Saturday 29 May 6pm – 11pm
London Film Makers Convention 2010


Kazik And the Kommander’s Car (Hannah Lovell) 25 minutes 12A
In June 1942 Kazik Piechowski escaped from Auschwitz. This film documents Katy Carr’s visit to Poland to meet Kazik, and play him her tribute song.
Documentary London, England

Laguna Negra (Michael Watts) 24 minutes 12A
Exploring the core values of a subsistence farming community in Peru. The fabric of this society has been threatened by mining and the destructive outcome of imposing a capital intensive model of development on a culture based on traditional values.
Documentary London, England

Henry (Navarro Aydemir) 7 minutes 15
Henry lives in isolation, as his story unfolds the reason behind his loneliness is revealed, and a choice has to be made.
Drama London, England

Probably (Kate Anderson) 2 minutes 12A
Mike didn’t know how his life would turn out. He just didn’t expect to end up here. Animation London, England


The Fear Factory (Joanna Natasegara & Richard Symons) 59 minutes 12
Two decades of politicians playing the law and order Arms Race card has brought a criminal justice crisis to the UK.- especially when it comes to our young - where they are creating more of the very thing we fear: criminals.
Documentary London, England


Fuhgeddaboudit (Matt Mitchell) 12 minutes 15
The Sopranos meets Lost In Translation in London.
Drama Britain

Locock (Torkjell Stromme) 8 minutes15
A cynical misanthropic alcoholic who runs an alibi agency for cheating spouses wanders into the frame of a documentary crew canvassing views on relationships.
Mocumentary Britain

Stand & Deliver (Gus Alvarez) 9 minutes 12A
In a woodland clearing lies the body of a young woman. A sharp intake of breath - she is alive. What happened last night? She searches for answers.
Drama Britain

Fox (Jonathan Honnor) 11 minutes 15
Fox is about love, betrayal and the lengths we have to go to save ourselves. It is a hard-hitting tale of sexual exploitation with a sting in the tale.
Drama Britain

Papa Wrestling (Fernando Alle) 9 minutes 18
After bullies steal his son’s lunchbox, a retired wrestler goes on a violent rampage to avenge him and bring justice to the school.
Comedy Horror London, England

Fund This! (Anna Edwards & Oliver Houston) 11 minutes 12A
A film funding applicant battles censorship and his own conscience in a fraught attempt to get his project Green Lit in this surreal and biting dark political comedy.
Comedy London, England

A Film About Poo (Emily Howells & Anne Wilkins) 2 minutes 12A
This is a film about poo, and the things that you should and shouldn’t do.
Animation Britain

The Opera Singer (Nadaav Soudry) 2 minutes U
An opera diva gives the performance of her life in this comic satire on the commercialisation of art. But can it sell?
Comedy London, England


Superstonic Sound: Rebel Dread (Raphael Erichsen & Ed Dallal) 48 minutes 12 One man, one city, one love,one sound. How Bass Conquered Britain - the Don Letts story.
Music Documentary London, England

No Honour No Choice (Garry Moore) 15 minutes 12A
Rajinder enters her house to announce to her parents she is gay only to find they are arranging a marriage for her. She must choose between love or family honour.
Drama Britain

What Makes A Man A Human (Softwhere) 4 minutes15
Anti-war music video by UK band Softwhere, featuring a mutant striding through a tunnel with a lot on his mind.
Music Videos Britain

Fishin’ (Jordan Wood) 4 minutes12A
After a day’s fishing the band wake to discover their boat has been sabotaged. A trail of engine parts leads them into the forest depths where they discover a secret.
Music Videos Britain

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