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The Video Cafe has long beenthe live cinema highlight of theFestival.Films from the Video Caferegularly win prizes at theAwards Ceremony. For 4 nights WestbourneStudios is a multiplex withscreenings in the project spacecinema and the bar. Filmmakers may ask for their filmsto be screened, the public maychoose a film from thefollowing menus on the listednights. Films may be broughtalong and screened on thenight. See the projectionistearly to get your film shown.As a rule of thumb longer filmsmay be shown in the bar area.Please be patient. If you bringa big crowd, your film isguaranteed to be shown!


FULL menu (PDF)

1) A.L.I.C.E.

Dir.: Dawn Westlake. 12 Cert. Trying to forget someone new makes one think of nothing else. 15 mins. Drama. USA.

4) 2008 Survival Guide

Dir. James Atkins. 12 Cert. Comedy where times travelers of the future are given advice on coping with a New York City bar in 2008. 11 mins. Comedy. UK.

5) The Ghoul Lord

Dir. James Atkins. 12 Cert. Fantasy film about role-playing gamers as they battle the evil ghoul lord and cope with meeting a girlfriend. 14 mins. Comedy. UK.

8) Minus One

Dir. Jon Osbeck; Marc Wiskemann. 12 Cert. Three army reservists are called to fight in Afghanistan, facing the possibility of never returning. 82 mins. Drama. USA.

10) Dawn

Dir. Lizzy Piffany. 18 Cert. A new movement in home movie-aking, Dawn is a personal parable of magic, music and moving on. 25 mins. Art/Docu. UK.

12) Metachaos

Dir. Alessandro Bavari. 12 Cert. When two dichotomous and diametrically opposed realities meet and mix, we enter into the Metachaos. 9 mins. Drama. Italy.

14) My Itchy Eye

Dir. Kevin Maynard. 12 Cert. A cautionary tale about what will happen if you don’t stop scratching. 5 mins. Comedy. London.

15) The Unborn Child

Dir. Nyima Carter. 15 Cert. A short documentary about the creative process of artists. A painter, a musician and a dancer create a piece related to the theme 'Unborn Child'. 9 mins. Documentary. London.

16) Liebesmaschine

Dir. David Cave. 18 Cert. In a peaceful suburb of Berlin a man embarks upon an unusual illicit affair. 3 mins. Drama/ Art. Germany.

17) Arranged Happiness

Dir. Daniela Cruetz. 12 Cert. *READ NOTES ALONG HERE*. 87 mins. Documentary. Germany.

18) Phone Call in Noir

Dir. Jeremy Newman. 12 Cert. This re-edit of a 1940’s B-movie explores collective memories surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and questions the veracity of authored film texts. 3 mins. Experimental. USA.

19) The Persistence of Forgetting

Dir. Jeremy Newman. 12 Cert. This video is a surrealist nightmare that relates a man subjective experience after divorce. Voyeuristic shots and archival film clips suggest a fractured yet healing psyche. 12 mins. Experimental. USA.

20) Scoop of the Year

Dir. Paul Bruce. 12 Cert. Journalist any full-time loser Sam Stagg falls in love with a missing girl through her photographs, leading into love. 14 mins. Comedy. Edinburgh.

21) Anywhere

Dir. Adam Ozozturk. 15 Cert. A short film on teenage homelessness within London. It’s an on-going problem that society is choosing to ignore. Any emotional storyline based on true events about a teenage girl and her struggle and dangers on the streets. 13 mins. Drama.

23) Election, in Japan 2 (in town Kuroshio, in kochi pref)

Dir. Jiyoung Kim. 15 Cert. A small fishery town becomes a bttleground between loval builders and an independent candidate, over a huge government subsidy, a 6 billion public work. 96 mins. Documentary. Japan.

24) York - Winter Sun

Dir. Nick Fletcher. U. A short video of York on a winters days. 3 mins. Documentary. UK.

25) Scotman 2011

Dir. Nick Fletcher. U. Film showing recent restoration work on the locomotive legend in York. 5 mins. Documentary. UK.

26) Snow 2010

Dir. Nick Fletcher. U. A film showing some of the record breaking big freeze of 2010. 2 mins. Documentary. UK.

27) Streets of Sorrow

Dir. Nick Fletcher. 12 Cert. A music video by JAZZCLOUD7 about homelessness. 5 mins. Music Video. UK.

28) If I Wish Really Hard

Dir. Matt Richards. 15 Cert. Molly, an only child of a mixed-raced family, finds out her mum’s having an extra-marital affair. Molly’s wish for normality vanishes when mum disappears after a heated argument with dad. 10 mins. Drama. UK.

29) The Wait

Dir. Richard J. Moir. 15 Cert. A young man waits for a bus in order to visit his girlfriend. What could go wrong? 8 mins. Comedy. UK.

30) The Photograph

Dir. Victor Dragomir. U. On his way to a business meeting, Claudiu drops by his old man's house to snap a photograph his father kept bugging him for. What initially seemed like an easy job proves quite difficult, as the picture is of particular significance. 18 mins. Drama. Romania.

32) Wardisease

Dir. Marie Magescas. 18 Cert. Made with archive footage edited in fragments. “Wardisease” explore without chronology the equal posture of the people which are the toys of that economic reality. 6 mins. Experimental. France.

33) North West Five

Dir. Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. 15 Cert. Brian’s Abandon son, Shaun, appears one evening and threatens Brian's new family. He has to decide between protecting his son or his new family. 7 mins. Drama. UK.

34) Statemen

Dir. Tom Goudsmit. 12 Cert. An intimate portrait of three modern American men who still glow with ambers of an old American dream. 25 mins. Documentary. London.

35) Perspective

Dir. Dave Lojek. U. You make things more complicated by forgetting how easy they can be. 4 mins. Drama. Germany.

38) Super Moon

Dir. Nick Fletcher. U. A video filmed on the 19th March 2011 showing the Moon when it was closer to Earth for 20 years. 2 mins. Documentary. UK.

39) Realms

Dir. Divian Ladwa. U. Angels watch over uncertain times as high ranking Government officials meet to discuss happenings beyond human control. 11 mins. Drama. London.

40) Time Travel Londoners

Dir. Divian Ladwa. 12 Cert. A sleepy Londoner cannot miss a big interview. Having lost a day sleep, he misses his train. A non-sci-fi looking into literal time travel. 5 mins. Drama/Comedy. London.

43) Brian & Lucifer... and Kev

Dir. Ana Torres-Alvarez. 18 Cert. Kev has witnessed something not very nice and he's going to die because of it but suprises are not going to end with his death. 12 mins. Comedy. Spain.

45) Tabu

Dir. Vincent Coen; Jean-Jullien Collette. 15 Cert. An American couple, Frank and Cathy, take their lovesick son, Julian, on a trip to Ghent to discover his Belgium roots. When Julian meets the love of his life there, the goal of their trip is achieved in a most unexpected way. 25 mins. Romance. Belgium.

46) Three Colours and Dark

Dir. Metin Akca. 15 Cert. Film includes four colours called green, red, blue and dark. Each colours tell us a story about one character. Actually these characters relate between each other and their colours will cause a dark trouble. 12 mins. Drama. Turkey.

48) Test Pattern Dir. Dean Robb. 12 Cert. An all digit salute to drawn-on film animation to comment the death of analog television. 2,34 mins. Music video art. Australia.

53) Hur Adam (free man)

Dir. Tarik Tanrisever. 15 Cert. TReal story of Said Nursi 1876–1960 – originally Kurdish and a very influential philosopher of Turkey. 163 mins. Drama. Turkey.

54) iSpy

Dir. Lucy Ray. 15 Cert. A news reporter is investigating a missing girl story but becomes part of a tale herself. 12 mins. Horror. UK.

55) Shouters and the "Control Freak" Empire

Dir. Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade. 12 Cert. Opposites attract but when Eurocentric power collides with Afrocentre religion and concocts laws to legislate against system-conflict escaltes, laws are challenged and social control becomes uncontrollable. 28 mins. Documentary. Trinidad.

58) On that Night

Dir. Vinod Indukuri. 12 Cert. Husband invites old crush to dinner. Thriller attractions and old flames! Does the wife forgive? Or punish? 9,3 mins. Drama. India.

59) Spin Spun Span

Dir. Emily Howells; Anne Wilkins. 12 Cert. A surreal journey through the cotton factories of the north west of England, led by a choir of singing spindles and a spinning mule. 4,3 mins. Documentary.

62) Barry Purse

Dir. Joseph Tremain. 15 Cert. Barry Purse is a genius. No one understands or appreciates him, but one day soon all will bow to his majestic intellect. Just not today, he'll do it tomorrow. 9 mins. Drama. UK.

63) Come Home

Dir. Will Herbert. 15 Cert. Andrew was a soldier, after 2 tours of Helmand and a stint in military prison he is home. He can't talk about his problems or what he has done. 16 mins. Drama. UK.

64) Running Wild

Dir. Pete Rennie. 12 Cert. A Portrait of Fiona Rennie, ultra running who fought her way back from a life threatening brain hemorrhage to race and win a medal for Scotland. 16,2 mins. Documentary. UK.

65) An Ranger

Dir. PJ Dillon. 18 Cert. Conamara, 1854 - Five years after the Great Famine. After many years abroad in the service of the British Royal Army, a soldier returns home to find that his family are all dead. He visits a neighbour to establish what happened to them. 10 mins. Drama. IFB.

66) Atlantic

Dir. Connor Ferguson. 12 Cert. Atmospheric, poignant tale of a lonely farmer passing his endless day. Unaware of the letter that on its way from the women he once loved. A letter that could change his life. 4 mins. Drama. IFB.

68) Enough

Dir. Barry Dignam. 15 Cert. A deaf couples's screaming row goes unnoticed in a restaurant. 3 mins. Drama. IFB.

69) Farewell of Packets of Ten

Dir. Ken Wardrop. 15 Cert. Ethel and Nancy have tried given the fags before, but haven't had much luck. Two ladies discuss the pros and cons of their mutual addictions to the dreaded weed. 3 mins. Documentary. IFB.

72) God and Napoleon

Dir. Ciarån Deeney. 12 Cert. James Farrell lives in Rathnally Co. Meath. He's a farmer just his cats. “God and Napoleon” is a portrait of James, a deeply religious man and an outsider in his community. 10 mins. Documentary. IFB.

76) No Regrets in the West

Dir. Colm Quinn. 12 Cert. An intimate portrait is offered by the director of his father - Paddy Quinn. 6 mins. Documentary. IFB.

77) Nollaig Shona

Dir. Orla Murphy. 15 Cert. When Alan's girlfriend walks out on him at Christmas Eve, he plunges into denail and delusion, reassuring his 12 foot Christmas tree that "she'll be back any day now". Several lonely nights and one nightmare later, Alan snaps. He sets out, hauling the fully tree through the city streets, destination the recycling yard.... but letting go won't be that easy. 14 mins. Comedy. IFB.

78) Of Best Intentions

Dir. Brian Durnin. 12 Cert. Broken hearts, shattered dreams and the destruction of the earth’s ozone layer, “Of Best Intentions” is a film that examines the lives of fiver well-meaning as fate decides to intervene. 14 mins. Drama. IFB.

81) Shapes

Dir. Alan Brennan. 15 Cert. Claires night terrors are taking their toll on her relationship with Will. Scared he's leaving her. Claire seeks assurance that everything is fine, and that there is no monsters in the bedroom. 5 mins. Horror. IFB.

82) Spacemen Three

Dir. Hugh O'Conor. PG. Astro-geologist Dr. Glen Hosey is in space for the first time. His unusual method of passing the time isn't exactly compatible with the peaceful voyage the two other astronaut anticipated. 12,3 mins. Comedy. IFB.

83) The Beekeeper's Son

Dir. Jamie Hannigan. PG. A young boy steals away from an old man's wake and wanders into the surrounding countryside. 10,2 mins. Drama. IFB.

84) The Door

Dir. Juanita Wilson. 12 Cert. A father's desperate attempt to come to terms with the devastating effects of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. 17 mins. Documentary. IFB.

86) The German

Dir. Nick Ryan. 15 Cert. A duel between a British and German fighter to an unforeseen conclusion. 10 mins. Drama. IFB.

89) The Sound of People

Dir. Simon Fitzmaurice. 12 Cert. A story of a moment in the life of an 18-year-old boy, standing on the brink of his life and death. 8 mins. Drama. IFB.

90) The Wednesdays

Dir. Conor Ferguson. 15 Cert. Sometimes, when you are in the autumn of your days, you'll try anything just to put a smile on your face again. In this funny, sad land sometime wobbly tale we meet two pensioner's who manage to re-ignite. 13,4 mins. Comedy. IFB.

93) Visiting Day

Dir. Ciarån Deeney. 15 Cert. Parents of prisoners share their fears, hopes and hearts as they stand by their sons. 12 mins. Documentary. IFB.

94) Water Bodies

Dir. Jennifer Keegan. 12 Cert. Set in two sites of so called 'Pilgrimage', the Ganges in India and the forty foot in country Dublin, this documentary takes a gentle, reflective look at our need to rejuvenate. 15,3 mins. Documentary. IFB.

98) Dental Breakdown

Dir. Ian Power. 15 Cert. A musical comedy about five reluctant student dentists whose eyes are opened to the cruel consolation of their career by a sadistic tutor. 6 mins. Musical/ Drama. IFB.

109) Bye Bye Now

Dir. A. O'Sullivan; R. Whitaker. 15 Cert. The phoebox has gone from the centre of Irish life to the verge of extinction. Through the stories of those who remember it fondly, this film bids farewell to a dependable, handsome, upstanding member of the community. 15 mins. Documentary. IFB.

111) If These Walls Could Talk

Dir. Anna Rodgers. 12 Cert. If these walls can hold memories, what sort of echoes linger in the closed units of our psychiatric institution as they approach their demise? These people remain invisible, as we move through the empty place of their past. 13 mins. Documentary. IFB.

112) Corduroy

Dir. Hugh O'Conor. 15 Cert. Following her suicide attempt, a young autistic woman is bought to the west of Ireland to learn how to surf, and discovers she likes it. Documentary. IFB.

113) Fairycatcher

Dir. Kealan O'Rourke. 15 Cert. After witnessing the brutal death of his friend, the fairy Gwendal is captured by a sinister fairy. Race against time Gwendal must escape by any means necessary before he meets his end. Documentary. IFB.

114) Fall

Dir. Patrick Jolley. 15 Cert. Tendium breeds its own reverie. Here becomes like there, becomes like could be anywhere. This forms a coincidence with the generic: reputation erode a sense of place and make buildings seem less substantial. Documentary. IFB.

115) Fourty Foot

Dir. Leticia Agudo; Paul McGath. 15 Cert. A documentary which looks at the "40 Foot" swimming spot in sandycove, Dublin and the people who have been swimming there for years through snow, gales or sunny mornings. Documentary. IFB.

116) If I Should Fall Behind

Dir. Morgan Bushe. 15 Cert. A dirty container filled with holy water. A city canal. A haunted father struggles to make amends as a family falls apart. Documentary. IFB.

117) Jericho

Dir. Liam Gavin. 15 Cert. Recently widowed Franky Bannon can't cope. He's suicidal. Until his imaginary childhood friends return to show him that the world is beautiful... Documentary. IFB.

118) Peidhleacån Solais (Butterfly Light)

Dir. Dónal Ó Céilleachair. 15 Cert. 160 students come together to maake a short experimental film in the tradition of Stan Brakhage's historical film "Mothlight" from 1964. Documentary. IFB.

120) Somniac

Dir. Rory Bresnihan. 15 Cert. A man hits rock bottom in his sleep. Fiction. IFB.

121) The Ballard of Kid Kanturk

Dir. John Butler. 15 Cert. A bog - gothic love - duet between aging singer, Slim Mannion, reborn Rock 'billy sensation, Kid Kanturk and the seductive Rock 'billy vamp caught between them. Fiction. IFB.

122) De Vilde Hjerter

Dir. Michael Noer. 18 Cert. Something of a softer Danish equivalent of the Hell's Angels, The Wild Hearts are a moped club of twentysomething males from Northern Europe, who band together on the roads and search for personal freedom via socialization with one another. 82 mins. Documentary. Denmark.

123) The Herd

Dir. Ken Wardrop. 15 Cert. A farmer and his mother discuss the arrival of a strange animal amongst their herd of Limousin cattle. Fiction. IFB.

125) Scorciatoie

Dir. Simone Barbetti. 15 Cert. Marco and his friends have decided to spend their lives with no rules, in search of thrills, action, illegality. But a tragic accident takes Marco to relive is history, trying to place together a trusted puzzle. 15,4 mins. Drama. Italy.

127) The Last Moment

Dir. Boucher Moutharik. 15 Cert. Opening night, Nora plays a role in a contemporary adaption of 'The boors' from Carlo Goldoni. From the family of immigrants from the Maghreb, she has to strip off on stage. But an unexpected event appears, his father is in the room... 15 mins. Drama. Belgium.

128) Bright Lights

Dir. Hefin Rees. 12 Cert. Ali lives with her ice-cream man father in the South of Wales Valley. Before she can decide on her future, she must discover the truth about her past. 14,3 mins. Drama. Wales.

130) My Life With (out) Her

Dir. Richard J Moir. 12 Cert. We are shown a young man's life with and without the girl of his dreams. 2,2 mins. Drama. UK.

131) The Mournful Love

Dir. Jaisen R. Bhageerutty. 15 Cert. This short, creative documentary tells the story of Le Morne, a volcanic mountain in Mauritius, that was notorious for sheltering slaves during the European colonial period. 19 mins. Documentary. UK.

133) The Samaritans

Dir. Sten Rosendahl. 15 Cert. Two burglars breaking into an apartment and face a human dilemma. 3,3 mins. Drama. Sweden.

134) Unlucky Actor

Dir. Brian Harvey. 15 Cert. A struggling actor unwittingly attends a swingers party, a cringe comedy dealing with the embarrassing cocktail of sexual tension and professional jealousy. 11 mins. Comedy. UK.

137) Pub Crawl

Dir. Harry McGeough. 18 Cert. A pub crawl in Camden Town on 2006 Grand National Race Day, Beer and Bets in Camden. 108 mins. Comedy. London.

140) Cat Eats Dog

Dir. Daniel Taylor. 12 Cert. A surreal screwball comedy about a professor humiliating himself in a number of attempts to impress an attractive female. 11,3 mins. Comedy. Scotland.

141) Road Movie

Dir. Cristobal Cartagena. 15 Cert. A Pilar is a 68 year-old women tired of his life as retired. One day is kidnapped by two armed bandits of gas stations whilst it refills the warehouse of his car. Polar proposes the armed bandits to join his band. 6,5 mins. Drama. Spain.

146) Tango of the Condors

Dir. Juan Raigada Fernandez. 18 Cert. Memories to escape from. Places to hide, choices you can't forget. 18 mins. Drama. Spain.

147) VITE, Ma non Troppo

Dir. Jesus Masas Silva. 18 Cert. Anyday, anywhere. God is in heaven, Ruben thinks about conquering the world and a young Finish girl is about hanging herself on a lamp... 13 mins. Drama. Spain.

148) Lemon Juice

Dir. Jorge Muriel; Miguel Romero. 15 Cert. The story of a grandmother after the death of her husband and how this fact, confronts her with her own life: her fear, loneliness, family memories and her emotional blocks. 15 mins. Drama. Spain.

149) The Magic Box

Dir. Mazin Mahdi-Sherabayni. 12 Cert. A man is desperately attempting to regain his relationship with his girlfriend when he obliviously leaves his wallet in a public telephone box. However luck and coincidence changes his destiny after a sequence of events inside a phonebox. 10 mins. Romance. London.

151) Works Well With Others

Dir. Kirsten Robb. 12 Cert. Trying to get back in the work force, single mum Jaquie gets more then she bargains for when she competes against the young and attractive interviewees in a weird group interview. 16 mins. Comedy. Australia.


Dir. Andrew Milner. 12 Cert. Two Rat exterminators try to finish the job before the football grand final begins, only to find there is some unfinished personal business to attend to. 6 mins. Drama. Australia.

154) Mix at Six

Dir. Russen Davidson. 18 Cert. Every month Steven has been doing the Mix at Six: turning 30 kilos of cocaine into 100. When Pierre's sent in to help, he learns that Steven is a liability. A wildcard. 14 mins. Drama. Scotland.

155) Refux (Tides)

Dir. Pauline Goasmat. 12 Cert. Julien tells Nari that he wants to break up with her. She refuses categorically. Time starts skeltering, looking up Nari in this breaking up scene. Endlessly repeating from which she will have to get away. 12 mins. Drama. France.

156) The Quartet

Dir. Sarah Arnold. 12 Cert. A man must learn how to cross the bridge between those present and those no longer with us. The distant is tiny, almost non-existing. 15,5 mins. Drama. France.

157) 108.1 FM RADIO

Dir. Angelo; Giuseppe Capasso. 15 Cert. A driver, a hitchicker and a radio program. A night trip between suspicion paranoia. 15 mins. Drama/Thriller. Italy.

158) Body Beautiful

18 Cert. Dir. Ros Miles, Sara Parsons, Cait Sweeney; Louise Webster. Be it Tribal, cultural or decorative, The whole world of body art had been existence for centuries. Experimental Artifacts. 5 mins. Documentary. UK.

161) A Cabra

Dir. Carlos Pedro Azevedo Santana. 18 Cert. Two friends are confronted, through macabre happenings, by an evil entity hidden in an old abandoned house. 11 mins. Horror. Portugal.

162) Harold's Going Stuff

Dir. Keith Wright. 18 Cert. “Harold's” is a feature length Comedy/Horror about one man's transformation into a zombie and a nurses battle for his survival. 77 mins. Comedy. UK.

163) Funeral Season

Dir. Mathew Lancit. 15 Cert. Travelogue and Ethnography meet in this comedic ghost story about a Canadian Jew wandering through an African culture where "the dead are not dead”. 87 mins. Documentary. France.

164) Just Pretending

Dir. Benjamin The. 18 Cert. John loves Amy, Amy dumps John, John asks Kate to pretend to be my Amy. She agrees, on a special condition. 11 mins. Romance. New Zealand.

165) From Bohemia's Wood and Fields

Dir. Ian Woodward. 12 Cert. Documentary uncovering the amazing story of Czech composer Bedrich Smetana (Dalibor, THe Batered Brided, Må Vlast) who wrote some of his most beautiful music when completely deaf. 31 mins. Documentary. UK.

166) Alistair

Dir. Aaron Cartwright. 18 Cert. Two ruthless killers choose the wrong home to invade... Waiting is an evil presence beyond their comprehension... and it's hungry. 11 mins. Horror. Australia.

167) Still Life

Dir. Emma Barnie. 12 Cert. An attuned portrait of a hidden place that has enhanced the filmmaker, her housemates, a 91 year old man and a Radio 4 Comedian. 8 mins. Documentary. UK.

169) Book Smugglers

Dir. Jonas Trukanas. 12 Cert. Colourful 19th century Lithuanian life: Adventures, humor, dangers and hard choices... Engage Lithuanian historical phenenomenon - Book Smuggler. 37 mins. Comedy. Lythuania.

170) The Rake

Dir. Ash Bhalla. 12 Cert. Antonio, risks a fortune, and much else besides, gambling on a high stakes Texas Hold ‘Em poker game in an illegal casino in New York City. 10 mins. Drama. USA.

172) Pizzangrillo (Light Hearted Boy)

Dir. Marco Gianfreda. 12 Cert. Tired of life, Eitore, 65 years old, everyday tries to find the courage to drive himself and his three wheeler down a country Ditch. Then Luca his 10 years old nephew, finds out about his grandfather's intention, he decides to furtively follow him. 17 mins. Drama. Italy.


175) Living with Harry

Dir. James Keaton. 15 Cert. Bob is too nervous to ask out a girl at work, so flatmate Harry offers to throw a party to invite her to. But things don’t go according to plan. 8 mins. Drama. London.

176) Kyle

Dir. Amy Hill. 15 Cert. Two paths cross, Kyle an odd ball social outcast runs into Stacey a goggy school girl. 12 mins. Drama. London.

178) Viva Fitzrovia

Dir. Paolo Sedazzari. 12 Cert. A documentary taking you through the history and issues of that most intriguing district of London-Fitzrovia. 15 mins. Documentary. London.

179) Kaka Nirvana

Dir. Yusef Sumer. 15 Cert. Everything is perfect in Hollywood assistant Callie's life until her boss/lover Al leaves her. Now, she has two choices: give up and go back to living in her parents basement, or get out of depression. 29 mins. Comedy. Turkey.

180) Self-Destruction For Eternity Dir. Wei-Ming Ho.

15 Cert. Who decides who's good or bad? Who decides who could stay alive or die? Who is the next victim? The calm before the storm... Are they all illusions? 6,3 mins. Animation. Taiwan.

181) My Dad & Spike

Dir. Mr. Murat Kebir. PG. A minimalist film which explores love, communication, security and an healthy issue from the point of view of a 7 year old boy. 15 mins. Drama. London.

186) 40 Years

Dir. Russell Appleford. 12 Cert. As a child, David witnesses the death of his younger brother. Forty years on, his days are haunted by a powerful nemesis. '40 Years' blends live action and stunning visual effects that culminate in a dramatic finale. 12,30 mins. Horror. London.

187) Gnossienne

Dir. Luis M. Jara. PG. A symbolic dream 5 minute short about a womens perception of age, love and acceptance. 5 mins. Drama. London.

188) Somnium

Dir. Tim Porter. 12 Cert. A cinematic experience which place the audience into a dream world. Questions of spectatorship, meaning and enigmas are thrown at the audience evoke a meaning out of the events that are interesting. 5 mins. Experimental. London.

189) Burden

Dir. Tony Deans. 12 Cert. Burden - A story of a life less lived. 5 mins. Drama. London.

191) Cold

Dir. Tom Begley. 15 Cert. Domestic violence in the home. 3 mins. Drama. London.

192) Recovery

Dir. Michelle McNary. 15 Cert. This film follows four people who spare their stories about how they are in recovery from mental illness. 17 mins. Documentary. London.

193) Just the 2 of us

Dir. Mat Brooks. 18 Cert. A dark comedy about two flat mates, Al works all day and Micheal stays at home all the time because he is severely agoraphobic. 13 mins. Comedy. London.

194) Unravelling

Dir. Kuldip Powar. 15 Cert. An inter-generational poetic dialogue between a Sikh war veteran (who thought for the British in WWII) and his grandson. Exploring themes of war, colonialism and loss. Nitin Sawhney provides a haunting score. 17 mins. Experimental. London.

195) Punch and Booty

Dir. Nigel Boettiger. 12 Cert. Roller Derby is the fastest growing women's sport in the UK. 'Punch and Booty" investigates the development of Roller Derby in Britain through interviews with some of the sport's leading players, directors and loyal fans. 37 mins. Documentary. London.

196) The Singing Cleaner

Dir. Nick Fletcher. PG. A cleaner discovers that he's got talent. 1 min. Comedy. UK.

197) Sheep Shearing

Dir. Nick Fletcher. PG. A Sheep Shearer visit the Malton food lovers festival in Malton North of Yorkshire. 3 mins. Documentary. UK.

200) A Man Asleep

Dir. Ophir Ben Shimn. 15 Cert. On his wedding day, a distracted groom's car hits a child, an event that raises crucial questions regarding himself. 14 mins. Drama. Israel.

201) Academic

Dir. James Martin Charlton. 18 Cert. The story of 48 hours in the contrasting lives of 2 gay men - a shy creative writing lecturer and a promiscuous writer of short stories. 25 mins. Drama. London.

202) Secret Santa

Dir. Jonathan Wolff. 15 Cert. Whilst waiting to meet a department store Santa, Max finds himself transported to the North Pole. 8,30 mins. Drama. London.

204) The Grass is Always Greener

Dir. Stuart Parkins. 12 Cert. Dissatisfied with their lives, David and Tom dream of what their lives could have been. 4,30 mins. Drama. London.

206) Lonely Hearts

Dir. James Keaton. 15 Cert. After his wife leaves him; Jeff seeks solace in Lonely Hearts dating. But he still can't move on. His denial manifests itself as a talking soft - toy pig that gives advice. 14 mins. Drama. London.

207) Professor Malika

Dir. Jack Levy. 12 Cert. Rosamond is struggling to become pregnant, with her best friend just weeks from giving birth she is still alone and isolated. Desperate, she turns to a strange witchdoctor and the darkest. But Roz is left wondering whether it is a spell or a curse which has been cast. 12,3 mins. Drama. London.

208) Home Cooking

Dir. Jack Levy. 15 Cert. A woman prepares the perfect dinner date in this dark comedy. 4,30 mins. Comedy. London.

210) The Inquisition

Dir. Hervé Constant. 12 Cert. A man is incarcerated. It's a nation in constant flux. 26,20 mins. Art. London.

212) Dido Belle

Dir. Jason Young. 12 Cert. England, 1793: Far from her homeland of Cuba, Dido Belle now has to make a life for herself in 18th century London with no family or friends. 6 mins. Drama. London.

217) Vinyl Records
Dir. Constantine Gra´s. PG. From the Beach Boys to Bach, a Lo - Fi evolution of the analogue world of Vinyl Records. 3,4 mins. Art. London.

219) Cheap Day Return

Dir. David T. A Baker. 12 Cert. Gran is claiming benefit for her non - sick daughter and is awaiting a Health visitor for assessment. Confident of success she has some visitors and one especially that was not expected. 13,5. Drama. London.

222) Conundrum

Dir. Martin Radich. 15 Cert. The Conundrum being: "Do I live life my way or do I live life their way?" The start of a new new dawn finds David Yohannes Reeves asking himself this very question. 82 mins. Drama. UK.

224) The Actor and the Tramp

Dir. Tom Metcalff. 12 Cert. An actor, dressed as one of the tramps from Becketts, waiting leaves the theatre for a cigarette break and encounters a homeless man sat among the rubbish. 11 mins. Drama. UK.

227) Werewolves Across America

Dir. Edward Loveace; James Hall. 15 Cert. A portrait of modern youth culture. Through the musical scene of DIY the film explores what it’s like to live on the fringes of America. 85 mins. Documentary. London.

228) Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit

Dir. Mark Jeavon. 15 Cert. A poignant yet humourous tale about the plight of a man stuck in a mid-life crisis and trying to rebuild his life. 94 mins. Sci-Fi. London.

229) What a State

Dir. Richard Ballard. 12 Cert. This film follows Charlie Veitch (The Love Police) around London on the build up to the Royal Wedding. He tests out his rights in the capital. The story unfolds dramatically showing the lack of freedom of speech we have in this country. 15,3 mins. Documentary. London.

231) Son of Nosferatu

Dir. David Rose. 18 Cert. A down-at-heel vampire and a fairy on a mission set out to save an endangered species... 20 mins. Comedy. London.

232) Euphoria

Dir. Darren Silva; Nilan Dharmadasa. 15 Cert. Four friends, their last night out. A night out they won't forget. A night fulled with a disturbing Euphoria. 14 mins. Thriller. London.

233) Wild West

Dir. Hannah Beadman. PG. Tells the story of the Great Basin dessert through the eyes of the land. Narrated by the late Corbin 'Harney' Western shoshone spiritual leader, then aged 86. 25 mins. Documentary. London.

234) In Defense of Mother Earth

Dir. Maya Bazzini. 12 Cert. Delegation of elders visit Europe. (Maya, Kuna, Aymara) with a message to reconnect with Mother Earth. 31 mins. Documentary. London.

235) The Buggy Grand Prix

Dir. Bill Moody. 12 Cert. A bitter sweet story of a group of mums who meet once a week for keep fit in Dulwich Park. 10 mins. Comedy. London.

238 Clouds.

Dir.: Gilbert James. 15 Cert. Through distraction, procrastination, torment, lunch, the occasional smoothie, and sometimes even writing, a writer searches for creativity, unaware that only one story holds the key to him fulfilling his dreams. 11,30 mins. Documentary. London.

239) The Role

Dir. Duval Akonor. 12 Cert. A psychological drama centred around two intelligent men. One man is suspected of committing a terrorist act and the other interrogates him to find out the truth. 10 mins. Drama. London.

240) (Mixed Signal)

Dir. Lexi Kiddo. 12 Cert. A Cyber tragic love story. Logan receives a friend request from a pretty young girl and slowly develops an obsession. 11 mins. Romance. London.

241) Tincture of Vervain

Dir. Keith Claxton. 15 Cert. The inhabitants of a small Suffork town are at the mercy of their "elders". 16 mins. Horror. London.

242) Drowning the Dead

Dir. Jason Wilcox. 15 Cert. A young woman who has just broken up with her boyfriend is invited to stay at a chance aquaintance's villa. But someone else living there has got other ideas for her... 77 mins. Horror. London.

243) Darkness

Dir. Graham Roos. 15 Cert. Cursed by the Oracle, Lord Byron seeks posseion of a young rock star's soul. Cine Poem starring Janet Suzman, Fenella Fielding, Donald Sinden and Luc Friereani. 30 mins. Drama. London.

245) A Ramble with Time

Dir. Shiva Lynn Burgos. 12 Cert. Time traveller sets out to understand the mysterious concept of 'infinity' what he discovers along the way is truly suprising. 11 mins. Art. London. http:/

246) Ship of Life

Dir. Rob West. PG. The Jibon Tar (Ship of Life) brings life changing surgery to the poorest riverside communities of Bangladesh. 16 mins. Documentary. London.

247) The Ward

Dir. Shiva Lynn Burgos; Javier Barrera. 15 Cert. Secretly shot in abandoned psychiatric hosptital closed after a history of patient maltreatment, this highlights the human minds power of fantasy - to survive in the harshest of environments. 8 mins. Experimental. London.

248) The Knife Bin – an exercise in urban percussion

Dir. Helen Petts. PG. On the Grand Union Canal, North Kensington, San Francisco percussionist Gino Robair and local artist filmmaker Helen Petts explore the sounds and surfaces of Half Penny Steps Bridge - including the bin for Surrending knives! 9 mins. Art. London.

249) One day in Smara

Dir. Fany de la Chica. 12 Cert. This film tells a story of one day in Smara, refugee camp in south of Algeria. Six character and the Sahara: The past, present and future of population without land who are still waiting, still asking, that their plight be heard. 24 mins. Documentary. London.

254) Same Life - The Story of Love and Tetralogy

Dir. Martin Plant. 15 Cert. We live in the same life over and over again... When Frankie and Michael meet they feel like they've met before. Little do they realize how many times before. 96 mins. Drama. London.

255) Its just sex

Dir. Tom Hano. 15 Cert. Four teenagers go through an emotional journey in which they have to face something they'd tried to ignore: that "it's not just sex". 12 mins. Drama. London.

258) Wanderlust

Dir. Roelof Bakker. 15 Cert. Filmed everyday over a year, “Wanderlust” (2011), capture seven pictures of beauty and abjection on the streets and byways of London. Each day is represented chronologically by a ten-second clip. 61 mins. Art. London.

260) Written Out of History

Dir. Max Carocci; Simona Piantieri. 12 Cert. Historical facts with accounts of the forgotten legacy of Native American slavery told by indigenous scholars and anthropologist. This artistic documentary reconstructs for the first time on camera the events that led to the erasure of indigenous forced labour from the annals of history. 22 mins. Documentary. London.

261) A Day in the Life of Brian

Dir. Laurentiu Huianu. PG. Most of us know that the brain is responsible for our sensations, actions, memories and desires, but few contemplate the significance of it. 3,30 mins. Documentary. London.

263) Entropy

Dir. Alexander Thomas. PG. A modern fable concerned with chaos, kinship and the boundaries of understanding. It follows a dysfunctional family's search for harmony in their world of discard. 14 mins. Drama. London.

264) Shalom

Dir. Amiram Bukowski. 12 Cert. A guy who is disconnected from his toots. He lives his life in the fast lane, smokes a lot, drinks a lot, shags a lot. 10, 20 mins. Drama. London.

268) Losing It

Dir. Colin Moody. 12 Cert. Where do the lost things go? One day Julie finds out, and as she is drawn deeper into the land of the lost she realizes it might not be that easy to leave... 15 mins. Comedy. London.

269) Myra

Dir. Dan PK Smyth. 12 Cert. A lyrical memoir of Britain’s reviled woman most. 13,50 mins. Drama. London.

270) The Second Attention

Dir. Ilya Haustov. 12 Cert. Surreal short film inspired among others by the works of Carlos Castañeda, about a young man who is trapped in the strange world of beautiful dreams, old memories and psychotic illusion. 15 mins. Drama. London.

272) Blood Wedding

18 Cert. Dir. Inesa De La Rouche; Barrington De La Rouche. Performance-based piece with artist withdrawing from reality into their deeper inner realm. 48 mins. Art. London.

274) Forever You Left These Shores

Dir. Simona Piantera. PG. You followed me to the Dungeness and stayed with as I trudged along the singles.3 mins. Art. London.

275) Inspired Thought

Dir. Zayd Depaor. PG. Symbolic journey through psychological, spiritual & emotional process of inspired thought leading to transformation. 4 mins. Experimental. UK.

276) Shep Baker: We're already Lost

Dir. Andrew Doig. 15 Cert. The story of Scottish jazz singer and trumpet player, Shep Baker and charts the highlights and the lowlights of his career from 1965 to 2011. 21,40 mins. Comedy. UK.

279) If I was a Lepe.

Dir. David Clarke. 12 Cert. A short documentary exploring the social, cultural and technological aspect of the online gaming. 11,30 mins. Documentary. Scotland.

280) Putting up the Laundry

Dir. Janna Fournier; Fabienne Khial. PG. Stills of 2 aliens putting up the laundry and playing with it. 37 sec. Art. London.

283) Crunch

Dir. Wayne G. Saunders. 15 Cert. London Town can be a fair lady, but these days, the grind of everyday life? It’s mostly dirty. Times are hard, but so much harder for T-row –arriving from Jamaica. 72 mins. Drama. London.

284) The Chirping Cycle

Dir. Wayne G. Saunders. 18 Cert. Young Remedy 18 years old hits the streets of London to get a better insight into chirping (checking girls). After intense R&B he ends up coming up with his own theory on the matter. 10 mins. London.

285) The Perfect Girl

Dir. Wayne G. Saunders. 15 Cert. Follows south Londoners, Theo, who has never had a girlfriend, loves computers and wants to be like his good friend Daryl. 54 mins. Drama. London.

286) Caught Up

Dir. Wayne G. Saunders. 15 Cert. Caught-up is the groundbreaking new film/series based on the ongoing trials and tribulations from the explosive innovative feature film “The System”. 40 mins. Drama. London.

291) Getting Ready

Dir. Ben Barton. 15 Cert. A faded actress prepares for the greatest performance of her life - a star-studded suicide. In her final dream, she returns to the stage, but are the standing ovations real? 5 mins. Experimental. London.

292) Silent Night

Dir. William James Byrne. 12 Cert. Another successful acoustic night in the peaceful North London surrounding of Manor House. 13 mins. Documentary. London.

293) Kain

Dir. Kristof Hoornaert. 15 Cert. Two men walk in the forest. Suddenly, without any reason, one attacks the other. “Kain” was nominated for the golden bear at the Berlinale 2009. 16,18 mins. Fiction. Belgium.

295) Monday Market

Dir. Denisha Anderson. 12 Cert. Fresh snappy documentary which looks into the main market of the south of London, concentrating on one legendary stall owner. Warm feel good film leaving a smile on your face. 3 mins. Documentary. London.

299) The Gerber Syndrome

Dir. Maxí Dejoie. 15 Cert. The Gerber syndrome is a contagious disease; it is extremely dangerous, fast spreading and deadly. A documentary crew is making a reportage about it. 87 mins. Horror. Italy.

300) The Frieze of Woman

Dir. Ben Woodiwiss. 15 Cert. Non-narrative essay looking at the relationship between the audience and the woman on the screen. 24 mins. Experimental. London.

303) The Man with all the Marbles

Dir. Hans Montelius. 15 Cert. This is the story of the rivalry between two brothers. Hakan is the successful one, running the family business. Martin is homeless. 15 mins. Drama. Sweden.

304) Mein Sascha

Dir. Markus Kaatsch. 15 Cert. A film about young and old love in a simple drama. The film glides along on passion and approaches the realization of a having missed an important environment. 15,20 mins. Drama. Germany.

306) Zoe

Dir. Stefan Lengamer. 18 Cert. Zoe, a young girl, is purposeless roaming easy going through the nights and clubs of Berlin. To overcome her longing for closeness, she bemuses herself with sex. 9 mins. Drama. Germany.

308) Caged Fire

Dir. Mr. Young. 12 Cert. A surreal and disturbing tale of lust, betrayal and revenge. Red catches her boyfriend cheating leading to a catastrophic climax. 6,10 mins. Horror. London.

309) East 3: Exploring a Frozen Frontier

Dir. Mr. Young. 12 Cert. The film explores life in the remote Arctic town of Innvik. Focusing on traditional lifestyles, animal welfare, a surreal and disturbing ride through this community. 90 mins. Documentary. London.

310) VHS

Dir. Mr. Young. 12 Cert. A claustrophobic tale of paranoia and regret. A man is forced to watch an endless stream of videotapes. Is there any escape? 6 mins. Drama. London.

311) The Moon the Eye

Dir. Mr. Young. 12 Cert. A man is disturbed by a strange light and is compelled to follow it. 5 mins. Experimental. London.

314) Labour

Dir. Michael Keillor. 12 Cert. The fear of getting old and the world losing its infinitude possibilities grows everyday for Henry. He is becoming increasingly distant. 15 mins. Drama. Glasgow.

315) Ever Here I Be

Dir. Kate Burton. 15 Cert. Valerie and Jason are on very separate paths, can fate under guise of a cupid cowboy and a band of coffee bean ants connect the lost souls? 16,34 mins. Drama. Glasgow.

320) Benefits

Dir. Brindusa Nastasa. 12 Cert. A film about underage pregnancy, benefits, the lives and attitudes of the children of low-income families, and the stereotyping of social groups. 11 mins. Drama. UK.

321) Would the last person to leave please turn out the lights...?

Dir. Craig Meighan. 15 Cert. Working late, Harry is unaware of the zombie apocalypse raging outside. As the night wears on he discovers he's trapped in the office with a zombie. 12 mins. Horror/Comedy. Glasgow.

323) Next Week

Dir. Andrea Monzani. 12 Cert. Puts you right into the situation of a man who stares into the drawn lines of his pencil to relive a reality he lost on an ordinary family day. 11 mins. Drama. Italy.

324) Tales of Romance

Dir. Scott Antony. 12 Cert. The Alhambra Gardens, Granada, Spain. 5,22 mins. Documentary. UK.

325) Deep Silence

Dir. Scott Antony. 12 Cert. Silustani: pre-Inca burial ground on the shores of lake Umayo, Peru. 3,6 mins. Documentary. UK.

326) Freedom of Grace

Dir. Scott Antony. 12 Cert. The Condors of Colca Canyon, Peru. 5,25 mins. Documentary. UK.

327) All Creatures Great and Small Remembered

Dir. Nick Fletcher. 12 Cert. A nostalgic look back on a day Hollywood came to Malton.5 mins. Documentary. UK.

328) I Had a Girlfriend

Dir. Joonas Makkonen. 18 Cert. A man is doing small tasks to a criminal. His girlfriend leaves him. The man's life is falling apart... Maybe. 5 mins. Comedy/crime. Finland.

329) The Human Sculptures

Dir. Matti Kiviniemi. 12 Cert. An ugly sculpture travels from one person to another and finally finds its place: this short film made within 48 hours. 3 mins. Drama. Finland.

330) A Small Awakening

Dir. Joonas Makkonen. U. After a boy sees a dead flower coming back to life, he starts to wonder about life and death. It's about the very first moments when we start realizing our mortality. 8 mins. Drama. Finland.

332) Supermemories

Dir. Camila Battistetti. 12 Cert. A poetic outlook of the city of Fortaleza, Brazil, through home registers in Super-8 mm from the 60s, 70s and 80s. 20 mins. Documentary. Brazil.

333) Sambotango

Dir. Camila Battistetti. 12 Cert. What to do in Buenos Aires while waiting for Dinorah... 5 mins. Fiction. Brazil.

334) Closure Tango

Dir. Carole Bulewski. 12 Cert. This is a short silent film about the difficulties to communicate important feelings while being strongly connected to people. 3,30 mins. Art. London.

335) Not with Monkey

Dir. Gilbert James. 12 Cert. An entertainer is given the chance for a gig, as long as he leaves the monkey at home... The monkey has other ideas. 7 mins. Comedy/horror. London.

338) Closure of Catharsis

Dir. Rouzbeh Rashidi. 15 Cert. A man sits on a park bench talking to the camera. Mysterious images intervene, overturning the serenity of the park-bench monologue. 100 mins. Experimental. Ireland.

340) Recompuesto

Dir. Patrizia Prieto; Volker Dietze. 12 Cert. A cinematic approach to urban spaces. 4,8 mins. Experimental. Germany.

343) Noica: What he Knows? What he Wants? What he Needs?

Dir. Serban Marinescu. 15 Cert. Professor Radu Parvan remembers the learning that he has received. What means philosophy? There must be questions to be always an opening. 43 mins. Documentary. Romania.

346) Flying Solo

Dir. Tiana Hailey. 15 Cert. An aspiring singer gets kicked out of her own band, but with the help of Gracie gains wisdom to persevere. 87 mins. Comedy. UK.

347) The Newcomer

Dir. Elins Dellers; Saladin Dellers. 15 Cert. Manuel is in a new town, in a new school and has people around him with a different language. It's not easy for him to settle in, till he meets another boy from his class. 12,30 mins. Drama. Switzerland.

350) Brickloader

Dir. Miha Subic. 12 Cert. CGI animation about Tetris blocks. If you are addicted with your computer game, it can happen that Tetris blocks become alive. 2,10 mins. Animation. Slovenia.

352) The Blackflag

Dir. Nick Wren. 15 Cert. Spontaneity, Steve Kleenex, Mark Dark, Chinese Vince, The Blackflag Pub. No realism, drugs, alcohol, deterioration, filmed over 4 months. Breath! 67 mins. Documentary. London.

356) The Importance of Being Ornesto

Dir. Nacho Sinova. 15 Cert. Ornesto is dead. Singer, journalist, actor, model. The most famous celebrity has committed suicide. 15 mins. Comedy. Spain.

358) Yalovina

Dir. Mihajlo Kocev. 15 Cert. Town lost in sulphur haze, town of copper and precious metals. Somewhere among this dark haze, a talented man gives up his biggest dream in the name of his brother. 25 mins. Drama. Germany.

360) Trilogy of Love

Dir. Nino Cramarossa. 18 Cert. The power of love is so strong that makes a prostitute bear the most terrible humiliations 15 mins. Drama. Italy.

361) Efímera

Dir. Javier Macipe. 18 Cert. Angel, Marcos and Tobias travel to an island to find locations to shoot a short. Thousands of butterflies have flocked to this island to reproduce and die. 25,30 mins. Fiction. Spain.

362) Camas Calientes

Dir. Lluc Güell; Paula Morelló. 12 Cert. Mariana and Ahmed are two strangers who share the same bed. Due to their invert schedules, and their precarious economic situation, they are forced to use the system of the "camas calientes". 15 mins. Fiction. Spain.

363) The Butterfly Orchestra

Dir. Isabel Soria. PG. Federico is a lonely and withering orchestra conductor. He's unable to conduct an imaginary orchestra without the instruments sounding out of time and out of tune.16 mins. Fiction. Spain.

364) Shuttle

Dir. Flavio G. García. 12 Cert. You have been chosen for The Program. In the next weeks, we're going to build your Archive, and prepare the physical tests.14 mins. Fiction. Spain.

367) Parents

Dir. Liz Lobato. 12 Cert. A couple is about to adopt, but on the day they are supposed to sign, they must fist face up to doubts on her side, then, an unexpected turn of events... 8 mins. Fiction. Spain.

368) The Red Curtains

Dir. Alain Deymier. 12 Cert. An Oedipus without complex: Jose, a young man and a orphan, and Pablo, a boy of 13, flee the city, under threat and condemned to drift. 35 mins. Fiction. Spain.

369) Skyscraper

Dir. Mariana Torres. PG. In Oscar's world, the men in suits live in skyscrappers. They are happy, never run away and never cry. Until one day, one man hides and rules fall apart. 14 mins. Fiction. Spain.

371) Figure

Dir. Maxi Campo. 15 Cert. Mario tries to recover part of the legacy that his deceased grandfather wanted to leave him. His brother, Oscar, tries to stop him. 27 mins. Fiction. Spain.

372) Running for Life

Dir. Fabienne Khial. 12 Cert. Ink drawings, spots and sticks, of ink composing still after new picture. 1 min. Animation. London.

373) Sans Papiers

Dir. Caroline Iandoli. 12 Cert. An observational portrait of the daily discrimination of documented workers in Paris (Sans Papiers) 18,30 mins. Documentary. London .

374 Gin Lady.

Dir.: Simon Cook. 12 Cert. The Gin Lady smells her clients aroma and tells them precisely what they'd eaten the previous day. But one day she smells something that will change her world forever. 9, 20 mins. Black Comedy. London.

375) Solitude

Dir. Glyn Davies. 12 Cert. Stephen, a research in deep space, struggles to maintain a relationship with his fiancé whilst away from home. 15 mins. Sci-Fi. Wales.

376) Waving

Dir. Neil Whitman. PG. Based on a new song by the band "Blackfield". The video shows a puppet version of the group on old broken TV sets. 4 mins. Animation/musical. London.

377) Transmission

Dir. Lena Mattsson. PG. A short film about communication dedicated to Ian Curtis. 1,2 min. Art. Sweden.

378) Ceaseless Sound

Dir. Lou Tilly; Jacob Redman. 12 Cert. A moving portrayal of a woman suffering from a severe illness. 8,20 mins. Documentary. London.

379) Annie Audrey

Dir. Kim Sheehau. 15 Cert. Annie is a woman on the edge, finding her day to day life too painful to cope with, she seeks happiness from believing herself to be Audrey Hepburn. 9,30 mins. Drama. London.

384) 12 Poems

Dir. Stephen Bassindale. PG. Drama set on the east coast of Kentand is about relationships loss, found and rejection. A personal journey through poetry. 12 mins. Art. London.

386) Homecoming

Dir. Hannah Beadman. 18 Cert. Jungian 'Unio mystica' and archetype integration through the narrative of a soldier returning to his girlfriend. 7 mins. Experimental. London.

387) Tatyana + Vera in Underground Forest

Dir. Hannah Beadman. 18 Cert. Photocine Video draw on the macabre underside of folktales. The 'forest’s the entanglement of the two characters' desire, flare whites and stills the violence there. 4 mins. Experimental. London.

388) Green

Dir. Ronis Varlis. 12 Cert. A perfect green screen turns white in this poetic essay on all forms of green. 3,30 mins. Art. London.

389) Fairytale of New Islington

Dir. Ronis Varlis. 12 Cert. A child's fairytale story to oblique images of trash and greenery. 3,3 mins. Art. London.

390) Slip 7

Dir. Vanja Balogh. 12 Cert. The face appears. The music starts. The head nods, and the nods, and the nods. 2,4 mins. Art. London.

392) Linger

Dir. Beeli Sim. Ming deals with the loss of her mother, while her father grieves differently in a poignant film about memories. 14,36 mins. Drama. Singapore.

393) Sleather

Dir. Anthony Ambrosino. 15 Cert. Comic adventure about friends, family and fame.91 mins. Comedy. USA.

395) Wormwood: the Much Anticipated Sequel to Hollywood

Dir. David Blair. 18 Cert. Having spent a year filming the band touring and performing, David K. Blair discovered anarchistwood are more than just and adult themed, post-post modern garage band. 77 mins. Documentary. London.

396) Crossing and Combining Cultures

Dir. Monienne Stone. PG. Documents the memories of Stoke-on-Trent's Caribbean community, highlighting their contributions to the area. 7,23 mins. Documentary. UK.

397) Salvation

Dir. Iason Tzavellas. 15 Cert. The story of an ordinary couple and the redefinition of their relationship and their existence through their subconscious transit on. 91 mins. Drama. Greece.

401) Prelude

Dir. Max Wilkinson; Catherine Hamilton. 15 Cert. Teenage party where the 2 main characters are surrounded by friends but feel acutely alone. "Prelude" ends with a Matthew Arnold poem.16,30 mins. Drama. London.

402) Based on a True Story

Dir. Kerem Keskin. 15 Cert. Salih is a young worker whose only hobby is to watch films. He believes one of his films is reality. 19 mins. Adventure. Turkey.

403) Look Both Ways

Dir. Jack B. Roe, Wil Allen, Paula Boulton. 15 Cert. Drama from true and current stories of bisexuality. 90 mins. Documentary. London.

407) A Cycle Ride through Minhocão at 6.20am

Dir. Sara Nunes Fernandes; Ana Lúcia Prancha. 15 Reinvented approach to video footage from a cycle ride through Minhocão (São Paulo) moments before it opened its gates. 18 mins. Art. Film. London.

408) The Family Matters

Dir. Duval Akonor. PG. A father views his children's fixation with technology as a hindrance to his attempts of unifying them. 10 mins. Drama. London.

410) Chokora: surviving on the Street

Dir. Lea Furrer. 12 Cert. With a film camera, Anthony and Robert, two gangsters from Nairobi, document and comment the life on the streets. 50 mins. Documentary. Switzerland.

411) Jolly Roger

Dir. Matias Zemljic. 12 Cert. Baker, Koraka, Sveder and Kalabra are responsible for the shudders of terror that reverberate through the city and its people while the pirates enforce their ideology. 17 mins. Sci-Fi. Slovenia.

413) The Moment

Dir. Paddy Slattery. 12 Cert. A visual telling of the final 10 minutes of a man's life and the love between him and his wife. 9 mins. Drama. Ireland.

414) Nostalgia

Dir. Elina Solomonov. PG. These videos focus on the individuality of a dancer! They celebrate movement and the beauty of contemporary dance.1,48 min. Dance. London.

415) Variations

Dir. Elina Solomonov. PG. These videos focus on the individuality of a dancer! They celebrate movement and the beauty of contemporary dance. 2 mins. Dance. London.

416) Let me Breath

Dir. Elina Solomonov. PG. These videos focus on the individuality of a dancer! They celebrate movement and the beauty of contemporary dance. 3,30 mins. Dance. London.

417) Transmission-Leg. N. 3

Dir. Ronis Varlaam. PG. An amazing event is about to happen... "Transmission..." continues the search to discover what this event is and when it is going to happen. 8,44 mins. Art. Film. London.

420) Plus Member

Dir. Tuncer Sentürk. PG. The movie, focusing on the organ tale as the subject matter, intends to criticize discrimination through metaphors. 5,15 mins. Fantasy. Turkey.

421) The Faithful Few

Dir. Clint Bargen. 12 Cert. Jacob is a man indoctrinated in a small fundamentalist church. He's at odds with his preacher uncle. 15 mins. Drama. Canada.

422) Carlo Writes Love Letters

Dir. Mauro Villani. 12 Cert. A young man is waiting for a letter from his girlfriend which will change his life forever.8,30 mins. Drama. Italy.

425) Bicycle Botanist

Dir. Sarah Dixon. PG. Looking for plants on the towpath at Richmond, with a nice song. 1,5 min. Comedy. UK.

426) A Cold Place

Dir. Murice Montini U. A winter evening in Paris and Tracler has a break. 4 mins. Art. France.

427) I love American Comedy

Dir. Maurice Montini. 12 Cert. There is the American Comedy and there will be real life where a couple will live. 18 mins. Art. France.

429) Comfort Food

Dir. William Scothern; Sandy Nicholson. 12 Cert. A month into their long distance relationship, Liyana attempts to put Luke's fears at ease by concocting a shared experience. 10 mins. Drama. UK.

431) Correction

Dir. Stephen Brassington. 15 Cert. In a secret facility, a determined scientist experiments with a new way of rehabilitating prisoners. 11 mins. Drama. London.

432) Crazy in the Night

Dir. Jason Turley. 18 Cert. David visits his employee, Lisa, with chocolates and wine that she really should not be drinking. He convinces her to indulge. 13 mins. Drama/Thrieller. Netherlands.

436) In Time

Dir. Guillermo Magariños. 15 Cert. Everything fits into our way of life. Except, perhaps, ourselves. 14 mins. Fiction. Spain.

438) Terminal Phase

Dir. Marta Génova. 12 Cert. In a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by an infection that turns people into beasts, one child defies all obstacles to find his mother. 13 mins. Fiction. Spain.

439) Variable Rate

Dir. Felipe Pardo. 15 Cert. Carlos cannot get credit from any bank. Unemployed, and with the economic downturn, his situation forces extreme measures. 11 mins. Fiction. Spain

440) The Joke

Dir. Luis Arenas López. 15 Cert. Friends are celebrating the birthday of one of them when they decide to play a joke on him. None of them could imagine the consequences. 11 mins. Fiction. Spain.

443) No Words

Dir. Bel Armenteros. 12 Cert. Guzmán takes in his grandson David for a few days while his mother is on a trip. Whether it turns out well or badly, only depends on them. 14 mins. Fiction. Spain.

444) Left

Dir. Demetrio Elorz Lazkanotegi. 12 Cert. Jerónimo is a boxing trainer. As he trains Joaquín, he tells him how much he misses his time as a fighter. 20 mins. Documentary. Spain.

445) Dogballs

Dir. Ernesto Felipe Díaz; Hugo Llanas Lumbierres. 15 A short film in film noir style and traditional animation, starring animals with a yobbish streak in them. Pure style. 5 mins. Animation. Spain.

447) They Say

Dir. Alauda Ruiz de Azúa. 15 Cert. Not everything that goes on at school is a game. 18,30 mins. Fiction. Spain.

448) Joselyn

Dir. Susan Béjar. 15 Cert. The ability of love to change our perception about things through Joselyn's eyes, a young and peculiar Dominican girl. 19 mins. Fiction. Spain.

452) It's Nobody's Fault

Dir. Esteban Crespo. 15 Cert. Antonio comes home with the intention of leaving his wife and three children; he wants to give a second chance with his dreams of youth. 14 mins. Fiction. Spain.

453) Room

Dir. Fernando Franco. 15 Cert. Ana is in the room. 18 mins. Fiction. Spain.

454) Slides

Dir. David Ilundain; Eugenia Poseck et alii. 18 Cert. A teenager recites a poem to his girlfriend. A boy plays with his toys. Someone unexpected says a message full of lucidity... 17 mins. Fiction. Spain.

455) All life is in the Moment

Dir. Myrna Shoa 15 Cert. 3 screens: 3 moments in time. Aman is having an affair? An old woman watches from her window. We look but we don't see; we listen but we don't hear. 3,30 mins. VideoArt. London.

456) Incorporated

Dir. Nick White. 15 Obscene salaries, glass towers, vicious business deals, and bringing the whole thing down from the inside. 2,35 mins. Drama. London.

457) The Ground above Us

Dir. Cristian Scardigno. 15 Cert. Cisterna di Littoria, January 22, 1944. To escape the bombing, Francesca flees with her mother and hundreds of other people to shelter in caves. 17, 30 mins. Drama. Italy.

458) Adriano's Memories

Dir. Giuseppe Sansonna. 15 Cert. Documentary about a man who had been in hospice. 14 mins. Documentary. Italy.

459) Silence

Dir. Valentina de Amicis. 15 Cert.Man and woman's endless search for a language and silence. 10 mins. Drama. Italy.

473) Damage

Dir. Suzanne James, Darren Teale. 15 Cert. Mother of 3 believed fleeing her abusive relationship would make life better. Now faced with the harsh reality, she struggles to decide whether she would return. 32 mins. Drama. UK.

474) Return

Dir. Owen Eric Wood. U. This video self portrait expresses the artist's struggle to connect with foreign places, cultures and languages. 8 mins. Videoart. Canada.

475) Pechorin

Dir. Roman Khrushch. 15. Based on the Russian classic Mikhail Lermontov novel “The hero of our time”. All events shown as they are reflected in the mind of the dying hero. 95 mins. Drama. Russia.

476) Amor vincit omnia

Dir. Nino Cramarossa. 15 Cert. An athlete fights slowly and becomes a sensual dance. 9 mins. Videoart. Italy

477) The Birthday Party

Dir. Nino Cramarossa. 15 Cert. The confession of a young man will bring drama at his birthday party. 8 mins. Videoart. Italy.

478) The Twin Girls of Sunset Street

Dir. Marc Riba; Anna Solanas. 15 Cert. Ointments, elixirs and poultices. Enriqueta and Ramoneta will attend your needs in Barcelona. 13 mins. Animation. Spain.

479) Dappy's little girl

Dir. Mark Brome, Craig Bigs, et alii. 15 Cert. What if hype had a daughter? This experimental short explores the idea in this mock feature film trailer. 2 mins. Experimental. UK.

480) Concealed Voice for Life

Dir. Baheerathy K. Stalin. 15 Cert. Prohibition of voice will conceal an existence. 4 mins. Animation. Norway.

481) Tough Love

Dir. Gemma Creagh. 15 Cert. Mike comes home drunk after a night out of birthday celebrations and gets more than he bargained for. 3,22 mins. Comedy. Ireland.

482) Exit Poll

Dir. Niall Owens. 15 Cert. Harry Peterson dies and finds himself at the pearly gates with Saint Peter. As Prime Minister of Ireland, he must account for his deeds to find out if he's in. 3,20 mins. Comedy. Ireland.

483) Choices

Dir. Djonny Chen 12 Cert. Two very different women, at a crossroads in their lives. Both strangers, until unexpected circumstances force them into a conversation which will change their lives. 12 mins. Drama. UK.

484) My Best Pal

Dir. Djonny Chen. 12 June recalled her experience of losing someone she loved and how she coped with the grief and loss. 3,20 mins. Documentary. UK.

485) The Ascension

Dir. Djonny Chen.

U. A story about Mandy as she uncovers the truth about her town's most terrifying mystery. 3,30 mins. Drama. UK.

486) Body Never Lies

Dir. Djonny Chen. U. The body is a beautifully engineered structure and the dance is a celebration of it. 2,46 mins. Experimental. UK.

487) Voice: Path: Walk

Dir. Djonny Chen. U. Inspired by Adam and Eve and Christian influence on modern life choices and temptations. The yardstick of success is often taken to be the rationality of the decision. 8 mins. Experimental. UK.

489) Boy in the Tree

Dir. Aneel Aymad 15 Cert. It's about how people strive to achieve those desires under adverse circumstances. 14 mins. Drama. UK.

490) Bubbles

Dir. Leyla Pope. 15 Cert. Sometimes a fleeting moment can change the rest of your life. Three generations in a family experience unexpected moments of guilty pleasure. 12 mins. Drama. Wales.

491) Butterfly Rising

Dir. Tanya Wright. 18 Cert. Two women steal a vintage truck and set out on the open road for a fated encounter with the magical Lazarus of the Butterflies. 95 mins. Drama. USA.

492) A Chance Meeting

Dir. Young-Sung Chung. 15 Cert. J. shares a hospital room with L. by accident. One day, J. asks L. about the hospital window. 16,20 mins. Drama. South Korea.

493) Aussig

Dir. Tony Laue. 15 Cert. Black comedy set in the post communist city of Usti Nad Labem in Czech. A Russian and American professor are forced to live together. They fight! 89 mins. Comedy. Czech Rep.

495) Rupert Murdoch Has Tagged You in a Video

Dir. Philip Hardy. 15 Cert. A television journalist struggles against time, a hangover and his ex-girlfriend to try and find the ultimate news story. 15 mins. Drama. London.

496) Silver Blue

Dir. Ramon Eding; Jaap Harm Boerhof 12 Cert. A man starts driving in the middle of the night, heading east, searching for memories of his past. Art film. London. 5,45 mins.

499) A Long Cry along with the Wind

Dir. Julie Aguttes. 15 Cert. A fantasmatic immersion in the heart of Marseilles' industrial port - a world apart, about to disappear. 42 mins. Documentary. France.

500) Featherman

Dir. Zoë, Christabel Gingell. 15 Cert. A re-working of the Icarus myth told as a story of a man whose obsessive quest to collect feathers builds to an epic conclusion. 12 mins. Drama. Wales.

501) Peek

Dir. Zoë, Christabel Gingell. 15 Cert. An animated film about a woman whose curiosity reaches over the threshold of lace curtains in a terraced street and intrudes into a couple's private space. 3 mins. Animation. Wales

502) Our Yellow Music Store

Dir. Stephan Briggentlies. 15 Cert. In a small German town, the last remaining music store fights for survival. 80 mins. Documentary. Germany.

503) X

Dir. Prosper de Roos. 15 Cert. A documentary on the telephone stalker of the filmmaker. When the filmmaker retrieves the number of his telephone stalker, he goes looking for her. He starts stalking his stalker. 9 mins. Documentary. Netherlands.

504) Le Cast

Dir. Rabah Brahimi. 18 Cert. A young director decides to produce a film with nothing: 2 cameras, his girlfriend and 2 non actors. The subject: break into a nice mansion. 94 mins. Comedy. France.

505) Richard Watson

Dir. Christine McGowan. 12 Cert. Richard Watson can hear the deepest and truest thoughts of the people around him... 4,37 mins. Drama. North Ireland.

507) Fatum!

Dir. Pablo Milan. 15 Cert. Boundless force of opposition against free will..." (Nietzsche) After reading bad news in the morning paper, a man becomes a victim of his own fears. 9 mins. Drama. Spain.

508) Abstract?

Dir. Alexei Dmitriev. 15 An unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract. 3,30 mins. Experimental. Russia.

509) Moloko

Dir. Jekaterina Petrova. 15 One painting, one photograph, one character through a strong feeling of tableau vivant. 10,13 mins. Art film. London.

513) POD 003

Dir. Nick Lewis. 15 Cert. When the space station that Vernon Bentley works on is attacked, he scrambles into escape POD 003 in a desperate bid to survive. 22 mins. Sci-fi. UK.

515) Make up

Dir. Alex Montoya. 12 Cert. Marisa is dying but she doesn't want her husband to find out. 10 mins. Drama. Spain.

516) Libidinis

Dir. Rosa e Mercedes Peris. 18 Cert. A man and a woman discover one another, taking off their skin as an act of intimacy. They are interrupted by two children who innocently attend this school of love. 4,10 mins. Animation. Spain.

518) Something Remains

Dir. Ana Lorenz. 12 Cert. The ardous task that caregivers of Alzheimer patients perform. 16 mins. Drama. Spain.

519) Cameroon: a Short Story of a Pregnancy

Dir. Domenec Boronat Casanova. 15 Cert. We wanted to travel to Cameroon, but a pregnancy got in the way... 13 mins. Documentary. Spain.

521) My chair and me

Dir. Angelo Amoroso d'Aragona PG. Enzo del Re, Apulian storyteller and musician, protagonist of the extraordinary season of struggle during the 70s. 63 mins. Documentary. Italy.

522) Story of Him

Dir. Pascual Perez. 15 Cert. A normal guy with a daily routine of coffee, brandy and beer. An animated tale about alcoholism. 7,20 mins. Animation. Spain.

523) The Red Coat

Dir. Avelina Prat. 12 A letter forgotten in the lining of an old coat arises the curiosity of a girl who works at a dry cleaner's. 20 mins. Fiction.Spain.

526) Sometimes

Dir. David Wharton 12 It's all about regret. Sometimes you would give everything you own to change one moment in time. 2,40 mins. Drama. UK.

527) Right Body

Dir. Jennifer Norton. 18 A story about friendship, love and the tender courage it takes to be true to yourself. 18 mins. Drama. Italy.

528) Tescopoly

Dir. Diana Taylor.15 Cert. Poetry film by Trevor Carter which covers aspects of supermarket expansion and the effects supermarkets have on legal communities. 3 mins. Art. UK.

529) Arabian Eruption

Dir. Diana Taylor. 12 Cert. A poetry film which covers aspects of the Arabian conflicts. Trevor Carter, the poet, has produced interesting ideas on this subject. 3,11 mins. Art. UK.

530) It's a Kinda Magic

Dir. Diana Taylor. 12 Cert. Abstract music video which shows movement and lights at a fairground. 4 mins. Music Video. UK.

531) Run

Dir. Diana Taylor. 15 Cert. Music video which covers the riot in Bristol April 22nd when there was a protest against the opening of a Tesco Express. 5 mins. Documentary. UK.

533) The Forgetting Game

Dir. Russelll Sheaffer. 12 Cert. It's the story of the first person legally transferred from East to West Berlin during the height of the 1960s conflict. 71 mins. Documentary. USA.

534) The Man who Walked

Dir. James Willis 15 Cert. A man under stress breaks down and walks away from everything. When he finally comes to his senses, he can't imagine how it has affected his wife. 55 mins. Drama. UK.

536) Berlin Between

Dir. Lucian Busse 15 Cert. A journey to mid-1990s Berlin-Mitte. The protagonists reflect about how that temporary feeling of freedom shaped their individual lives. 82 mins. Documentary. Germany.

537) The Children of the Rain

Dir. Miraç Atabey. 12 Cert. After that day the flowers never smelled as pretty as before. 20 mins. Fiction. Turkey.

542) Tunnel Visions Dir. Jonny Chen.

12 Explores the thoughts of two commuters experiencing a mutual attraction to one another. 3,43 mins. Drama. UK.

543) The Many Romances with Rosemarie

Dir. Shauna Osborne-Dowle. 12 40 years of Cornish boat history. 106 mins. Documentary. UK.

544) Inhabitant

Dir. James Howarth. 15 Mark is running from a past plagued by disturbing schizophrenic episodes... Three women who each hold a different key to his freedom from torment. 86 mins. Thriller. Australia.

545) Nighthawks

Dir. Art Messenger. 18 Returning Afghan vet follows his dream of being a painter. 83 mins. Drama. Canada.

546) It's Misty outside Today

Dir. Alexandr Belobokov. 12 Cert. The film is about the life and the last days of a Russian playwright, Victor Rozov, the author of the script for a well-known movie "The cranes are flying" (1957). 105 mins. Documentary. Russia.

548) 360 degrees

Dir. Nadine Poulain. 12 Cert. An interplay between ocean and sky, above and below, black and white. 10 mins. Experimental. Germany.

549) Brand

Dir. Nicoletta Bertoldi. 12 Cert. A new media company is preparing for an important launch party. 13 mins. Comedy. UK.

550) Stubble

Dir. Jack Ayers. 15 Cert. Jack’s dumped by his girlfriend but instead of talking to friends turns to drink. 4,30 mins. Drama. London.

552) The Bulgarian Prophet

Dir. Yavor Batchev. 18 Cert. Ivan, a Bulgarian refugee comes to America in the hippie years. 124 mins. Animation. USA.

553) The Trouble with Francis

Dir. Jason Young. 12 Cert. England, 1801. There are two separate worlds in Georgian Britain: the world of domestic servants from Jamaica and Africa, and the world of mainstream British society. 6 mins. Animation. London.

554) Mother Seacole

Dir. Jason Young. 12 Cert. Mary Seacole thinks back to why she built the British Hotel. In the process of reflection she recreates for the audience what life was like at Blundell Hall in Kingston, Jamaica. 16 mins. Animation. London.

555) The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano

Dir. Jason Young. 1 2 Cert. Our story begins with the introduction of Olaudah Equiano in a meeting with Granville Sharp. The slave world now intrudes upon Georgian society and the conflict within our story therefore begins. 15 mins. Animation. London.

556) My window

Dir. Anabella Costa 12 About the personal take and how it can be translated through sight, lighting and colour giving exposure to an artistic universe. 12 mins. Experimental. France.

557) I, Alive

Dir. Thomas Simpson. 15 Cert. Wheelchair bound and unable to speak, Kevin does have a voice, his brother Paul will listen sooner rather than later. 9 mins. Drama. Glasgow.

558) The Cradle will Fall

Dir. Callum Thomson. 15 Cert. A young girl phones the emergency services in distress. The police arrive to find someone who isn't what they first appear. 4,30 mins. Horror. UK.

559) Western Supermare

Dir. Diana Taylor. 12 Cert. A nostalgic poem about Western Super mare which also focuses on modern day aspects. 6 mins. Art. UK.

560) The Web of Sound

Dir. John C. Swanson. 18 Cert. British classical music composer Paul Patterson brought an encounter with deadly spiders to life in his harp solo titled "Spiders". 6 mins. Documentary. USA.

561) Growing Dir. Roxana Bentu. 15 Cert. One is born into this world, fed, taught the ways of the world, seduced, mislead, worked and gratified living the modern life. 3 mins. Animation. London.

562) Temptation

Diana Taylor. 12 Cert. Something is tempting with disastrous results. 1,30 min. Music Video. UK.

563) As Time Goes By

Dir. Diana Taylor. 12 Cert. In 1960, a family from South Mead goes on a holiday to Devon. Gramps has just passed his driving test. 16,10 mins. Documentary. UK.

564) About a Village

Dir. John C. Swanson. 15 Cert. Where is one’s true home? For Elsa Koch and her friends this question is more complicated than for most. 68 mins. Documentary. USA.

567) The Absolute Evil

Dir. Francesco Colangelo. 15 Cert. A unique shot to narrate ten minutes, but also forty years of Francesco's life, through the elaboration of a suffered family violent event. 10 mins. Drama. Italy.

568) The Composer

Dir. Saladin Dellers. 15 Cert. The composer Arnold lives together with his wife and his son. Suddenly, Arnold feels crowded and hunted by himself. 13 mins. Drama. Switzerland.

569) Rule of Thirds

Dir. Dean Robb. 12 There are three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth. 4 mins. Film Noir. Australia.

570) Addiction

Dir. Craig McLearie. 18 A man is finding it difficult to cope. He has track marks on his arm which he hides from his colleagues at work. He's reluctant to go home early. Why? 16 mins. Drama. UK.

571) Through the Mirror

Dir. Jude Mannagh; Julien Lecointe. U. A haunting journey into one man's mind, leading to a discovery of the mysteries of man's thoughts and emotions. 6,23 mins. Stop Motion. France.

572) Dawn State

Dir. Craig McLearie. 15 Cert. A woman arrives home from shopping and sees movement out of the corner at her eye, making her paranoid that there is someone unexpected in her home. 7 mins. Thriller. UK.

573) Aphrodite

Dir. Charles J. Ouda. 18 Aphrodite is the story of one man's toxic relationship with a mysterious woman who will take him to hell and back... 22 mins. Drama. UK.

574) The Duck Hunter

Dir. Egidio Veronnesi. 15 Cert. 1940, in the Modena countryside the story of 4 friends are intertwined, each of them with their own dream to realize. Everyone's hopes will be shattered against life's struggles. 92 mins. Drama. Italy.

575) [puntuated]

Dir. Dermot Daly. 15 Lives are punctuated by events. Events mark beginnings, ends or connectives. She has a decision to make. It will have resonance. Will it define or merely punctuate? 3, 20 mins. Drama. UK.

576) Martinique for Martiniquans

Dir. Camille Mauduech. 15 Martinique, a former colony incorporated as part of France in 1946, is mired in its "unfailing attachment to France". 128 mins. Documentary. France.

577) P.S. I miss you

Dir. Sheena L. Jaffar. 15 Cert. Serena decides to write a letter to her friend after an argument but is it too late? 95 mins. Drama. UK.

578) The Core

Dir. Katia Roessel. 18 Cert. "The core" deals with a small trouble-filled place where two characters finally leave their isolation. 16 mins. Erotic. France.

579) Georgia: Faces of Resistance

Dir. Mery Zovrabichvili. 15 Cert. Shot a year after the war between Russia and Georgia, this film gives voice to the Georgian people and their long-standing tradition of resistance. 66 mins. Documentary. France.

580) The Sea in my Veins

Dir. Massimiliano Gordiani. 15 Cert. An adventurous friendship between a boy and a wounded teacher. It takes place in a spiralling shell of a city that goes from Imperial Rome to industrial archaeology. 17 mins. Fiction. Italy.

581) Mute Swan

Dir. Brindusa Nastasa. 15 Cert. It's about social rejection, identity crisis and sexuality. Benny is a shy, reclusive, lonely young man, who feels out of place among his friends and family. 13 mins. Drama. UK.

583) Open Souls

Dir. Volmer Meyer-Dabisch. 18 Cert. In winter 54/55 two pregnant women are detained in the women's prison in Aichach, near Munich, Germany. 90 mins. Documentary. Germany.

585) A Little Bit of Grief

Dir. Greg Harris. 15 Cert. Peg wakes is an unfamiliar hotel room. A phone call from a "friend" begins to cast some light, however Tommy remains asleep in the next room. 11 mins. Drama. UK.

586) Dies Irae

Dir. Nino Cramarossa. 15 Allegory of human suffering victim of power. 30 mins. Drama. Italy.

587) Letter to Rosalta

Dir. Xudi Casas, Natalia Pérez, Patricia Prieto. 12 Cert. Similarities between author-women of XIX century and female videoartists of today are highlighted in this piece. 2,30 mins. Videoart. Germany.

588) Radioactive mutant corpse

Dir. Chris Stevens. 15 Cert. Police officer is sent out to infiltrate the Scottish mafia's base after an explosion at a nuclear plant. However, along the way, he encounters a bigger foe. 24 mins. Horror. UK.

589) The Housekeeper who was Good to All

Dir. Nino Cramarossa. 12 Blessed are the souls who in sanctity satisfy their basic instincts. 3 mins. Fiction. Italy.

590) Tom Atkins Blues

Dir. Alex Ross. 15 Cert. A personal and original document of the late night shop and the world wide trend of old neighbourhoods dying out as urban re-development force people to move on. 78 mins. Drama. Germany.

591) The Ten Thousand-Dollar Martini

Dir. Matthew Hahn. 15 Cert. A man's attempt to propose to his girlfriend in the blue bar of NYC's Algonquin Hotel. 14 mins. Comedy. USA.

592) This... is the Orange Line

Dir. Nathan Maulorico. 15 Cert. Experience Chicago on the orange line L train from day to night. Featuring a cello concerto by Elgar. 9 mins. Experimental. USA.

593) Karumi in a Fruitcake

Dir. Chris Daykin. U. For every action, there is a reaction – within human reason, subterfuge and knowledge. A short reflection of karma in relation to daily life and observation. 4, 30 mins. Animation. Sri Lanka.

595) Ambulante

Dir. Jorge Gutiérrez. 12 Seven people who, due to the bad economy in Mexico, are now working as street vendors. This is Mexico from a different view, told by them. 84 mins. Documentary. Mexico.

596) Promises of Temptation

Dir. Natalie Xenos. 12 Cert. An artistic and symbolic interpretation of sin, temptation and loss of self. 7 mins. Experimental. UK.

597) Tag London

Dir. Joe Kargo. 12 Cert. Series of short films about counter-cultural London (including Pop-Up Cinema). 50 mins. Doc. UK.


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