Saturday 29 May 11am-11pm
London Film Makers Convention 2010


JB The Showreel (Rupert Ferguson ) 37 minutes 12
The showreel that inspired a festival. Rare pop videos and art films from the late 80s underground film making career of Portobello Film Festival director Jonathan Barnett updated and with biographical intro from Rupert Ferguson. Featuring work with Mutoid Waste Company, Les Freres Ripoulin and Spiral Tribe.
Art Documentary Britain

My Friends (Mair Davies) 8 minutes 12A
Clips recorded in 1970 on super 8 of mainly domestic communal gatherings of some of those associated with the Gay Liberation Front in the then rocking Portobello Road.
Documentary London, England

The Innocence Of War (C. Thomson, P.Shelton, A, Richardson) 2 minutes 12A
During WW2 two young soldiers become cut off from their platoon and pinned down in enemy occupied territory.
Drama London, England

Lucky Old Bag (Thomas Hart Holland) 6 minutes U
A silent film with a Bohemian score that follows a lady tramp who finds a single penny on the street and tries her luck in an expensive restaurant.
Drama London, England

Were Wolf Man In York (Nick Fletcher) 7 minutes 12
A man is bitten by a wolf in York. He is now cursed and becomes a werewolf.
Horror Britain

12 noon

Not Reconciled (Jill Daniels) 40 minutes 12A
Rosa and Carlos - the ghosts of young Spanish Republican fighters killed in the Civil War- roam the ruins of Belchite in Northern Spain waiting for someone to discover their unmarked graves.
Documentary London, England

The Portwine Stain (Mick Foley) 11 minutes 12A
Ex-punk producer Dave has a severe port-wine stain on his face. His only way to attract attention is by telling whopping lies or awful jokes. Trying to impress a girl at a party, he goes too far.
Comedy Britain

A Grumpy Old Man (Rachel Tracy) 8 minutes 12
Seventy-seven-year-old Sid takes us on a tour of his clocks and talks about a moment in his life when time stood still.
Documentary London, England

1 pm

Behind The Scenes of Total Hell (Andy Wilton) 97 minutes 15
Imagine Ed Wood directing the characters from The Office in a dodgy Spinal Tap music video.
Mocumentary Britain

My Heart’s Desire Torkjell Stromme15 minutes 15
A loner feeds his obsession for the girl next door with secret spy cameras - until she finds out about his secret obsession.
Drama Britain

Bad Cake (Kevin Maynard) 6 minutes 15
It’s Max’s birthday and everything’s swell except his girlfriend’s made the cake from hell.
Drama London, England

The Busy Man (Myrna Shoa & Ruti Cohen) 3 minutes U
Arthur, the busy man, is unable to clear his place so his new wife Vera can move in with him. A modern day version of the Greek legend, Sisyphus.
Animation London, England

3 pm

Nomads Of The Desert Bloom (Danny Winkler) 37 minutes15
A visual essay on clothes and mutation filmed amongst the curators of London’s Horse Hospital and the stylists of the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection.
Documentary London, England

Blue Eyed Son (David Maybrick) 13 minutes 15
When the madness of war becomes too much for Billy, he runs away to the only safe place he’s ever known. His ex-girlfriend, Sara, knows he’s coming, and she’s worried.
Drama Britain

Driver (Stephen Fingleton) 10 minutes 15
Nelson is tasked with driving his best friend’s estranged wife to her new home. During a tense car journey, he finds his loyalties tested.
Drama London, England

4 pm

Beyond The River - Ebir Nari (Danny Winkler) 65 minutes 15
A raw contemplation on the images of life and the hereafter, which smears intellectual borders and reassembles the spiritual atlas of human beliefs.
Art Documentaries London, England


Tangled Up In Blue (Haider Rashid) 85 minutes 12
Drama of urban alienation set in an austere but chaotic London. The son of a world renowned Iraqi writer struggles with his conscience and his assassinated father’s legacy, while wrestling with his unrequited love for his best friend.
Drama London, England


Only Human (Filip L. Firlej) 15 minutes 12
Reclusive scientist Antonio has discovered how to stop the ageing process, an elixir for eternal life. But he soon finds himself haunted by death, waiting for a tragic fate.
Drama London, England

Jazz Not As We Know It (Ashley Pegg) 6 minutes 12
When a Jazz night opened at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a renowned gay pub in South London, two different worlds came together to create something wonderful.
Documentary London, England

Red Band (Talat Gokdemir) 4 minutes 12A
Sometimes the choices we make lead us down a path we never imagined. Call it an act of desperation, call it fate. These are the moments from a day in Zoja’s life.
Drama London, England

Robbing Peter (Clayton Fussell & Ashley Wing) 10 minutes 15
When a rebellious teenager breaks into a neighbour’s house he unwittingly plunges his entire family into a life and death struggle to escape the clutches of a deranged maniac.
Comedy Horror London, England

Knock Off (Rosanne Flynn) 12 minutes 12A
A touching portrait of the relationship between feisty pregnant teenager, Jude, and her own young father, Michael.
Drama London, England

Ultimate Sin (Verona Spence) 6 minutes 12A
Chilling short documenting the last few moments of an emotionally unstable woman whose life drastically changes due to a series of unfortunate events.
Drama London, England

We Get Used To (Marcio Delgado) 7 minutes 12
A short film about all those small things, things we just get used to: but we shouldn’t.
Drama London, England


Stick With Me (Bernard Kordieh) 30 minutes 15
When Leon has a premonition of his death, he knows that the choices he makes in the next 24 hours will determine whether he lives to see another day.
Drama London, England

Bluebird (Bob Komar) 15 minutes U
Set in the heart of the East end in 1947, and filmed in grainy black and white: a replica of golden era films. Bluebirds is a true story, inspired by artist Sam-Taylor Wood, and tells the tragic tale of love, hope and a life of crime, a nostalgic love story. Drama London, England

The Middle (Palle Nodeland) 17 minutes 15
Brian and Lloyd, childhood friends, both led different lives. When life rejected them, they only had each other . . . and the guy they just kidnapped.
Comedy London, England


Where’s Alan? (Joe Banks) 15 minutes 15
Three workmates invent a series of unlikely stories to explain the whereabouts of a missing colleague, but the truth is more bizarre than they imagine.
Comedy London, England

Vision (Jamie Hooper) 9 minutes 15
A young woman receives a mysterious DVD in the post. She soon comes to realise that pressing Play was a mistake.
Horror London, England

Entwined (Reeve Rixon) 15 minutes 15
Alone and tangled in an ancient washing line, Deirdre is assailed by fragments of her past as she confronts a lifetime of woe and regret.
Drama Britain

Unbytractive (Richard Fysh) 9 minutes 12
A man is dragged from his home kicking and screaming and seemingly thrown into prison without explanation. What is really going on?
Drama Britain

Dark Mime (Laith Sami) 5 minutes 12
He is come, and he is hungry for blood of those who unwittingly summoned him. Thiers is not to question how or why: they are simply there to die.
Drama London, England

Champagne, Christmas and LOL (Charlie Francis) 7 minutes 15
On defying her controlling and manipulative partner, Lauren returns home the morning after her company’s Christmas party. A jealous reaction from one will lead to tragedy for the other.
Drama Britain


PNG Style (David Fedele & Rebecca Kenyon) 88 minutes 12
Papua New Guinea -land of the unexpected- has over 850 indigenous languages and cultures. This film follows one man’s solo journey, armed only with backpack, camcorder and travelling guitar.
Documentary London, England

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