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A Film From My Parish - 6 Farms
Tony Donoghue 7 minutes U
6 residents discuss the old ways and farming in the
past in a small rural parish in Ireland. Documentary.

Fothraigh Le Teacht
Gary Gallagher 26 minutes U
Students gather in letter frack, co. Galway, Ireland to
discuss architecture and planning issues. Documentary.

Flood Light
A poetic meditation on the history, design and cultural
legacy linking the Grand Union Canal and Westway in
North Kensington. Flood Light is a programme of short
films by established and emerging film makers about
journeys made across the Grand Union Canal and
Westway in North Kensington. The project has been
devised by Constantine Gras and is a commission for
the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s
InTRANSIT festival and is supported by the V&A
Museum, Westway Development Trust, British
Waterways and Portobello Film Festival.

Programme includes:
Flood Light
6 minute film, Constantine Gras.
Go From A to B to A
1:49 minute film, Pat Naldi
Half Penny Steps
4:02 minute film, Helen Petts.
1 Hour Westway
3:03 minute film, Simona Piantieri.
My Fear of Drowning
2:58 minute film, Jason Crimp.
All I Want
2:52 minute film, Azeem Mustafa
At That Same Moment
2:41 minute film, C.B. Legge
3:19 minute film, Adam Willis
2:59 minute film, Rickster


Arch In The Sky (L’Arc-en-Ciel)
David Bonneville 20 minutes 15A
40-year-old European woman relives the great love
for her deceased 18-year-old partner by engaging
young male strangers into sordid sexual adventures.
Drama. London

Stealing Elvis
Ed Edwards 97 minutes 15
Alice and Kristina meet Frank and Danny on a wild
night out. They discover the boys have robbed 2
million and plot to steal it for themselves.
Crime Thriller. London

If You See Her, Say Hello
Paul Purnell 12 minutes 12
Two young people stand outside a closed city cafe very
early one cold morning. The same thing is on both
their minds, but they’ve not met - yet. Drama. Britain

Costas Yiallourides 27 minutes 12
A new bed that comes in pieces is the occasion for a
meeting of two very different people. Drama. Greece

A Box Of Buttons
Morta Reyes Artas 21 minutes U
Andres cannot possibly afford the presents his
daughter want for christmas. This revelation launches
them on a voyage of discovery. Drama. Spain

Solus ad Solam
Muriel Montini 23 minutes 12A
A man drives to see the woman he loves. Drama.

Gigi Romero 10 minutes 15
A loving father hides his violent tendencies by working
secretly as a professional thug. One day, determined
to quiet down his noisy neighbor, he goes up to his
apartment to beat him up. Drama. Spain

Love Child (Karleksbarn)
Daniel Wirtber 7 minutes U
A young girl enjoys the perfect life of being the only
child, when one day a new family member arrives.
Drama. Sweden

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