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A Swans Chronicle

Robert Bell 60 minutes U
A documentary of a pair of swans rearing their young from the egg to the final flight. Filmed over 15 months capturing the story.
Documentary Britain

Elegy For The Elswick
Envoy Nancy Willis 23 minutes U
Witty and moving disability road movie about an artist trying to find a home for her old, battered but much loved car, the Elswick Envoy.
Documentary London, England

Losing Morris
Alex Kendall 8 minutes U
Margaret believes her husband has become too incapacitated to drive his beloved car. Drama London, England

Children Of Providence
Gary Shore 83 minutes 12
Mysterious Roxie and her daughter Molly drive to a new town and a new life. They setup a successful dress shop on the main street of the town. Roxie’s dresses have a dramatic effect on the lives of the people of the new town.
Drama USA

Stanger In A Strangeland
Sara Klia 12 minutes 12
Liu, a young Asian girl, is left stranded and alone in an airport. She is also being watched by a shadowy organisation.
Drama London, England

Blue Eyed Son David Maybrick 13 minutes 15
When the madness of war becomes to much for Billy, he runs away to the only safe place he’s ever known, his ex-girlfriend. Sara knows he’s coming, and she’s worried. t Drama Britain

Egor Karpov 24 minutes 12A
Ivan, a typical manager from Moscow comes on business to a small provincial town where he meets Galya, a very strange but beautiful young woman.
Drama London, England

Mark Jackson’s This Isn't It
Kris Thompson 10 minutes 15
In February 2010, a film crew from London were invited to Burnley, Lancashire to film a documentary about a local gas company and their star employee... this is what happen.
Comedy London, England

My Friends Mair Davies 8 minutes 12A
Clips recorded in 1970 on super 8 of mainly domestic communal gatherings of some of those associated with the Gay Liberation Front._(”Bearded men in frocks”) Documentary London, England

Not Reconciled Jill Daniels 40 minutes 12A
Rosa and Carlos the ghost of young Spanish Republican fighters, killed in the Civil War roam the ruins of Belchite in Northern Spain waiting to discover of their unmarked graves.
Documentary London, England

Kazik And the Kommander’s Car
Hannah Lovell 25 minutes 12A InJune 1942, Kazik Piechowski escaped from Auschwitz. This film documents Katy Carr’s visit to Poland to meet Kazik, and play him her tribute song “Kommander’s Car”.
Documentary London, England

Vesna Orel 43 minutes 12
This is a story about my father, Milosh Orel, who was during the second world war imprisoned with his family in several concentration camps by the nazis. He was 15 years old. Edited by Matt Robunson.
Documentary London, England

Revolutionary Road
Elcid Asaei 10 minutes 12A
One year from the controversial re-election of Ahmadinejad, and the brutal clampdown on peaceful protesters in Iran. A group of civil-rights activists target a regime-sponsored event here in London.
Documentary London, England

Laguna Negra
Michael Watts 24 minutes 12A
A film that explores the core values of a subsistence farming community in Peru, the way the fabric of this society has been threatened by mining and the destructive outcome of imposing a capital intensive model of development on a society based on traditional values.
Documentary London, England

Not In Our Name
Gabrielle Tierney 30 minutes 15
An inspiring true story of resistance; risking imprisonment, yet motivated by justice. This is the story of 9 men who took the law into their own hands to fight for the greater good.
Documentary London, EnglandThe Fear Factory Joanna Natasegara & Richard Symons 59 minutes 12 Two decades of politicians playing the law and order ‘Arms race’ has brought a criminal justice crisis to the UK. Especially when it comes to our young - where we’re ultimately creating more of the very thing we fear ... criminals. Documentary London, England

Navarro Aydemir 7 minutes 15
Henry lives in isolation, as his story unfolds the reason behind his loneliness is revealed, and a choice has to be made.
Drama London, England

Fund This!
Anna Edwards & Oliver Houston 11 minutes 12A
A film funding applicant battles censorship and his own conscience in a fraught attempt to get his project ‘Green Lit’ in this surreal and biting dark political comedy. Comedy London, England

Juriaan Booij 19 minutes 15
Conformists is a story about losing control. It questions why we behave the way we do and how sometimes it is impossible to free one’s self from intense feelings of hate and jealousy. it is about the inner voice inside us all, the one that holds prejudice and tells us a person is despicable. We witness the fraught encounter between a group of strangers, all of whom are dissatisfied with life and looking for someone to blame. They choose to take their frustration out on someone who is different... but all is not what it seems.
Drama London, England

Joachim Dollhopf & Evi Goldbrunner 40 minutes 12A
Dina and Judith are the two new “WAGs” (wife and girlfriend) of two Berlin football professionals. As Dina meets her young “colleague” she finds herself in the naive girl. She decides to rescue Judith.
Drama Germany

The Catalyst
Dawn Westlake 14 minutes U
Frank and Francis have been separated for 11 months, but they have not told her family ... yet. Tired of the charade, Frank insists the truth be told today. Drama USA

A Polar Bear Live at the Spitz.
Gea Russell 70 minutes

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