nigel is a middle-aged wage slave, a lonely fantasist still haunted by his long-failed marriage. Desperate to reconnect with the world, he discovers the vibrant salsa scene and is reborn as... Salsa Guy! A highly enegetic black comedy that asks: “Can salsa dancing be bad for your health? Comedy Britain

Prada & Prejudice
Tom Emunds 5 minutes U
Things spiral out of control when a woman goes into a cobbler’s to pick up her prada heels. her first mistake is to ask the clown if he’s joking...unfortunately it’s not her last... Comedy London, England

Best Shot Andy Kellener 10 minutes 15
A black comedy involving a small crew of documentary makers who prepare to interview the notorious film director Rex Clayton. Comedy London, England

The Last Thing To Go Through A Fly’s Mind Steve Webb 10 minutes 15
A man dies and is given an ultimatum by God, repent or suffer for eternity. He refuses and is reincarnated as lowlier and lowlier creatures until he finally repentsonly to be ribbed of happiness at the last minute. Comedy London, England


Soho Rushes Fest: Winners selection – cinema

Now in its 9th fantastic year, the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival has, since 1999, provided a platform for hundreds of filmmakers, showcasing the most exciting and influential filmmaking talent around. The festival supports filmmaking at its best; it receives thousands of entries each year and enables newcomers to have their work viewed alongside that of some of the most well established and respected artists currently working in film production. Here you can see the winners and runners up of Rushes Soho Shorts 2007 -we hope that you enjoy them as much as we did!


Teer Sacha Polak 25 minutes 15
Karlijin (23) is a young woman who should’ve been happy: She’s intelligent, healthy, she has friends and doesen’t have to deal with any serious problems. But Karlijn isn’t happy. Maybe it is because she finds herself trapped in a life where nothing really happens. Every day seems like an exact copy till she causes an accident wherin Mbarote, an illegal from Sudan, gets hurt. Finally Karlijn got herself a goal: taking care of Mbarote. Drama Holland

The Dark Jack Noddinus 7 minutes 18
I wanted to make a horror film that was scarey because you can’t see anything untilit is too late. Horror Britain




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