USA &Germany Showcase

1.00 – 10.00 pm

From The USA:

Blood Trail
Emerson Frakes 60 minutes 15
Blood Trail is a hand-drawn animation which took over two years to complete. With the exception of some of the acting, Emerson Frakes was the sole creator of the film.... Animation USA

German Films

Everything Like Always
Peter Leder & Marvin King 3 minutes U
A music clip dedicated to a German puppet with children tv-fame: “Bernd - The Bread” - a typical loser. Bernd use’ to say: “Everything Like Always, But Even More Worst”. Music Videos . Germany

Recently At The Airport (Neulich am Flughafen)
Roland Spanka 17 minutes U
A man wants to travel and he is sitting in the lounge of an airport. His obsession to save money gets him into trouble .... Comedy Germany

U Teen Blues
Peter Leder 5 minutes U
The unofficial festival video with the unofficial festival song about the official Eutin Blues Festival. Music Videos Germany

Dave Lojek 6 minutes U
We flirt with our bodies and faces. Trust creates a playful variation of the classical initial contact of heterosexual Europeans. A creative man courts a woman with long hair. Would you do the same in this situation? Comedy Germany

Dave Lojek 8 minutes U
Young Uno loves the angelic waitress Villa, but he is too shy to talk to her. A stranger named Pativol gives Uno an advice. Is belief the answer to his fears? Drama Germany

Rakel Sosa 9 minutes 15
Anna fell in love with Gregor and grapes. Her heart broadcasts audibly. Will a romance evolve? This short film was inspired by research published by HeartMath Institute. Fictional Documentaries Germany

Haltlos (Luckerless)
Tim Dunschede 13 minutes 12
Tueday, 12th of April 2011 stands small among the proud letters “Fraufurher Tageslatt”. It’s a sunny, warm day. It’s the day on which a single mother, in her small, cozy kicten has to fight the hardest battle of her life. Tp save what she loves best in the world, she goes a difficult way. Drama Germany

Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt 17 minutes 12A
During therapy with a psychologist is the 18-year old Maik confronted with events of a disturbing night. His carefully built up front seems to crumble more and more, as he remembers. But as much as he wants to entrust himself to somebody - he simply can't: his friend Thomas wants to prevent his involvement by all available means. Drama Germany

Hamlet’s Hybris - a remix
Juha Hansen 15 minutes U
While planning revenge on his fathers murder prince hamlet is caught between his hybris and insanity. Threatened by the new king he knows he has to escape death through his transformation. Musical Germany

Green Olives
Gisele Mbamu 17 minutes 12A
“Green Olives” tells the story of a 14 year old boy living in a relationship of dependence with an older man, Drama Germany

I Have A Boat
Nathan Nill 14 minutes 12
Piet’s chances of a love life don’t look good: with statistics proving that most couples meet at work, odds are against Piet. Living a fisherman’s life, working on a shrimp cutter with two men. However, an encounter with three blonds gives his love life a twist. Comedy Germany

Stephane Riethauser 23 minutes 15
In the former Nazi holiday camp of Prora, on the Baltic Sea teenagers Jan and Matthieu embark on an adventure that confronts their identities and puts their friendship at risk. Drama Germany

Kate Haase 14 minutes U
1/2 is an animated film about the question: How do you get up, if you have lost everything that is worth living for? Drama Germany

Yangon Calling
C. Piefke & A. Dluzak 60 minutes 15
Punk in Myanmar - That is a provocation itself. After all, here in the former military dictatorship the probably most rebellious of all subcultures faces one of the world’s most authoritarian regimes. For young Burmese, punk is a way to stand up against a hated government. Music Documentary Germany

Die Muse (The Muse)
Christian Genzel 95 minutes 15
Katja awakes in a cell in a basement. Peter, a writer, wants her to be his muse. The failure to convince her to stay willingly leads to cruel psychological struggles. Thriller Germany

The Big Black
Oliver Kyr 105 minutes 15
20-year-old Jack hunts the nightmare of his past and crosses paths with mysterious Eve. The beautiful girl who is either his Guardian Angel or his Final Doom. mystery thriller Germany

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