London Films


(Duncan Roe) 16 mins
Alice goes out of her way to help a stranger in need but things are not as they seem. Drama.

(Michael Van Der Put) 14 mins
When his ex girlfriend is killed at a train station, Callum struggles with feelings of guilt, grief, and fear. Drama.

Willesden and St Marylebon Sea Cadets
(Anna Bowman) 10 mins
Outside it’s a tin church, inside it’s a ship. The TS Bicester, home of the Sea Cadets. Documentary.

(Alvaro Diaz) 20 mins
In a psychiatric hospital a man confronts his inner demons and redeems himself. Drama.

Joanna Vassa
(Jason Young) 8 mins
1821 London. The story of the daughter of Olaudah Equino. Drama.

(Gabriela Dworecki) 7 mins
Wiley’s hearing loss and sensitivity creates a sometimes hostile environment around him. Thriller.

The Happiness Test
(Stuart Parkins) 5 mins
A survey in a self help magazine makes couples question what really matters in their lives. Drama.

(Tim Porter) 17 mins
A businessman juggles looking after his mother and his bigger ambitions. Drama.

Queensbury Rules
(William Scothern) 11 mins
An amateur boxer struggles to keep focus on an upcoming bout. Drama.

Lock In
(Jonathan Wolfe) 9 mins
Returning from a music festival two friends take a detour in a pub with a dark secret. Drama.

Cops And Robbers
(Keith Mackin & John Reck) 13 mins
Two brothers embark on a journey that teaches them the power and punishment of gunplay. Drama.

Meal Deal
(Russell Davidson) 21 mins
Jackson drives around in his BMW selling meal deals of cocaine when a chance to follow his dream arises.

The Portrait
(Enrique Rovira) 5 mins
A powerful short film exploring identity and homelessness. Drama.

She Was My Elsa
(Rory Harborne) 5 mins
As Hitler shoots himself he revisits the women he loved and is faced with the horrors he has committed. Experimental.

(Azi Rahman) 12 mins
A tense thriller set in a confessional booth….shot in The Tabernacle. Drama.

A Face For Pictures
(Marcus Liversedge) 11 mins
A chance encounter offers a down on her luck actress her big opportunity. Drama.

Earth Calling Lily
(Frank Burke) 8 mins
The initimate recollections of a Shepherds Bush pensioner recall a secret past that journeyed to the heart of the cosmos. “The sweetest, most unique film of 2012” Drama.


(Mick Kelly & Cass Pennant) 75 mins
The legacy of the football Casual phenomenon that swept across cities like Liverpool, Manchester and London during the 1980s. Documentary.

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