Portobello Film Festival
3rd London Film Makers Convention
Opening Night

23 March 2009 6pm – 11pm
Inn On The Green
3 Thorpe Close
London W10 5XL

Entry FREE


Brown Paper Bag Box Alice Bradshaw 5 minutes U
Box, made from brown paper bag, animated.

Lucky Numbers Garrick Hamm & Pete Seaward 12 minutes U
Derrick is convinced through his obsession with counting, that he can predict the winning Lottery numbers and gain the heart of the shows presenter.

Mood Swing Mark Owen 11 minutes 15
A rather unfortunate encounter with a member of the public makes paranoid Ewan at unease, when meeting his girlfriend, Gemma, however all that seems insignificant when an assailant appears.

Humble Lust Caroline Sherrard & Thom Allen 3 minutes U
Following an argument on Lambeth Bridge, Thiago gives a girl a letter which leads her to an unexpected place. The story is intercut with shots of Hip-Hop/ Funk Duo Thiago And Fidel performing their debut music promo.

First Date Elizabeth Pencavel 4 minutes U
A loving couples relationship over the years and the uncomfortable truth of growing old.

Eyes On The Street David Neubiggin 16 minutes 12
A documentary team follow Community Warden Dogie McLelland, a well meaning idiot who dreams of becoming a cop as he patrols a run down town.

Multi-Storey Jack Wormell & Stuart Hastie 9 minutes 12
A late night car park attendant waits for his shift to end as he thinks about life, death and modern society.


Grove Roots Grove Roots Crew 43 minutes U
Charts the rise of Ladbroke Grove from the 1958 Race Riots to the culturally diverse beacon it is today.


Flush It Ceri Dingle 42 minutes 12
This compelling documentary promises to put aspiration for Western levels of water provisions on the map for developing countries. The film interweaves concern about Global water scarcity and toilet history with aspirations for grand projects and excellent loos, while experts remind us that water can never run out.


Blue Gold: World Water Wars (Sam Bozzo) 90 minutes U
Sounds the same sweeping alarms as Inconvenient Truth, only about our dwindling water supplies. Narrated by Malcolm McDowell, produced by the producer of Walkabout and Man Who Fell To Earth


Meat The Family The Munday Brotthers 37 minutes 18
A family of redneck cannibals descend on East London suburb, bringing with them a feast of madcap ultra violence, as the body count increases its up to Major Lethbrdge-Stuart and his plucky assistant Prenderghast to bring the family to justice, dead or alive

Meat Market Mark Withers 20 minutes18
An actress attends an audition only to be insulted and interrogated by the male casting director. Preparing to walkout, she is confronted by a seemingly friendly female director who pacifies the situation temporarily.




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